Truly Madly Mine

Truly Madly Mine

by J. H. Croix


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* This is the large print edition of Truly Madly Mine.

A swoon-worthy, second chance holiday romance from USA Today Bestselling Author J.H. Croix!

Dani Love is the girl who got away. Actually, she dumped me.

Not exactly a stroke to my ego.

When I move back home, Dani is just as much everything as she was before. Maybe even more. Snappy and smart with an attitude for days. I want her, even if it’s stupid.

Dani can’t decide if it’s better to ignore me, or fight with me. I’ll fight and win. She just doesn’t see it coming yet.


Wade Ellis is back. In my small town. I had it all figured out. Leave my past with Wade exactly where it belonged. The past stays in the past.

But Wade isn’t getting my memo. He’s ignoring every excuse I make.

His kisses are enough to literally set me on fire. Just when my defenses are burned to ash, I fess up to why I dumped him in the first place.

That should send him running. But no. Wade stole my heart once before, and now he seems determined to prove he’s keeping it.

*This is a full-length standalone romance.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781951228576
Publisher: Frisky Fox Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 12/17/2019
Series: Swoon Series , #4
Pages: 244
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author J.H. Croix lives in a small town in Maine with her husband and two spoiled dogs. She writes steamy contemporary romance with sassy women who bring alpha men to their knees. Her love for quirky small towns and the characters who inhabit them shines through in her stories.

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Truly Madly Mine 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
1-Renee 5 days ago
After going through the worst experience of her life, Dani closers herself off from relationships and focuses on her career. That is until her high school boyfriend moves back to town when he accepts a position on the Emergency Response Team. Unfortunately for Wade he has no idea why Dani dumped him all those years ago and she is very reluctant to fill him in. There’s no way to escape each other when they work together. They’re civil towards each other and neither bring up the past until feelings become too strong to resist. Eventually Dani finds the courage to tell Wade about the past but she is still very closed off and hesitant to give their relationship a go. Every time they get close, she shuts him out and avoids him. Another enjoyable read to this great series. Wade and Dani were always going to find a way back to each other, their connection is just too strong. The sudden end to the final chapter and then it was a year and a half later, threw me and I felt like there could have been a little more to the story. Still won’t stop me from reading the next installment.
Jenn2018 26 days ago
I've been waiting for Dani's book and this was everything I had hoped for! Dani and Wade have history, one she desperately tries to ignore. Wade has always loved her and after working near her he is determined to break through her walls and find out what really happened all those years ago. Dani is tired of fighting the attraction to Wade but is terrified of opening up to him. Love their past, their present, the guilt, the passion...I just love their story!!!
Deb_from_Oz 28 days ago
Another great book in this series though each is a total stand alone with characters only mentioned from previous books in series As always this was a book that flowed well and drew you in there are some fairly steamy scenes Wade and Dani where schoolyard sweethearts but tragedy drove them apart now years later Wade has returned and he wants a second chance with the only woman he has ever loved. Meanwhile Dani has become very emotionally closed off can he break down her walls and can thy have a future together You will have to read to see
gypsyarj 29 days ago
Dani and Wade have a past they used to date when they were younger but she broke up with him for no reason. He left town to go to school and now he was back and every time they were near each other they snipe back and forth. Wade was getting tired of it and went to confront her when she kisses him. Dani is confused when it comes to Wade some things happened when they were younger that he doesn't know about and she isn't sure if it'll do any good telling him about it. Will Dani give in and explain everything to Wade so they can move on? Can they have a future? This is a great story that will draw you in from the first chapter. The chemistry between them is blazing hot. This is a well written and very entertaining story. I would recommend this book to any book lover. I read and reviewed this book for Bad Boy Update.
Lexee9 29 days ago
I absolutely loved this story! It was great to finally see what was going on with Dani and Wade. They have been snarky and dancing around each other from the first book. Everyone always knew there was still something between them but they did the denial and avoidance dance very well. Then one little event, that ends up with a kiss changes everything! It starts breaking down the walls that have been put up and they really struggle to put things back in the box again. Wade never understood why they broke up back in high school. I loved the way that Wade handled things. He made sure, pretty much from the very beginning that Dani meant more to him than just sex. He put her back in control but let her know that it was more and he wanted to talk. This story drew me in from beginning to end and I really loved reading it. I am excited to see where we go next and which couple gets together in the next book in the series. This is the 4th book but can be read as a standalone. Each book is a different couple and while you see the same characters throughout the series, everything you need is in this book. If you have read them, it is all a bonus addition. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Sherry49TX 3 months ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. The story held my attention all through till the end. The main couple had good chemistry. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book from an advanced reader copy.
KarmelRead2665 3 months ago
Another great read added to this series. The characters are believable and the story line realistic which help keep readers attention. The character Dani the mixture of tough attitude and overthinking well flooring in the mix quite stubborn. There are times that you want to empathize with her and other times you just want to shake her because of her over thinking and worrying about future problems. And this is why she is such a pivotal character to the story. Wade on the other hand are baby lovable, best friend, patience, overall good guy and he's never understood what happened between him and Dani. Let's just say he make it more than he bargained for when he sets his sights on Dani. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Anonymous 3 months ago
This was well written, has wonderful characters and the storyline has depth. This second chance romance was very entertaining. Dani is the manager at the restaurant at the resort. She keeps her emotions closed off when it comes to Wade. When she was seventeen she went through a traumatic experience that changed things for her. Wade left his hometown to go away to college after his high school sweetheart broke up with him. When he returned years later his feelings for Dani were still strong but she kept him at a distance. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
Pwalley01 3 months ago
Book 4 was another fantastic book in the "Swoon Series," J.H. Croix continued to write believable storylines and well created characters in "Truly Madly Mine" and Dani and Wade captured my attention from the very first page and kept me totally enraptured until the very last page!
All08178 3 months ago
I thought this was a great second go around kind of book. Wade and Danis story was a good. I loved the snappy and witty comebacks. I love the grudges, the banter, the steamy scenes, the attitude of wanting to hate but can’t stop the chemistry between them. I thought it was a quick fun read that had a great storyline and was well written. I would defiantly recommend this book !!!
EmilyP23 3 months ago
This is a good love story where Dani frustrates us for her over-the-top reaction to Wade that we don’t at first understand. And Wade is such a good guy, easy-going and patient, deserving of love. So the reader’s frustration that things are not going right keeps us literally fighting for him to win his girl! The wonderful writing style of this author makes the story real and the characters come to life and interact with the reader. Good story line and intriguing pull to find out why Dani acts as she does keep the story line moving strongly for the reader. Grab your copy and enjoy their battle for a second chance at love.
Macmurphie 3 months ago
I have loved every story in the "Swoon" series and this one is not exception. This is a stand alone read with interconnected characters. Finally we get Dani's story. It's definitely a "swoon worthy" read that I could not put down. The story is nicely written and developed. The characters are strong and very likable. I love Dani and Wade! This is a sweet and sexy second chance with some twists. They were best friends, high school sweethearts until one of them up and left. Now they get a second chance to get what they once had. I loved every bit of it.
Cheryl-S 3 months ago
4.5 Stars This is book 4 in the Swoon series and it features Dani and Wade. These two were together in high school. She got pregnant, lost the baby and all without Wade knowing about any of it. Her father forbade her to ever speak to him again. He left for college without knowing what happened and only returned a few years ago. They have this feisty, push and pull, angry but turned on type of friendship/relationship. He still wants her. She still wants him but is terrified at the same time. I don’t see too much change in Dani throughout the book until the epilogue. The cover is exactly how I pictured these two, minus the curly hair! Fantastic story line! The characters, as always, are magnificent! I can’t wait to see what this author comes out with next.
Kirstiegai 3 months ago
An easy read with a great location and characters. I've read others in the series but it's not necessary as this reads well as a standalone. A second chance romance with high school sweethearts Dani and Wade. Dani is holding onto a long time secret while Wade has been left wondering why Dani has been avoiding him since he came back to town. Will the secret and Dani's fears keep them apart or bring them back together? Of course you know there will be a HEA with a great Epilogue.
Marti52 3 months ago
A Fantastic Community with Well Written Characters. This is one terrific story in a whole series called “Swoon Series” written by the bestselling author, J.H. Croix. This book is number four in the series and it has just as well written a storyline as the first three with the previous characters still around adding color and content. The protagonists here are Dani and Wade who were high school sweethearts until she dropped him suddenly and then he went off to college and stayed away for awhile. He returned three years ago and it’s been tense between them ever sense as they work at Stolen Hearts Lodge. She is the head chef and manager while he is part of the rescue team. There is a long held secret Dani must decide what to do with in order to come to terms with Wade. Can she do that? Bottom Line: Another great story that held my interest due to this community of characters that the author is writing the series around. Highly recommend. I received this ARC for my honest review so I’m leaving this for your consideration. Peace.
Anonymous 3 months ago
An Outstanding Romance .I volunteered to read and review an advanced readers copy of of Truely Madly Mine . A fantastic story . I really enjoyed reading . Dani Love works at Stolen Hearts Lodge as chef at the restaurant . Wade Ellis works there as a wildness guide and rescue . Dani and Wade have a history together they dated in highschool till Dani dumped him with no explanation why . Wade left shortly after but has moved back to town awhile ago . The chemistry and feelings are still there . Wade wants Dani and she owes Wade answers . An emotional and also Intertaining story . I highly recommend taking the time to read and enjoy .
Tamara22 3 months ago
Does she hate him or love him? I enjoyed this one. Dani and Wade dated in high school and Wase still doesn't know why she broke up with him. Now as adults they both work at Stolen Hearts Lodge and antagonize each other. Wade still wants Dani but she acts like she can't stand him. This is a must read to find out why Dani broke Wade's heart and if her secret will keep them apart or bring them together.
Lashea677 3 months ago
Truly Madly Mine is J.H. Croix at her best. Wade and Dani have been dancing around the inevitable for far too long and I am glad to finally understand how their waltz began. From young love to adult heartache, Croix takes hearts through the turbulent fire of love that refuses to burn it's flame out. Wade and Dani fight their way through battle scars that run deep enough to swim in. No one does unpredictable like Croix. From heartache to heartwarming, indulgent and chaotic, Croix and her stories baracade themselves so deep inside a heart, that her characters refuse to let go.