Twenty Questions that Shaped World Christian History

Twenty Questions that Shaped World Christian History

by Derek Cooper


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The questions of Christianity are perennial. For example: How are Judaism and Christianity related? Are Jesus and the Holy Spirit God? Is the end of the world imminent? How should we relate faith and reason? In this innovative work, Derek Cooper tells the story of Christian history by presenting the twenty questions (one for each century!) that shaped the Christian church throughout the world.

The result is a book that narrates the exciting history of Christianity from a global perspective by means of simple questions and concerns that still face the church today.

Each century of world Christian history is explored by means of one question that attempts to encapsulate the central themes and concerns of that century for Christianity. Coverage of each century is sensitive to world regions and theological and cultural concerns that are often overlooked and neglected in books that are oriented in a more Western way.

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This guide is designed to be simple and straightforward. There are three parts to each chapter:

A general introduction or outline to the chapter with highlights and helpful supplements to the content discussed

"Questions to Contemplate." open-ended questions that will allow you to process what you are reading

"Questions to Ascertain." after getting intellectually "warmed up" with the open-ended "Questions to Contemplate," these questions are knowledge based. They may require reading an excerpt, viewing something online, or consulting an encyclopedia. These types of questions are designed to unpack the historical or theological context of each chapter

Happy reading!

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Publication date: 10/01/2015
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About the Author

Derek Cooper is associate professor of world Christian history at Biblical Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. He is the author of several books, including Exploring Church History (Fortress, 2014).

Table of Contents

What's in a Question? vii

1 What's the Relationship between Christianity and Judaism? 1

2 What Makes Someone a Heretic? 17

3 What Happens to Christians Who Backslide? 35

4 Are Jesus and the Holy Spirit Divine? 51

5 How Many Natures Does Christ Have? 69

6 What Does It Mean to be Holy? 85

7 What's Islam? 101

8 Are Icons Idolatrous? 119

9 Who Has Authority over Newly Christianized Nations? 137

10 Are These the End Times? 155

11 Should Christians Fight Muslims over the Holy Land? 173

12 Can Priests Marry? 189

13 What's the Relationship between Faith and Reason? 203

14 How Should We Respond to Mass Death? 219

15 Who Owns Newly Discovered Territory? 233

16 Can Christians Own Slaves? 247

17 Is Confucianism Compatible with Christianity? 265

18 Is Conversion Necessary to Be a Christian? 281

19 Does Evolution Disprove Christianity? 299

20 How Does Christianity Look Worldwide? 317

Who Will Define Christianity in the Years to Come? 333

Index 339

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