Twins of the Prophecy

Twins of the Prophecy

by Jason M Brooks


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Twins of the Prophecy by Jason M Brooks

You Can't Run From Destiny

Gavin and Catrina McGregor wanted normal lives for their twin boys, Caleb and Lucas. While both have pursued their own passions in life, a cloud has hung over them from birth. It is a secret that their parents wanted to protect them from, but a prophecy from ancient days is beginning to unfold before their eyes. The prophecy speaks of a day when twin brothers from the blood line of King Callam of McGregor will be born. One will rise to greatness and embrace the light. The other will rise to greatness and embrace the dark. Worse yet, with the existence of the boys, a powerful and evil master of sorcery, Dark Master Natas, will return.

Caleb and Lucas are the heirs to King Callam. With the twins alive, Natas begins to grow stronger as the twins grow older.

Hiding Is No Longer An Option

On one fateful night, Gavin and Catrina realize that they can no longer protect the boys from their destiny. The Sorcerer's of dark magic, The Dark order of the Draith, have found them and the time has come to reveal the secrets they have kept. When Caleb and Lucas' mother is captured by an agent of the Draith, Gavin and his boys must go into the world they left behind to rescue her, now placing the boys on the path to fulfilling the prophecy they worked so hard to keep them from having to follow.

Secrets Will Be Revealed

For Caleb and Lucas, the world of Carsonia is like something straight from a fantasy novel. Here they discover warring factions of humans, goblins, elves, and more. Nothing is as it seems and everyone has an agenda... and each agenda seems to include the boys. With agendas and secrets around every corner, the cozy lives that Caleb and Lucas once knew are coming to an end. Nothing is as it seems and danger waits for them with each step. To get out of here alive, they must rely on their only shred of hope... their loyalty to each other.

Destiny Is Calling

The Dark Master Natas must have the blood of the boys to break free of the spell that has kept him bound for hundreds of years. The warlord Hathian, seeks to destroy the boys and claim Carsonia for himself. The Knights of Liberty seek to find the boys and do whatever is in their power to prevent them from fulfilling the dark promise of the prophecy. And Gavin fights to rescue his family and use one last family secret to end this insanity, once and for all.

But you can't hide from destiny. Caleb and Lucas have been called. Events conspire to trap them in Carsonia and force them to play out their roles in the final days of Carsonia.

Soon, the fate of Carsonia will rest in the hands of these two young boys... The Twins of the Prophecy.

Discover for yourself why readers are saying that "Twins of the Prophecy" is bound to be one of the best fantasy books series of this generation.

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ISBN-13: 9780692201114
Publisher: Cross Point Publishing
Publication date: 04/16/2014
Pages: 378
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.78(d)

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