Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told

Twisted Scripture: Untangling 45 Lies Christians Have Been Told

by Andrew Farley


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In Twisted Scripture, Andrew unravels popular misconceptions we have about God and showcases the surprising truth that sets us free. Read this book to discover the clarity and beauty of the Gospel just as God intended.

Bart Millard, singer/songwriter for MercyMe

Confront the lies that hold you back. Discover the truth that sets you free.

Let's face it - the Bible contains passages that are challenging to interpret and can even incite fear. Sure, we want to believe that God's grace applies to our unique troubles: addiction, divorce, habitual sins, or a feeling of distance from God because we don't seem to measure up. Still, perplexing Bible passages eat at us.

Bestselling author and national radio host Dr. Andrew Farley is known to challenge legalistic and lifeless interpretations with his discerning take on controversial Scriptures.

In Twisted Scripture, Andrew skewers sacred cows and shatters destructive lies, bringing the undiluted truth about God's love and grace in a colorful and conversational look at the most controversial passages in the New Testament.

This book offers more than just encouragement and freedom. It may change everything about the way you see yourself and God.

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ISBN-13: 9781621578116
Publisher: Salem Books
Publication date: 05/14/2019
Pages: 370
Sales rank: 105,859
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Andrew Farley is a bestselling author of six books and pastor of Church Without Religion, a non-denominational, evangelical Bible church in west Texas. Andrew also serves as president of Andrew Farley Ministries (see and hosts Andrew Farley LIVE on Sirius XM.

For 17 years, Farley served as a professor of applied linguistics at University of Notre Dame, where he held an Endowed Chair position, and at Texas Tech University where he earned a university award for his excellence in teaching.

Farley received his B.A. from Furman University, his M.A. from University of Georgia, and his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Andrew lives in west Texas with his wife Katharine and their son Gavin.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Tradition and Truth xi

Part A Salvation 1

LIE 1 You must be baptized in water to be saved 3

LIE 2 You're justified by faith plus good works 11

LIE 3 You're saved by Jesus's death on the cross 19

LIE 4 God predestined certain people to believe; others have no choice 23

LIE 5 The whole world is or will be saved 31

Part B Eternal Security 41

LIE 6 You can fall from grace and lose your salvation 43

LIE 7 God will tell some believers, "Depart from Me!" 49

LIE 8 God may blot you out or spit you out 55

LIE 9 You only remain saved as long as you "keep the faith" 61

Part C The Old and The New 67

LIE 10 The New Testament era began at the birth of Jesus 69

LIE 11 All of Jesus's teachings apply directly to believers 77

LIE 12 Living under grace means the Old Testament is irrelevant 85

LIE 13 We can call Jesus our High Priest but still look to the Law 91

Part D Freedom From the Law 97

LIE 14 Your goal should be to keep the Ten Commandments 99

LIE 15 The Law is written on your heart 105

LIE 16 You should keep the Sabbath day 111

LIE 17 You need to tithe 10 percent of your income to please God 117

LIE 18 Paul's Romans 7 struggle is the normal Christian life 125

LIE 19 Too much grace will cause you to sin even more 131

Part E Identity in Christ 139

LIE 20 "Jesus died for our sins" is the whole message of the cross 141

LIE 21 You need to die to self daily 147

LIE 22 You should put off your old self so you decrease and Christ increases 153

LIE 23 You're not really righteous; God just looks at you that way 159

LIE 24 God doesn't want you to get any of the glory 165

LIE 25 You're sometimes in the Spirit and sometimes in the flesh 171

LIE 26 The Holy Spirit keeps you from doing what you really want 177

LIE 27 You, as a believer, have a sinful nature 183

LIE 28 True believers don't commit sins anymore 191

Part F United with Jesus 199

LIE 29 You can get closer to God over time 201

LIE 30 You should try to "abide in Christ" and put God first 209

LIE 31 Being filled with the Spirit is for signs and wonders 215

LIE 32 It's hard to know God's will for your life 221

Part G Once-for-All Forgiveness 229

LIE 33 God forgives you, little by little, each time you sin 231

LIE 34 You need to confess each sin to be forgiven and cleansed by God 241

LIE 35 You should examine your sins before taking the Lord's Supper 251

LIE 36 Believers can fall away to a place of no repentance 261

LIE 37 If you repeat the same sins willfully, God will not forgive you 269

LIE 38 A believer's forgiveness is conditional and can be forfeited 277

LIE 39 Grace means there are no consequences for sin 287

Part H Judgment, Punishment, and Rewards 293

LIE 40 You'll pass through two final judgments 295

LIE 41 Every day you're gaining or losing heavenly rewards 303

LIE 42 It's healthy to be afraid of God 311

Part I Church Discipline, Tongues, and Health-Wealth 317

LIE 43 If you commit big sins, you should be kicked out of church 319

LIE 44 You should edify yourself, and tongues is evidence of salvation 325

LIE 45 God promises wealth and health to every believer 333

Epilogue 343

Notes 349

Index 351

Acknowledgements 355

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