Two Envelopes: What You Want Your Loved Ones To Know When You Die

Two Envelopes: What You Want Your Loved Ones To Know When You Die

Two Envelopes: What You Want Your Loved Ones To Know When You Die

Two Envelopes: What You Want Your Loved Ones To Know When You Die


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When you die, there are so many things your family and loved ones immediately need to know. Two Envelopes is your voice, conveying your wishes regarding your death and your estate.

With a unique blend of wisdom, humor and empathetic storytelling, Rusty Rosman delves into the often-avoided topic of death, offering readers a guide to navigate the complexities of both practical and emotional aspects of end-of-life planning. Rusty's wisdom and heartfelt way of guiding her readers make this book unique among the other end-of-life planning workbooks available online.

"Two Envelopes is not a workbook or a filing system!" Rusty tells groups she talks with nationwide. "This book is a guide to personal reflections and conversations you'll have with your loved ones. As you prepare your envelopes, you will be ensuring that your voice, your wishes, continue to guide your loved ones after your death." Her book includes an invitation to connect with Rusty to talk with your group as well.

Missy Buchanan, the best-selling author of many of her own books on faith and aging, writes the book's Foreword, recommending it for individuals, community groups and small groups in congregations nationwide. "Two Envelopes is not just another end-of-life planning workbook. It is a uniquely personal resource, like sitting at the kitchen table with a dear friend sharing coffee and conversation about hard decisions. The steps are practical and uncomplicated, yet when completed, the Two Envelope plan will provide your family members a clear and concise way to recognize and honor your late-life decisions. Most of all, Two Envelopes offers an opportunity to give peace of mind and comfort to your dearest loved ones in a season that is riddled with deep grief and uncertainty."

This is a valuable book for individuals and congregations of all faiths, writes Rabbi Joseph Krakoff in the book's Preface. "As Rusty Rosman shows us, it is never too soon to gather our loved ones and pose the hard questions that will ensure our wishes are honored both in life and in death," writes Krakoff, who is CEO of the Jewish Hospice and Chaplaincy Network.

Finally, Lauren Rosman O'Desky affirms Rusty's warmth and wisdom in the book's Introduction. Lauren is Rusty's daughter and a Certified Senior Advisor who is a specialist in running a number of senior care services. Lauren describes Rusty's long experience in helping families, which Lauren values both as a professional in this growing field and a daughter who has watched Rusty at work through the generations of their own family.

"While caring for someone by being present and providing for their needs is a noble endeavor, demonstrating the forethought and care to ease the transition after your own passing is an immeasurable gift," Lauren writes. "Two Envelopes stands as an indispensable roadmap for this journey. ... I implore you to do yourself and your family a favor by delving into the pages of this book and completing the journey it outlines."

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ISBN-13: 9781641801744
Publisher: Front Edge Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 02/20/2024
Pages: 112
Sales rank: 604,637
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.27(d)

About the Author

Rusty Rosman spent years helping her parents and her in-laws as they aged. Over the years, Rusty saw many of their friends and their families conflicted over final arrangements and family confrontations. After making sure the parents updated their estate planning, Rusty encouraged them to write out their final wishes for their funerals, mourning period and then, what they wanted done with their belongings that weren't covered in their legal documents. Rusty is one of four children. Having her parents put their wishes in writing made the heartbreaking experience of a parent's death much easier for all four of them to navigate -- because they had their parents' wishes in writing. From that experience, Two Envelopes was born. As a former teacher and commercial real estate broker, Rusty has had experience working with people of all ages and circumstances. As a lifelong community leader, Rusty has served as president and fundraiser for several nonprofit community organizations. In her community where she has lived her entire life, Rusty is a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and the Property Tax Board. Rusty and her husband Stephen are the very proud parents of Lauren O'Desky and Brian Rosman both of whom work in medical and medical related fields. Their six grandchildren are the delight of their lives.
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