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Undertakers, Harlots, and Other Odd Bodies: Inspired by True Events and Smothered in Blarney

Undertakers, Harlots, and Other Odd Bodies: Inspired by True Events and Smothered in Blarney

by Mege Gardner


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Set in 1895, when life was hard and death was not for amateurs, Undertakers, Harlots and Other Odd Bodies is a galloping gaslit tale of Victorian incompetence, set on the least fortunate riverbank in Maryland. Women and men of motley descent vie for independence while learning their trades the hard way. Heartbreaking and hilarious at turns, its unreasonably hopeful characters wend their way toward the new century and a new kind of home, finding friendship in a place where they have little reason to expect it.

The undertakers strive to gain the trust of a very un-trustworthy clientele, while avoiding the attention of casually corrupt authorities and the possibility of burying anyone ahead of time. Led by a woman who yearns to claim her own profession, they cater to anyone who will have them, heedless of danger or payment.

They just might find fortune in this most unlucky place. Or not.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578444024
Publisher: Megan E. Gardner
Publication date: 01/05/2019
Series: Odd Body Tales , #1
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

About the Author

Mege Gardner is a novelist, blogger and mom of six. As a member of the sixth generation of her people to be born in Prince Georges County, Maryland, she has an enduring fascination with the long, peculiar history of that long, peculiar county. She does not plan to die there.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Author’s Note

Introduction, 1

Chapter 1—Helen, 5

Chapter 2—Heart, 9

Chapter 3—Incentive, 12

Chapter 4—School, 15

Chapter 5—Port, 21

Chapter 6—Samuel, 23

Chapter 7—Hideaway, 26

Chapter 8—Eggers, 29

Chapter 9—Explanation, 32

Chapter 10—Brothel, 36

Chapter 11—Tools, 41

Chapter 12—Murder, 46

Chapter 13—Trouble, 50

Chapter 14—Stitch, 54

Chapter 15—Tomfoolery, 58

Chapter 16—Mending, 64

Chapter 17—Church, 68

Chapter 18—Curtains, 72

Chapter 19—Strategy, 73

Chapter 20—Practice, 75

Chapter 21—October, 78

Chapter 22—Preservation, 81

Chapter 23—Deception, 85

Chapter 24—Temptation, 88

Chapter 25—Moved, 90

Chapter 26—Moon, 93

Chapter 27—Lovers, 101

Chapter 28—Photographs, 103

Chapter 29—Burial, 105

Chapter 30—Visible, 110

Chapter 31—Visitors, 114

Chapter 32—Duplicity, 119

Chapter 33—Bargain, 122

Chapter 34—December, 125

Chapter 35—Grace, 133

Chapter 36—Daddy, 135

Chapter 37—Called, 139

Chapter 38—Squinty, 143

Chapter 39—Silent, 149

Chapter 40—Visitors, 151

Chapter 41—Painting, 156

Chapter 42—Shunned, 160

Chapter 43—Angry, 164

Chapter 44—Toast, 169

Chapter 45—January, 174

Chapter 46—Fetching, 178

Chapter 47—Finest, 181

Chapter 48—Freedom, 185

Chapter 49—Funeral, 189

Chapter 50—Confession, 191

Chapter 51—Circuit, 194

Chapter 52—Admiral, 199

Chapter 53—Difficult, 202

Chapter 54—Methodical, 205

Chapter 55—Bakery, 209

Chapter 56—Spring, 213

Chapter 57—Forbidden, 219

Chapter 58—Sensible, 221

Chapter 59—Discovery, 223

Chapter 60—Imposter, 226

Chapter 61—Departures, 230

Chapter 62—Journey, 232

Chapter 63—Returning, 235

Chapter 64—Sinister, 237

Chapter 65—Theories, 240

Chapter 66—Persistent, 241

Chapter 67—Waking, 243

Chapter 68—Answered, 248

Chapter 69—Hearing, 250

Chapter 70—Home, 256

Contact and other author information, 259

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