Untying Parent Anxiety (Years 5-8): 18 Myths that Have You in Knots-And How to Get Free

Untying Parent Anxiety (Years 5-8): 18 Myths that Have You in Knots-And How to Get Free

by Lisa Sugarman


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Raising the perfect child . . . it’s our dream as parents.

But the reality is: the perfect child doesn’t exist. Yet parents everywhere are putting the full-court press on their kids to be perfect, fixating on raising them to be smarter, faster, more successful, and more popular than their peers. And that’s making today’s parents and their children crazy.

In Untying Parent Axniety, nationally syndicated humor columnist and author Lisa Sugarman reminds us that our kids aren’t supposed to be perfect. (And neither are we.) They’re going to screw up, make mistakes, and lose their way. And as soon as we embrace the idea that parenthood is not a straight line, we unlock everyone’s full potential.

Drawing on her life as the perfectly imperfect mother of two daughters and more than a decade of working in the school system, Sugarman deconstructs some of the biggest myths facing parents and offers advice and strategies to help soothe anxious moms and dads.

Cycling through everything from friend drama and separation anxiety to playing nice and emotional development, Untying Parent Anxiety is a funny but honest journey through the most common stages of raising kids that reinforces that parenthood is a beautiful, imperfect work in progress.

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ISBN-13: 9781944822576
Publisher: Familius
Publication date: 03/07/2017
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Lisa Sugarman writes the nationally syndicated humor column "It Is What It Is" and is the author of LIFE: It Is What It Is, Untying Parent Anxiety: 18 Myths That Have You in Knots—And How to Get Free, and How To Raise Perfectly Imperfect Kids—And Be Ok With It, available on Amazon, at Barnes & Noble, and at select bookstores everywhere. Lisa is a MentorMama at SocialMama, the free networking app for moms, and is a regular contributor on GrownAndFlown, This Mama Wines, MommingHubb, More Content Now, Wickedlocal.com, and Care.com. Her work has also appeared in TIME Magazine’s TIME for Parents, on LittleThings, Mamalode, 50 Shades of Aging, and on PBS Kids. She’s also the founder and moderator of The Vomit Booth, the popular Facebook parenting group where parents go to bond over the madness of parenthood. Lisa lives with her husband and two daughters just north of Boston in a tiny coastal town of twenty thousand people crammed onto a teensy peninsula. Visit her online at www.lisasugarman.com.


Table of Contents

Preface i

Introduction 1

How to Use This Book 5

Myth #1 Good grades are what matter most 7

Myth #2 My kid will never make it out in the real world without me 15

Myth #3 Drop-off disasters are inevitable 23

Myth #4 My kid is making new friends now, so I'm gonna get replaced 31

Myth #5 My kid is a jerk and will never have any friends 37

Myth #6 If I punish my kid, she'll hate me 47

Myth #7 My kid will never grow out of this Jekyll-and-Hyde phase 57

Myth #8 Drama is a middle school and high school problem 67

Myth #9 We're all speaking the same language 77

Myth #10 Our kids need to join as many extracurricular groups and clubs as possible to stay competitive 87

Myth #11 Kids should be seen and not heard 97

Myth #12 Technology is wrecking our kids 105

Myth #13 My kids are too immature or too little for chores 115

Myth #14 Possession is nine-tenths of the law 127

Myth #15 My child is behind the eight ball, and she'll never catch up 137

Myth #16 IQ is more important than EQ 149

Myth #17 Saying "No" to my kids makes me a horrible parent 159

Myth #18 Our kids are born prewired with their temperament and attitude 171

Just a Sec … We're Not Quite Done Yet 181

Afterword 187

Sources 189

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