Upgrading and Troubleshooting Your Mac

Upgrading and Troubleshooting Your Mac

by Gene Steinberg

Paperback(Mac OS X ed.)

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The magic of the Mac is back! Mac OS X is a truly revolutionary operating system that has great flexibility and functionality. Author Gene Steinberg shows readers how to tap techniques of IT professionals to make your Mac run at top efficiency.

Minimize downtime and optimize your Mac for reliability and speed. Upgrading & Troubleshooting Your Mac: Mac OS X Edition is the definitive OS X resource,focused on upgrading,preventive maintenance,and troubleshooting. Loaded with case histories to illustrate common problems and repair solutions,this book covers a wide range of important issues—from survival advice for laptops to organizing SCSI chains to overcoming Ethernet difficulties. Whether you're new to the OS X platform or computing in general,or if you're migrating from an older Mac,this comprehensive volume will help you operate your new system at peak efficiency.

Get Peak Performance from Your Mac!

  • Hook up and deploy your Mac for home or business use—including hardware and peripherals
  • Efficiently run this sophisticated operating system on almost any supported Mac computer
  • Learn the secrets to successfully installing expansion cards and upgrading CPU and RAM
  • Add system enhancements and diagnose system-related conflicts
  • Understand and manage graphic file formats,fonts,and printers
  • Incorporate proven backup techniques and preventative maintenance
  • Upgrade with FireWire and Network cards,Graphics and USB adapter cards,SCSI accelerators,and video capture boards
  • Integrate and optimize system software
  • Configure your modem connection,Web browser,and email account

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780072193596
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 01/01/2001
Series: Consumer Series
Edition description: Mac OS X ed.
Pages: 640
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.29(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Solving Mac Hookup Problems1
Initial Installation: The First Day2
What to Do If Your New Mac Doesn't Work12
Chapter 2How to Cope with System Software Hassles15
How to Handle System Crashes16
What Those Error Messages Really Mean17
Is It the Hardware or Software?19
The Right Way to Do a Classic System Upgrade21
How to Merge Classic System Folders30
The Right Way to Do a Mac OS X System Upgrade38
Chapter 3The Mac Upgrade Guide: Peripheral Cards45
Adding Expansion Cards46
What If It Won't Boot?51
Using Processor Upgrade Cards: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly51
Chapter 4The Mac Upgrade Guide: Dealing with RAM Upgrade Pitfalls59
Yes, It's All Right for You to Add a RAM Upgrade60
How to Avoid RAM Upgrade Damage60
Checking RAM Compatibility62
Adding RAM Upgrades to Regular Desktop Macs66
Adding RAM Upgrades to the iMac69
Adding RAM Upgrades to iBooks and PowerBooks71
How to Know If RAM Is Properly Installed73
Interpreting the Signs That Something Went Wrong74
Chapter 5Troubleshooting Macs on the Road83
The Care and Feeding of Laptops84
PowerBook/iBook Trials and Tribulations90
Protecting Your Laptop Against Theft96
The Apple Laptop Travel Guide100
Chapter 6The Weird World of Fonts107
TrueType vs. PostScript Fonts: What's the Difference?108
Mac OS X Is Bursting with Font Folders114
Finding Damaged Fonts119
Coping with Font Conflicts121
Font Organization Tips and Tricks128
Chapter 7Dealing with Graphic File Headaches135
A Quick Review of Graphic File Formats136
How to View PC Graphics on a Mac139
Preparing Mac Graphics to Work in the Windows World144
Chapter 8Making Your Printer Sing147
Installing a Personal Printer148
Installing a Network Printer150
USB vs. Network Printers: Is There a Difference?152
PostScript: What Is It? Why Do I Need It?153
Which Printer Driver Do I Use?157
What's a PPD File and What Do I Need It For?158
Solving Common Printing Problems164
How to Fix Paper Jams and Feed Problems175
Chapter 9Troubleshooting Mice, Joysticks, and Keyboards177
Choose Your Own Input Device178
ADB Input Device Cautions182
Installing Input Devices182
How to Handle the USB Connection189
Chapter 10The Monitor Is the Window of the Computer World193
Display Selection Hints194
Installing a New Monitor197
Making the Picture Look Right on a CRT Monitor198
Using ColorSync to Calibrate Your Display209
Hints and Tips about Multiple Displays216
What's Wrong with My Picture?218
Chapter 11Help with Mixed Mac/Windows Offices227
Making Macs and PCs Communicate Peacefully228
Troubleshooting Mixed Network Problems238
How to Handle a Windows Emulator on a Mac243
In Defense of Your Mac249
Chapter 12Do You Have a Computer Virus?255
Are Computer Viruses a Danger to Mac Users?256
The Real Dangers of Cross-Platform Viruses258
How to Know If It's a Virus or a Software Problem260
Choosing and Installing Virus Protection Software265
Chapter 13Keeping Your Hard Drive Healthy and Happy273
A Brief Primer on Cataloging a Disk Drive274
What Can Go Wrong with a Drive and How to Fix It287
How to Cope with Drive Directory Problems294
What to Do If Hard Drive Diagnostic Programs Fail302
Chapter 14Foolproof Backup Techniques Explained307
Why Backups Are Necessary308
Backups: How, What, and When311
How to Restore Your Files326
What If the Backup Goes Bad?327
Chapter 15Storage Device Technologies: Dealing with SCSI Chain Hassles333
How to Organize the SCSI Chain334
A Handy Guide to SCSI Voodoo336
Internal vs. External: What's the Difference?339
Adding a SCSI Accelerator Card347
A Quick Guide to Solving SCSI Chain Problems349
The End of SCSI?352
Chapter 16Making Your New Scanner Work Better359
The Right Way to Install a Scanner360
Checking SCSI Settings and Hardware Locking Switches362
What If the Scanner Freezes?363
How to Do That First Scan with Confidence367
Chapter 17Overcoming the Network Hassle375
File Sharing Basics376
Fixing AppleTalk Network Troubles383
Getting Started with Ethernet388
Networking via TCP/IP395
How to Protect Your Files on a Network397
Chapter 18Adding System Utilities and Overcoming System Conflicts401
The Classic Appearance Control Panel and Mac OS X402
Desktop Makeovers and Mac OS X404
Desktop Decoration Programs: Good or Bad?405
Use Classic System Enhancements with Few Problems408
How to Check for System Conflicts411
How to Handle Mac OS X System Problems418
Where to Learn About Software Updates425
Chapter 19How to Make Video Capture Hardware Work429
Are You Ready to Capture Video?430
Selecting and Installing the Right Video System432
Where Do I Store It?438
How to Handle Video Capture Problems440
Chapter 20Making the Modem Connection447
Making 56K Work448
The Right Way to Hook Up a Modem449
Why It Won't Connect458
How to Test Your Modem's Real Connection Potential462
What's a Modem String and How Do I Use It?464
Chapter 21Dealing with Internet Access Problems467
Solving Internet Connection Problems468
How to Speed Downloads and Uploads480
Getting Top Performance from Your Internet Connection480
Chapter 22Making Your Web Browser Browse489
What to Do When You Cannot Access a Site490
Making Your Browser Run Faster493
Tips on Speeding Up a Web Browser Cache493
How to Make Online Graphics Look Sharper507
Chapter 23Making Email Work for You511
When Email Doesn't Reach Its Destination512
How to Handle Email Attachments514
Is There a Danger from Email Viruses?515
How to Avoid Email Problems517
AppendixQuickStart Upgrade and Troubleshooting Guide539
Installing a New Mac540
Reinstalling System Software540
Adding Peripheral Cards541
Adding RAM541
Advice for Road Warriors542
Mac OS X Font Management542
Graphics Files542
Printing Under Mac OS X543
Using Input Devices543
Installing a New Monitor544
Living in the Windows World544
Computer Viruses and Mac OS X545
Hard Drive Diagnostic Tips545
Don't Forget Backups546
Take Care with SCSI Chains546
Take Care Setting Up a Scanner546
Network in Confidence547
Add System Enhancements with Care547
Make Video Editing Work Better548
Make Your Modem Connect Faster548
Broadband Access Concerns548
Improving Web Access549
Make Email Work Better549

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