Urban Legends of Theology: 40 Common Misconceptions

Urban Legends of Theology: 40 Common Misconceptions

by Michael E. Wittmer
Urban Legends of Theology: 40 Common Misconceptions

Urban Legends of Theology: 40 Common Misconceptions

by Michael E. Wittmer


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Urban Legends of Theology surveys 40 of the most common misunderstandings of Christian doctrine. Some of the urban legends are cultural truisms that turn out not to be true; others are misconceptions of what the Bible and Christian tradition actually teach.   

 Author and theologian Michael Wittmer writes in an engaging and incisive manner, probing beliefs nearly every churchgoer has heard at one time or another, such as:   

  • The Bible is our only authority  

  • All sin is the same before God  

  • God won’t give you more than you can handle  

  • Christianity is not a religion; it’s a relationship  

  • We are the hands and feet of Jesus   

Urban Legends of Theology corrects these misconceptions and offers a better alternative in each one’s place, guiding readers into the full riches and freedom of Christian theology rightly understood.  

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ISBN-13: 9781087756073
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group
Publication date: 05/01/2023
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 1,165,549
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.60(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Michael E. Wittmer (PhD, Calvin Theological Seminary) is professor of systematic and historical theology and director of the Center for Christian Worldview at Cornerstone University.   

Table of Contents

Part I: God and Theological Method
1 . It Is Important to Believe in Something, and It Does Not Matter What
2 . Theology Puts God in a Box
3 . Faith Begins When Knowledge Ends
4 . Theology Is Western and White
5 . Doctrine Divides . Love Unites
6 . The Bible Is Our Only Authority
7 . A High View of Scripture Turns the Bible into an Idol
8 . Jews, Christians, and Muslims Worship the Same God
9 . God Created the World Because He Was Lonely
10 . God Is a Gentleman
11 . You Should Pray Like It All Depends on God and Work Like It All Depends on You

Part II: Humanity and Sin
12 . This World Is Not Our Home
13 . You Shouldn’t Waste Your Life on Temporal Things
14 . My Body Is a Temporary Residence for My Immortal Soul
15 . I Am Enough
16 . Freedom Explains the Problem of Evil
17 . Satan Is Tempting Me
18 . All Sin Is the Same before God
19 . Jesus Never Spoke about Homosexuality
20 . You’re Not Supposed to Judge
21 . I Should Never Feel Shame
22 . The Safest Place to Be Is in the Center of God’s Will
23 . God Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

Part III: Jesus and Salvation
24 . The Son of God Put on Skin
25 . Jesus Loves Sinners and Dislikes Religious People
26 . Jesus Is More Loving and Compassionate Than the God of the Old Testament
27 . We Are All God’s Children
28 . All Children Who Die before the Age of Accountability Will Be Saved
29 . Any Religion Will Save You as Long as You’re Sincere
30 . We Must “Preach the Gospel at All Times and If Necessary, Use Words"
31 . God Helps Those Who Help Themselves
32 . Justification Means Just-as-If-I’d-Never-Sinned
33 . We Should Not Be Motivated by Fear
34 . We Should Forgive Others for Our Own Good

Part IV: Church and Last Things
35 . Christianity Is Not a Religion—It’s a Relationship
36 . I Don’t Need Church to Have a Relationship with God
37 . We Are the Hands and Feet of Jesus
38 . Death Is Not a Tragedy for Christians
39 . Grandpa Went to Heaven and Plays Outfield for the Angels
40 . We Will Live Forever in Heaven 
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