Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu. How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense

Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu. How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense

Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu. How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense

Virus Mania: Corona/COVID-19, Measles, Swine Flu, Cervical Cancer, Avian Flu, SARS, BSE, Hepatitis C, AIDS, Polio, Spanish Flu. How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion-Dollar Profits At Our Expense


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"The book 'Virus Mania' has been written with the care of a master-craftsman, courageously evaluating the medical establishment, the corporate elites and the powerful government funding institutions." Wolfgang Weuffen, MD, Professor of Microbiology and Infectious Epidemiology "The book 'Virus-Wahn' can be called the first work in which the errors, frauds and general misinformations being spread by official bodies about doubtful or non-virus infections are completely exposed." Gordon T. Stewart, MD, professor of public health and former WHO advisor - - - The population is terrified by reports of so-called COVID-19, measles, swine flu, SARS, BSE, AIDS or polio. However, the authors of "Virus Mania," investigative journalist Torsten Engelbrecht, Dr. Claus Köhnlein, MD, Dr. Samantha Bailey, MD, and Dr. Stefano Scoglio, BSc PhD, show that this fearmongering is unfounded and that virus mayhem ignores basic scientific facts: The existence, the pathogenicity and the deadly effects of these agents have never been proven. The book "Virus Mania" will also outline how modern medicine uses dubious indirect lab tools claiming to prove the existence of viruses such as antibody tests and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The alleged viruses may be, in fact, also be seen as particles produced by the cells themselves as a consequence of certain stress factors such as drugs. These particles are then "picked up" by antibody and PCR tests and mistakenly interpreted as epidemic-causing viruses. The authors analyze all real causes of the illnesses named COVID-19, avian flu, AIDS or Spanish flu, among them pharmaceuticals, lifestyle drugs, pesticides, heavy metals, pollution, malnutrition and stress. To substantiate it, the authors cite dozens of highly renowned scientists, among them the Nobel laureates Kary Mullis, Barbara McClintock, Walter Gilbert and Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet as well as microbiologist and Pulitzer Prize winner René Dubos, and it presents more than 1,400 sol

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ISBN-13: 9783752629781
Publisher: Books on Demand
Publication date: 04/25/2021
Pages: 516
Sales rank: 167,538
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 1.15(d)

About the Author

Torsten Engelbrecht works as an award-winning journalist in Hamburg. He was trained at the renowned magazine for professional journalists Message and an editor at the Financial Times Deutschland. As a freelance journalist, he has written for publications such as OffGuardian, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Greenpeace Magazin and The Ecologist. In 2010, his book "Die Zukunft der Krebsmedizin" (The Future of Cancer Medicine) was published,

Dr. Claus Köhnlein, MD, is a medical specialist of internal diseases. He completed his residency in the Oncology Department at the University of Kiel. Since 1993, he has worked in his own medical practice, treating also Hepatitis C and AIDS patients who are skeptical of antivirals. Köhnlein is one of the world's most experienced experts when it comes to alleged viral epidemics.

Dr. Samantha Bailey, MD, is a general practitioner and research physician with a particular interest in novel tests and treatments for medical diseases. She lives in New Zealand and has the country's largest YouTube health channel. Bailey has also been a co-presenter for a nationwide television health show in New Zealand that debunks common health misconceptions, called The Checkup.

Dr. Stefano Scoqlio, BSc PhD, is an expert in microbiology and naturopathy and is coordinating scientific and clinical research on Klamath algae extracts, and on microalgae-based probiotics, in cooperation with the Italian National Research Center and various Universities. Since 2004, he has published many articles in international scientific journals. In 2018, Scoqlio was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Table of Contents

About the Book 11

About the Authors 13

Foreword I Prof. Dr. Etienne de Harven, MD

This Book Has To Be Read, Quickly and Worldwide 14

Foreword II Dr. Joachim Mutter, MD

This Book Will Instigate an Upheaval of Dogmas 18

Introduction Society under the Spell of a One-Dimensional Microbe Theory 19

Chapter 1 Medicine Presents a Distorted Picture of Microbes 35

Microbes: Branded as Scapegoats 35

Fungi: As in the Forest, So in the Human Body 38

Bacteria: At the Beginning of All Life 43

Viruses: Lethal Mini-Monsters? 48

Chapter 2 The Microbe Hunters Seize Power 59

Pasteur and Koch: Two of Many Scientific Cheats 59

Scurvy, Beriberi and Pellagra: The Microbe Hunters' Many Defeats 65

Hippocrates, von Pettenkofer, Bircher-Benner: The Wisdom of the Body 66

Clustering: How to Make an Epidemic Out of One Infected Patient 70

Polio: Pesticides Such as DDT and Heavy Metals under Suspicion 72

Gajdusek's "Slow Virus": infinite Leeway for Explanations 89

After World War If: Visible Proof of Viruses? We Don't Need That! 91

The Virus Disaster of the 1970s-and HIV As Salvation in the 1980s 97

Chapter 3 AIDS: From Spare Tire to Multibillion-Dollar Business 101

AIDS: What Exactly Is it? 103

Where Is the Proof of HSV? 103

HIV = AIDS? 106

Antibody Tests, PCR, CD4 Counts: As Uninformative as a Toss of a Coin 107

Illicit Drugs, Medicines and Malnutrition Lead to AID5 111

The Early 1980s: Poppers and AIDS Drugs 113

How the "Fast-Lane Lifestyle" Topic Went Out of Sight 118

New York, February 2005: From Super-Drug Consumer to "Super-AIDS-Virus" Patient 123

Gallo, 1994: Not HIV, but Sex Drugs Like Poppers Cause AIDS 124

Der Spiegel: Shabby Sensationatistic Journalism 126

AIDS Is Not a Sexually-Transmitted Disease 130

23 April 1984: Gallo's TV Appearance Carves the Virus Dogma in Stone 132

New York Times: Chief Medical Reporter Altman's Cozy Relationship with Epidemic Authorities 135

1987: Top Experts Take the Stage as Critics of the AIDS Orthodoxy 137

1994: AIDS Researcher David Ho-as Convincing as a Giraffe with Sunglasses 139

The Media under the Spell of Celebrity Researchers 141

AIDS Medications: The Fable of Life-Prolonging Effects 142

People as Guinea Pigs 146

AZT Study 1987: A Gigantic Botch-Up 149

The AIDS Therapy Dilemma 154

All on AZT: The Deaths of Freddie Mercury, Rudolph Nureyev and Arthur Ashe 158

"Magic" Johnson: "There Is No Magic in AZT, and No AZT in 'Magic'" 159

Hemophiliacs and AIDS 161

Africa: How Well-Known Diseases Are Redefined as AIDS 164

Chapter 4 Hepatitis C: Toxins Such as Alcohol, Heroin, and Medical Drugs Suffice as Explanation 169

Still in 1997, Liver Diseases Were Seen to Avoid Drug Therapy 169

How to Create a Hepatitis C Virus 171

The 2020 Nobel Prize in Medicine-Scientific Failure Reloaded 173

Hepatitis C Can Also Be Explained Without a Virus 175

Pamela Anderson: The Virus Industry's Poster Girl 177

Chapter 5 BSE: The Epidemic that Never Was 179

BSE: Prophecies of Horror and Wastes of Money 179

The Dogma of the Infectious Disease BSE 180

Activism Feigned for Safety 184

The Infection Hypothesis Is Founded on Dubious Experiments 185

BSE: A Genetic Defect Due To inbreeding 187

BSE as an Effect of Chemical Poisoning 190

BSE Is Not an Infectious Disease 192

Chapter 6 SARS: Hysteria on the Heels of AIDS and BSE 195

First 9/11, Next the War in Iraq-and then SARS? 195

Critical Thoughts on SARS Epidemiology: How Did Carlo Urbani Really Die? 198

Antiviral Therapy: More Pain than Gain 202

SARS: Virus Enemy Not Found 203

Cortisone and Other Steroids: Questionable Effects 206

The Therapeutic Dilemma of Our Time 208

Guangdong: The High-Tech Revolution's Dirty Secret 209

Chapter 7 H5N1: Avian Flu and Not a Glimmer of Proof 213

The Media: Big Pharma's Megaphone 213

HSN1: No Evidence of Virus Existence and Pathogenic Effect 216

(Not Only) Factory Farming Makes Birds Sick 219

Guesswork on Rugen 225

The Dutch Bird Flu Panic, 2003: Caught in Virus Tunnel Vision 226

Rat Poisons Carry off Birds 228

On How to Avoid Seeing What is Right under Our Noses 229

More than 150 Dead People-What Really Caused Their Deaths? 230

No Reason for Pandemic Panic 234

Tamiflu: From Shelf-Warmer to Big Seller-to Death Bringer? 236

Tamiflu Studies and the Problem of Independence 239

Donald Rumsfeld Makes Giant Profits 241

"Spanish Flu" 1918: Result of the First World War, Not of a Virus! 245

- Virus Hypothesis of Nature and Science without Foundation 245

- Mysterious Epidemiolgy Debunks the Virus Dogma 247

- Failed Infection Attempts 248

- Overmedication, Massive Vaccinations and War Turmoil as Key Factors 252

- Doctors Respond to the Catastrophe with Overwhelming Silence 259

Chapter 8 Cervical Cancer and Other Vaccines: Policy vs. Evidence 261

Flu Vaccines: Do They Make Sense? 261

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.:

Greed, Negligence and Deception in the Vaccine Industry 263

- CDC, FDA, WHO: Under Big Pharma's Spell and Dishonest for a Long Time 263

- No Safety Testing, Missing Placebo Trials 265

- Autism and Vaccines 267

- We Are Killing Children 268

- Media Malpractice 270

Fraud, Waste, Bribery-Corruption in the Health Service 271

HPV Vaccination against Cervical Cancer: Not Proven Safe and Effective 280

HPV Vaccine: A Possible Disaster for the Next Generation 285

Chapter 9 The Big Swine Flu Hoax 289

The Facts About Swine Flu 289

Virus Proof is Also Lacking in Swine Flu 291

Big Business Swine Flu: How the US „Pandemic Agency" Fooled the World 293

Conflicts of interest and Greed for Profit Also Dominate Swine Flu Research 295

The Media Disregards the Patients' Lifestyle Factors and Pre-Existing illnesses 304

Adjuvants in Vaccinations: Attack on the immune System 309

Judges Confirm: Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Narcolepsy 313

Chapter 10 Postscript to Chapter 3 About AIDS 319

Even the Nobel Prize Committee Cannot Justify the Award for Luc Montagnier 319

Nobel Prizes in Medicine for the Solidification of Dogmas 322

Strengthening of the Immune System Instead of Antiviral Drugs 327

Karri Stokely and Maria Papagiannidou Died from AIDS Medication-and Not from HIV! 336

Two Experience Reports: A Life Without AIDS Drugs 340

US Mortality Rate Make Nonsense of the AIDS Drug Dogma 344

Chapter 11 10 Reasons against Measels Vaccination 347

(1) The Monocausal Mindset Is Unrealistic 347

(2) History Shows: Vaccines Have Nothing to Do with ontrolling Measles & Co. 348

(3) Many Vaccinated Persons Get the Disease They Were Vaccinated Against 352

(4) There Is No Evidence of the Effectiveness of Vaccination 353

(5) Studies Show: Unvaccinated People Are Healthier than the Vaccinated 354

(6) Vaccine Manufacturers and Their Studies Lack Credibility 357

(7) Vaccinations Entail Incalculable Risks 358

(8) Antibody Titer: Surrogat Marker With High Belief Factor 360

(9) The Worthless Measles Infection Experiment from 1911 361

(10) As a Rule, the Opposite Is True of What the Media Reports About Viruses 363

Addendum: The Measles Virus Lawsuit 365

Chapter 12 Total Corona Mania: Worthless PCR Tests, Lethal Drugs-and Mortality Data that Makes a Viral Cause Impossible 367

Virology, Politics and the Media vs. Common Sense 367

Unexplained Paths of Virus Transmission 381

Lousy, More Lousy, Corona PCR Tests 383

Lack of Detection of So-Called SARS-CoV-2 387

Total Failure of the PCR Test: No Gold Standard, No "Viral Load" Measurement, Not for Diagnostic Purposes 392

High Cq Values Make Nonsense of the Test Results 397

Drosten PCR Study: Seriously Deficient and Full of Conflicts of interest 399

Horror Scenes from Italy Burn a Groundless Virus Dogma into People's Minds 400

COVID-19 Mortality Data Reveals: Viral Cause Impossible, Drugs Key Factor 406

The Hydroxychloroquine Overdose Tragedy 416

Bill Gates, the Greed for World Control and the Insanity with the COVID-19 Vaccine 427

The Mask Madness 437

The Death of Magician Roy Horn-and the Dubious Approval of Remdesivir by Dr. "Baron of Lies" Anthony Fauci 441

Epilog Rock Hudson Gave „AIDS" a Face-and His Fallacious Story the Virus Hunters Godlike Status 449

Literature 459

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