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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Visual Information and Information Systems: Third International Conference, VISUAL'99, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2-4, 1999, Proceedings / Edition 1

Visual Information and Information Systems: Third International Conference, VISUAL'99, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, June 2-4, 1999, Proceedings / Edition 1


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ISBN-13: 9783540660798
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 06/22/1999
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #1614
Edition description: 1999
Pages: 834
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.17(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Visual Information Systems.- Supporting Image-Retrieval by Database Driven Interactive 3D Information-Visualization.- Video Libraries: From Ingest to Distribution.- Querying Multimedia Data Sources and Databases.- General Image Database Model.- System for Medical Image Retrieval The MIMS Model.- An Agent-Based Visualisation Architecture.- Error-Tolerant Database for Structured Images.- Interactive Visual Query.- Query Processing and Optimization for Pictorial Query Trees.- Similarity Search Using Multiple Examples in MARS.- Excluding Specified Colors from Image Queries Using a Multidimensional Query Space.- Generic Viewer Interaction Semantics for Dynamic Virtual Video Synthesis.- Category Oriented Analysis for Visual Data Mining.- User Interaction in Region-Based Color Image Segmentation.- Using a Relevance Feedback Mechanism to Improve Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Region Queries without Segmentation for Image Retrieval by Content.- Content-Based Image Retrieval over the Web Using Query by Sketch and Relevance Feedback.- Visual Learning of Simple Semantics in ImageScape.- Browsing Information Space.- Task Analysis for Information Visualization.- Filter Image Browsing.- Visualization of Information Spaces to Retrieve and Browse Image Data.- Mandala: An Architecture for Using Images to Access and Organize Web Information.- A Compact and Retrieval-Oriented Video Representation Using Mosaics.- Internet Search Engines.- Crawling, Indexing and Retrieval of Three-Dimensional Data on the Web in the Framework of MPEG-7.- A Visual Search Engine for Distributed Image and Video Database Retrieval Applications.- Indexing Multimedia for the Internet.- Crawling for Images on the WWW.- A Dynamic JAVA-Based Intelligent Interface for Online Image Database Searches.- Video Parsing.- Motion-Based Feature Extraction and Ascendant Hierarchical Classification for Video Indexing and Retrieval.- Automatically Segmenting Movies into Logical Story Units.- Local Color Analysis for Scene Break Detection Applied to TV Commercials Recognition.- Scene Segmentation and Image Feature Extraction for Video Indexing and Retrieval.- Automatic Recognition of Camera Zooms.- A Region Tracking Method with Failure Detection for an Interactive Video Indexing Environment.- Integrated Parsing of Compressed Video.- Improvement of Shot Detection Using Illumination Invariant Metric and Dynamic Threshold Selection.- Temporal Segmentation of MPEG Video Sequences.- Detecting Abrupt Scene Change Using Neural Network.- Multi-modal Feature-Map: An Approach to Represent Digital Video Sequences.- Robust Tracking of Video Objects through Topological Constraint on Homogeneous Motion.- Spatial Data.- The Spatial Spreadsheet.- A High Level Visual Language for Spatial Data Management.- A Global Graph Model of Image Registration.- A Graph-Theoretic Approach to Image Database Retrieval.- Motion Capture of Arm from a Monocular Image Sequence.- Visual Languages.- Comparing Dictionaries for the Automatic Generation of Hypertextual Links: A Case Study.- Categorizing Visual Contents by Matching Visual “Keywords”.- Design of the Presentation Language for Distributed Hypermedia System.- A Generic Annotation Model for Video Databases.- Design and Implementation of COIRS (A COncept-Based Image Retrieval System).- Automatic Index Expansion for Concept-Based Image Query.- Features and Indexes for Image Retrieval.- Structured High-Level Indexing of Visual Data Content.- Feature Extraction: Issues, New Features, and Symbolic Representation.- Detection of Interest Points for Image Indexation.- Highly Discriminative Invariant Features for Image Matching.- Image Retrieval Using Schwarz Representation of One-Dimensional Feature.- Invariant Image Retrieval Using Wavelet Maxima Moment.- Detecting Regular Structures for Invariant Retrieval.- Color Image Texture Indexing.- Improving Image Classification Using Extended Run Length Features.- Feature Extraction Using Fractal Codes.- Object Retrieval.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Based on Local Affinely Invariant Regions.- A Framework for Object-Based Image Retrieval at the Semantic Level.- Blobworld: A System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval.- A Physics-Based Approach to Interactive Segmentation.- Ranking and Performance.- Assessment of Effectiveness of Content Based Image Retrieval Systems.- Adapting k-d Trees to Visual Retrieval.- Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Self-Organizing Maps.- Relevance Feedback and Term Weighting Schemes for Content-Based Image Retrieval.- Genetic Algorithm for Weights Assignment in Dissimilarity Function for Trademark Retrieval.- Shape Retrieval.- Retrieval of Similar Shapes under Affine Transform.- Efficient Image Retrieval through Vantage Objects.- Using Pen-Based Outlines for Object-Based Annotation and Image-Based Queries.- Interactive Query Formulation for Object Search.- Automatic Deformable Shape Segmentation for Image Database Search Applications.- A Multiscale Turning Angle Representation of Object Shapes for Image Retrieval.- Contour-Based Shape Similarity.- Computing Dissimilarity between Hand-Drawn Sketches and Digitized Images.- Retrieval Systems.- Document Generation and Picture Retrieval.- FLORES: A JAVA Based Image Database for Ornamentals.- Pictorial Portrait Indexing Using View-Based Eigen-Eyes.- Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy Triples.- Image Compression.- Variable-Bit-Length Coding: An Effective Coding Method.- Block-Constrained Fractal Coding Scheme for Image Retrieval.- Efficient Algorithms for Lossless Compression of 2D/3D Images.- Virtual Environments.- LucentVision™: A System for Enhanced Sports Viewing.- Building 3D Models of Vehicles for Computer Vision.- Integrating Applications into Interactive Virtual Environments.- Recognition Systems.- Structural Sensitivity for Large-Scale Line-Pattern Recognition.- Complex Visual Activity Recognition Using a Temporally Ordered Database.- Image Database Assisted Classification.- A Visual Processing System for Facial Prediction.- Semi-interactive Structure and Fault Analysis of (111)7×7 Silicon Micrographs.- Using Wavelet Transforms to Match Photographs of Individual Sperm Whales Identified by the Contour of the Trailing Edge of the Fluke.- From Gaze to Focus of Attention.- Automatic Interpretation Based on Robust Segmentation and Shape-Extraction.- A Pre-filter Enabling Fast Frontal Face Detection.- Visualization Systems.- A Technique for Generating Graphical Abstractions of Program Data Structures.- Visual Presentations in Multimedia Learning: Conditions that Overload Visual Working Memory.- Visualization of Spatial Neuroanatomical Data.- Visualization of the Cortical Potential Field by Medical Imaging Data Fusion.- Applying Visualization Research Towards Design.

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