We, the Wildflowers

We, the Wildflowers

by L.B. Simmons


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"Their strength and ferocity stem from below the surface where their roots are forever tangled, interwoven in such a way that for the remainder of time they bloom together…" Genesis Adam Chloe Lukas No one loves them, no one cares about them, no one even sees them until they end up in Mary Rodriguez's home, an outpost for Sacred Heart's troubled youth program. It is within these walls that the four teens forge unlikely friendships. They experience the intensity of first loves, share secrets, and suffer losses, vowing to make the world a better place in spite of their personal battles with addiction, depression, loneliness, and abuse. But when the unthinkable happens, those friendships are tested in ways they never could have imagined. Will they find strength enough to survive or will their bonds be too fractured to heal them yet again? We, the Wildflowers is a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.

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ISBN-13: 9781633921115
Publisher: Spencer Hill Press
Publication date: 02/11/2020
Pages: 391
Sales rank: 503,126
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

When she's not attending a volleyball tournament, a theater performance, or a cheer competition, L.B. Simmons can be found creating characters that face real life problems. Her goal with each book is to provide fictional friends for those who feel alone or misunderstood so they may help guide readers through the challenges that will mold and shape them. She is also the author of the Chosen Paths series. L.B. Simmons has the distinction of her most recent book, We, the Wildflowers, being chosen as a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection. L.B lives in Texas with her husband and their three beautiful girls. For her latest news, visit www.lbsimmons.com

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We, the Wildflowers 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous 3 days ago
This book wasn't really for me. I did like the variety of characters in this and they seemed interesting and well fleshed out but there was just something that i could not connect with. I liked the writing but it just seemed a little flat in places overall.
ChristinaManis1 13 days ago
Every time I finish an L.B. Simmons book, I have to take a deep breath, but wow, I am still holding this one in. We, the Wildflowers is like nothing I've read before. The amount of heart poured into each one of these characters is incomparable. I have never felt so close to characters before. The Wildflowers will live with me forever and their story is probably one of the most important ones I've ever read. This book will change lives. As you begin this novel, remember that even though the dark seasons are difficult, in the good times, you'll feel the sun. I hope you leave this story strong like Genesis, forgiving like Adam, protective like Lukas, and resilient like Chloe.
marongm8 13 days ago
This book was received as an ARC from Spencer Hill Press in exchange for an honest review. Opinions and thoughts expressed in this review are completely my own. My heart hurt so much for Genesis, Adam, Chloe, and Lukas and how nobody wanted them around and then a godsend strikes and they land at Mary Rodriguez’s home, an outpost for Sacred Heart’s troubled youth program and they get the opportunity of a lifetime to start fresh and make something out of their lives. With battles of addiction, abuse, drugs, depression and loneliness, the four teens form a bond that is so strong that it becomes a reliance for them. Now this bond is tested in many ways and the teens stop at nothing to stay together and its what they need for survival. I have a warm spot for struggling teenagers and the battles they face everyday and my heart brightens up when they find a way to get through and win their battles and live the life they deserve to live. I know our teen book club will love this book and enjoy them very much. We will consider adding this book to our YA collection at our library. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
WendyLeGrand 13 days ago
An absolute MUST READ book!! If L.B. Simmons set out writing this book with the intention of making the reader feel ALL THE FEELS, well all I can say is: mission accomplished! I knew going in that for me, this would probably be a hard book to read because I am a very emotional reader. I feel everything characters feel, I struggle alongside them, I rejoice with them, I cry with them. And I did all of those things while reading We, The Wildflowers. Add in the fact that these kids are in their teens and navigating the last couple of years of high school which were the most tumultuous years of my own life, and I knew this book was going to hit me in places deep inside my heart. I don't know if L.B. has a really great memory, or if she took scenarios from her own teenage daughter's lives, but man does she nail the teenage years! The cliques in high school. The mean girls. The first date with a boy. All of these things are traumatic enough on their own but when you add in the fact that the main characters are all troubled youth who have been put in a group home because no one else wanted them? That magnifies everything tenfold. There is just so much depth layered into these young people who really have had to grow up in certain aspects way before they should have had to. These kids have gone through so much in their lives and there were times while reading that I sat back and said, "why is L.B. putting these poor kids through SO much? Why can't they be happy go lucky kids gushing about which college they're going to attend? Why so much pain?" But the reality of it is, this book represents SO many children in the world. It's about the strength these kids have when faced with situations they should never have to face. It's about the bond these four kids form with each other, the Wildflowers that survive and thrive in the face of adversity and the harshest of conditions. "Their strength and ferocity stem from below the surface where their roots are tangled, interwoven in such a way that for the remainder of time they bloom together, and when winter finally prevails, they perish as one. But even in death they remain connected, thriving within the comfort only they can provide each other, until springs brings them to life once again." So yeah, this book is not hearts and flowers (okay there are flowers, Wildflowers to be exact) and it is not romantic and it's not about two kids falling in love. It is about the relationships that form between a group of kids who were brought together by one very special woman who saw things in them they didn't see in themselves. It is about the bonds built, the family that is formed whose roots are so deep in the ground that no one and nothing can break apart what they've created. This is a soul shifting book. The kind of book that buries deep in your heart and stays there. It makes you think and question and contemplate. This story was a cathartic experience for me. There are few authors who could pull that off. L.B. is a prolific storyteller and as hard as this book was to read in certain places, it was absolutely necessary and I will forever see the beauty woven through the words. And I will forever remember the Wildflowers.