Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy

Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy

Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy

Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy


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The universe is a vast, beautiful place. It's also you—its minerals, waters, and stardust are the same as in your body. This transformational guide offers simple, effective ways to connect with the energy, mystery, and power of nature and the universe.

Imbued with indigenous wisdom and shamanic insight, Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life teaches how to find fluidity in the face of complexity. Offering medicine for soul and spirit, author Meg Beeler will guide you in forming deeper connections with nature, filling with light, and drawing from the ancient Andean wisdom that so changes our lives and perspectives. Shamanic teaching tells us that we live in a cosmos in which all things are connected. When you're struggling to stay in balance—as we all are at times—simple daily practices keep you on track. Explore 84 experiential Energy AlchemyTM practices for:
  • shifting your experience,
  • letting go of patterns and stories that no longer serve,
  • reconnecting with your essence and the amazing web of life,
  • thriving and living in joyful celebration of life.

A potent journey of re-enchantment with nature, expanded perception, and connection with the heart of the universe awaits you.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781844097395
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide, weaves animist principles, Shamanic Meditations, and Energy Alchemy™ to guide seekers into harmonious connection with nature and the cosmos. A lifelong explorer of wholeness and consciousness, Meg has traveled the world in search of traditional indigenous and shamanic wisdom. She’s been to the high mountains of the Andes and Himalayas, the savannahs of Africa, and the jungles of the Amazon. She lives and teaches on Sonoma Mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Carl Greer PhD, PsyD is a practicing clinical psychologist and Jungian analyst using shamanic healing methods as his primary healing modality. After focusing on business for many years, he earned a doctorate in clinical psychology, and then became a Jungian analyst.

Read an Excerpt

Preface: MyEncounters withtheUniverse

I began trying to understand the universe when I was five years old. “God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and infinite,” said my mother.

I tried to imagine God being everywhere and in everything. I tried to imagine going on forever—what did infinity look like? My young self kept thinking about infinity while I climbed trees, caught polliwogs in the creek, and hiked in the hills with the older kids.

I am still curious. You could say that I have spent my life seeking portals into these mysteries.

Some portals I discovered primarily in spiritual realms: meditation, shamanic journeying, and qi gong. Some portals were predominantly physical for me: backpacking, growing my food organically, and working as a potter with clay from the earth. And some portals I found in the wisdom of indigenous cultures.

Forty years into my musings about the universe, I was taught an ancient way of healing. By connecting your own heart energy with the energy of earth and cosmos, you experience yourself as an integral part of the energetic flow between all living things.

A few days after my first experience of this healing, I found myself traveling to the stars. From a bench under a vast sky in the Southern hemisphere, my astral body floated up into blue-black space; my heart expanded into the cosmos. I began to experience the infinity I had imagined for so long.

In that moment, I knew this world of stars and universes would be endlessly interesting: my life’s trajectory changed. Thus began my ongoing journey with the Q’ero nation and other Quechua-speaking people of the Andes. I vowed I would return again and again to learn from this culture in which talking to the stars is a normal part of life.

As I learned more about the breathing, conscious universe, my excitement grew. I discovered that like us, the universe is made of the elements in stardust. Like us, the universe is alive, aware, and interconnected with all its parts—from you and me to the multiverses beyond.1 And I knew that feeling our way into these interconnections feeds our opportunity and potential for “dreaming a new dream” for the planet.

Yet I discovered that my own loneliness, isolation, despair, and sense of being stuck were holding me back. I could not dream a new dream when I was relying on the same assumptions, thought patterns, habits, and stories that had defined my life. None of us can. This is why I have written Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life, to share the paradigm-shifting ways of seeing that have been transformational for me and so many of my students.

The heart of the universe, I have learned, is energy, light, vibration, and power. To connect with the cosmic heart is to experience all of creation through your human heart, to put yourself in dialogue and communication with the earth and the cosmos.

For decades now I have visited, learned to perceive, and listened to energy. I have explored our human connections with the living earth and cosmos, weaving ancient indigenous wisdom with my own experience, training, teaching, and healing.

Most of my learning has been experiential. When you work with indigenous people who simply live—who do not put many words around what they experience in their hearts and their bones—you do the same. If you want meaning and mental understanding, you largely have to figure it out for yourself.

In bringing forth the beautiful indigenous wisdom I have experienced, I deeply honor those who have shared their worldview with me. I have tried to stay true to the heart of that wisdom, while also translating the perceptions and practices I have learned into a flow that will be meaningful for you.

Learning to focus my attention and move my energy, release what does not serve me, and fill, instead, with the living energies of the earth and the cosmos changed my life. I hope that learning these tools will change yours too. In guiding you into experiencing your own connection with the living universe, my intent is to help you shift your perception, vision, energy, and story. In this way, we can dream a different world together.

Table of Contents

Preface My Encounters with the Universe
Introduction Living Energy, Connection, and Perception: How This Book Weaves the Threads

1 Changing Your Energy: The Potential
2 Energy Alchemy: Basic Patterns
3 Pushing the Boulders Aside: Releasing Habits, Attitudes, and Emotions
4 Connecting, Filling, and Opening
5 Changing Your Challenging Stories
6 Finding Fluidity: Moving Your Energy
7 Connecting Through Visualization
8 Meditating With the Earth and the Cosmos
9 Deepening Your Energetic Connections with Your Surroundings
10 Opening Your Heart with Sound, Meditation, and Silence
11 Practice and Transformation
12 Intent
13 Alignment and Resonance
14 Reciprocity
15 Receptivity
16 Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life
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