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Third Millennium Press
Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and How We Can Break Free / Edition 4

Web of Debt: The Shocking Truth about Our Money System and How We Can Break Free / Edition 4

by Ellen Hodgson Brown


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ISBN-13: 9780979560880
Publisher: Third Millennium Press
Publication date: 10/14/2010
Edition description: 4th ed.
Pages: 544
Sales rank: 1,280,850
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 13 Years

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
Foreword   Reed Simpson     xi
Introduction: Captured by the Debt Spider     1
The Yellow Brick Road: From Gold to Federal Reserve Notes     9
Lessons from The Wizard of Oz     11
Behind the Curtain: The Federal Reserve and the Federal Debt     23
Experiments in Utopia: Colonial Paper Money as Legal Tender     35
How the Government Was Persuaded to Borrow Its Own Money     47
From Matriarchies of Abundance to Patriarchies of Debt     57
Pulling the Strings of the King: The Moneylenders Take England     65
While Congress Dozes in the Poppy Fields: Jefferson and Jackson Sound the Alarm     75
Scarecrow with a Brain: Lincoln Foils the Bankers     83
Lincoln Loses the Battle with the Masters of European Finance     91
The Great Humbug: The Gold Standard and the Straw Man of Inflation     97
The Bankers Capture the Money Machine     105
No Place Like Home: Fighting for the Family Farm     107
Talking Heads and Invisible Hands: The Secret Government     115
Witches' Coven: The Jekyll Island Affair and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913     123
Harnessing the Lion: The Federal Income Tax     133
Reaping the Whirlwind: The GreatDepression     141
Oiling the Rusted Joints of the Economy: Roosevelt, Keynes and the New Deal     151
Wright Patman Exposes the Money Machine     161
A Look Inside the Fed's Playbook: "Modern Money Mechanics"     171
Bear Raids and Short Sales: Devouring Capital Markets     181
Hedge Funds and Derivatives: A Horse of a Different Color     191
Enslaved by Debt: The Bankers' Net Spreads over the Globe     201
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road: From Gold Reserves to Petrodollars     203
The Tequila Trap: The Real Story Behind the Illegal Alien Invasion     215
Freeing the Yellow Winkies: The Greenback System Flourishes Abroad     223
Sneering at Doom: Germany Finances a War Without Money     233
Another Look at the Inflation Humbug: Some "Textbook" Hyperinflations Revisited     239
Poppy Fields, Opium Wars and Asian Tigers     249
Waking the Sleeping Giant: Lincoln's Greenback System Comes to China     257
Recovering the Jewel of the British Empire: A People's Movement Takes Back India     265
The Debt Spider Captures America     275
Breaking the Back of the Tin Man: Debt Serfdom for American Workers     277
The Lure in the Consumer Debt Trap: The Illusion of Home Ownership     285
The Perfect Financial Storm      293
In the Eye of the Cyclone: How the Derivatives Crisis Has Gridlocked the Banking System     301
Maintaining the Illusion: Rigging Financial Markets     313
Meltdown: The Secret Bankruptcy of the Banks     325
The Magic Slippers: Taking Back the Money Power     335
Stepping from Scarcity into Technicolor Abundance     337
The Community Currency Movement: Sidestepping the Debt Web with "Parallel" Currencies     347
The Money Question: Goldbugs and Greenbackers Debate     357
The Federal Debt: A Case of Disorganized Thinking     367
Liquidating the Federal Debt Without Causing Inflation     375
"Helicopter" Money: The Fed's New Hot Air Balloon     383
Vanquishing the Debt Spider: A Banking System that Serves the People     391
Restoring National Sovereignty with a Truly National Banking System     393
The Question of Interest: Ben Franklin Solves the Impossible Contract Problem     407
Bailout, Buyout, or Corporate Takeover? Beating the Robber Barons at Their Own Game     417
The Quick Fix: Government That Pays for Itself     425
Government with Heart: Solving the Problem of Third World Debt     435
Building a Bridge: Toward a New Bretton Woods     441
Over the Rainbow: Government Without Taxes or Debt     451
Afterword: The Collapse of a 300 Year Ponzi Scheme     463
Postscript: February 2008 - The Bubble Bursts     465
Glossary     479
Selected Bibliography of Books and Suggested Reading     487
Notes     489
Index     521

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