We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right

We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right

We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right

We're Doing CX Wrong...And How To Get It Right


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Customer Experience strategies these days seem like they came from a Trey Parker and Matt Stone skit:

  • Phase 1: "Do" CX

  • Phase 2: ?

  • Phase 3: Profit

But as the commercial says: That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works!

If you're "doing CX" and not realizing massive returns, chalking up torrential sales, and drowning in new revenue, it's likely because you're doing it wrong. And more to the point, you're likely doing it for the wrong reason.

Are you:
Asking nonsensical questions on surveys?
Doing nothing more than surveys for Customer Insights?
Doing nothing with those Customer Insights once you have them?
Passing out t-shirts and putting up banners and considering that "CX Culture"?
"Doing CX" for the sole purpose of increasing sales, revenue, and market share?

Stop it!

Focus your Customer Experience efforts on the real reason you should be doing it: Driving Brand Promise Alignment.
Pieces will start to fall into place:
Your Customer Insights activities will take on new meaning
You'll be using practical and actionable KPIs like the Brand Alignment Score
You'll actually do something with what you learn there
You'll start to Enable, Empower, and Encourage your teams to improve your CX
You'll be ready to hire a Chief Customer Officer and stand up an Office of the Customer
Your Customers will believe you when you say you're "Customer-centric"

Pick up the book today to learn how...

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