What Do You Think?: The Intersection of Everyday Life with God's Word

What Do You Think?: The Intersection of Everyday Life with God's Word

by Thomas J. Doubt


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What Do YOU Think? is a book by Thomas J. Doubt to stimulate thinking about aspects of everyday life that may not be on our front burners. Many people board a commercial airline each day; few, if any, might reflect on how the safety briefing might be used to tell someone about Jesus. A morning cup of coffee often allows us to ponder how our day might go, but does it draw our attention to warnings in the Bible? Riding a golf cart to the first tee probably does not inspire thoughts about our journey of faith.

Jesus began several of his teaching moments by asking a simple question. What do you think? His intent was not to solicit personal opinions. The world is neck deep in personal opinions lacking a divine foundation. From the beginning, the Word that became flesh and dwelt among us wanted our brains to be engaged by his words so our thoughts might travel from mind to heart, and from heart to action. What Do YOU Think? is a book that follows the model of Jesus. Stories to stimulate thinking, scriptures to encourage the heart, and in the end, conviction to choose a better path.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781400327447
Publisher: Elm Hill
Publication date: 01/07/2020
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.13(h) x 0.75(d)

About the Author

Thomas J. Doubt earned a Ph.D. from Temple University School of Medicine and a M.Div. from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; he is an ordained minister, CEO of Know Doubt Ministry LLC, and volunteers both as a fire and as a disaster relief chaplain. He has pastored churches in MD, VA, and AZ; and now does Transitional Pastor ministry. For the past 15 years he has sent weekly email devotionals throughout the country. He and his wife Kathie live in Gold Canyon, AZ.

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