What Would a Wise Woman Do?: Questions to Ask Along the Way

What Would a Wise Woman Do?: Questions to Ask Along the Way


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Feeling stuck on autopilot, or totally off course?

What if you could go back to key points in your life and ask different questions of yourself and others to change where you are today?

Speaker, author, and entrepreneur Laura Atchison had it all—a great career, a successful business, ambitious goals, and a loving family—when she realized she was off course. Instead of achieving the life she was meant to live, she had been stuck on autopilot—plodding through the life others wanted her to live.  By failing to ask the right questions of herself and others, her life had taken the wrong direction.  Explore Atchison’s riveting and candid story to see the parallel struggles all women share—and the opportunities all women possess to learn and grow beyond their wildest dreams. Learn the right questions to ask in career, family, relationships, spiritual life, finances, and more.

Unlock the life you were meant to have.
Get back on course, and stay there.
Begin asking different questions starting today—as a Wise Woman.

If these people could have reviewed this book, this is what they might have said:

"Laura’s on fire" – Joan of Arc

"If I had Laura to guide me I might not have gotten lost" – Amelia Earhart

"Maybe if we had asked how it could end differently than the others we would have kept our heads!" — The Beheaded Wives of Henry VIII

"If I had read this book, I might not have dated Marc Antony" – Cleopatra

"Laura’s advice is as indispensable as a thimble" – Betsy Ross

"Laura found the knowledge I was seeking" – Eve

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ISBN-13: 9781614483441
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
Publication date: 12/18/2012
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Laura Atchison is a speaker, author, and founder of Wisdom Learned, LLC—a consulting company specializing in educating and inspiring entrepreneurial leaders to get off autopilot and find success.

Previously, Laura used her 29+ year experience in both Fortune 100 and small businesses to launch and sell her own highly-competitive IT company—garnering her recognition and coverage from national industry publications and associations as a leading provider of managed technology services.

Besides holding numerous technical degrees and serving on multiple charity and corporate boards, Laura holds a masters degree in management and organizational behavior. Her business and life philosophy gleaned from her diverse experience and lessons learned in the trenches is simple: Treat everyone better than they expect to be treated—while collecting and dispensing wit and wisdom to grow along the way. And always ask the right questions. 
Learn more or connect at LauraAtchison.com.

Read an Excerpt

The Allure and Danger of Autopilot

    I don’t know about you, but throughout my life I have found myself on autopilot way too often. It just seems so much easier to get stuff done when things remain consistent.
    While I’ve worked hard to become more conscious and aware about what I am doing and why, I still find it so much easier to slip back into autopilot. That is the lure of autopilot: you only slip into it when you already know the route you need to take to your destination.
    The problem, however, is that autopilot doesn’t work very well because when you are in this state of cruise control, you are watching but not always thinking. Instead of being present to what you are doing and having conscious thought about your action and place, when you are in autopilot you are simply going through the motions unaware—somewhat like a machine.

Table of Contents

Introduction: What Am I Asking Myself?

Chapter 1 How Do I Know if I Am Asking the Right Questions?
The Allure and Danger of Autopilot
How to Know When You Are Ready to Change
How Do I Get Off Autopilot?
Working from the “Spock Point”
Working from the “Experience Point”
“The Reality Point”: Tying It All Together
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 2 How Do I Question My Questions?
Awareness Moments, Pause Moments, and Questioning Moments
Key to the Future Me
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 3 Am I Happy with My Choices?
Be Really, Really, Really in Love with Your Choices
Recognizing the Warning Signs
Wise Women Practice Self-care First
Letting Go of Pleasing Others
Wise Women Course-Correct
The Four Key Questions Wise Women Ask
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 4 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Relationships
“What Does this Relationship Do for Me?” Choosing Your Circle Wisely
Should You Finish, or Not?
Managing Expectations
Be Present to the Reality, and Not the Programming
The Beauty in Asking Why?
My Children Have Four Paws: Pets as Children
Spouse/Significant Others
Single and Loving it? Or Just Saying You Are?
Business Relationships
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 5 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Business
What Should I Do with My Life?
Should I Work for Myself?
To Staff or Not to Staff
To Partner or Not to Partner
To Sell or Not to Sell
Real Worth or Ego Worth
Changing Priorities Showed Reality
For Once, it Really Was All About Me
Different Does Not Necessarily Mean Bad
Emotions in Business: Yes or No?
Is It an End or a Beginning?
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 6 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Times of Personal Crisis
Why is This Happening to Me?
Are You Waiting for Others to Give You Answers?
Family Illness
Stop, in the Name of Love...Well Not Really
What? Me, Worry?
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 7 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Money Matters
What Does Money Mean to Me?
A Penny Saved
Piggy Bank Savings
Launch When Ready!
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 8 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Self-perception
Is Someone’s Opinion of Me My Reality?
Our External Self-perception
Win from Within
Do You Have ANTS?
It’s a Slippery Slope
Mirror, Mirror in My Mind
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 9 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Searching for Faith
Do You Believe in God?
May the Force Be With You
Really, One More Thing?
Can’t I Ever Catch a Break?
It’s Not About the Building
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Chapter 10 What Would a Wise Woman Do? In Planning Her Future
Do You Want the Dream?
Want = Lack
Questions to Ask Along the Way

Summary: What Would a Wise Woman Do? To Get Started
“But Where Do I Start?” Start Exactly Where You Are!
Author’s Note
Index: What Are the Questions?
Appendix 1: What Does a Wise Woman Read?
About the Author

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What Would a Wise Woman Do?: Questions to Ask along the Way 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Faith5 More than 1 year ago
Over the last year, I've read many books searching for ideas to enhance my personal and business development.  Laura's book not only helped me consider questions I'd never thought about, but offered a series of valuable questions that helped a friend with his business mindset.  Her book isn't just for women!  My greatest discovery is that, while trying to build a business, all thoughts have been in growing, funding, thriving, and maintaining.  It never crossed my mind to think about the end game, selling or creating enough passive income to support my future exploits or enterprises.  I highly recommend this book for anyone searching for answers to their own questions.  
W.TerryWhalin More than 1 year ago
Life Is Filled With Questions. This Book Helps You Find Answers. I've learned you can often find the right answers to the questions of life--but only if you ask the right questions. Laura Steward Atchison gives every reader a boost with her rich insights in WHAT WOULD A WISE WOMAN DO? Laura sets off on a quest to ask questions and learn the answers on life's journey and she brings the reader into the process through the carefully grafted pages of this book. The questions will help your own journey along the pathway of life. As Laura writes, "Opportunities and openings happen when and where we least expect them, walking through one door will provide options you could not see from where you were on the other side of the doorway." (page 62) Pull out a yellow highlighter as you read through these pages. You will need it for WHAT WOULD A WISE WOMAN DO? You are in for a fabulous reading experience. I recommend this book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago