by Victoria Laurie


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Maddie doesn't have a choice. The forehead of every person she sees is marked by the shadowy digits of their deathdate. Her unique, innate skill often feels more like a curse than a gift, and Maddie grudgingly puts it to use identifying deathdates for the paying customers her mother reels in. It seems like a straightforward way to help support her family-until one client's young son goes missing on the exact date Maddie has pinpointed, and she gets pulled into a homicide investigation that turns her world upside down.

As more young people disappear and are later found murdered, suspicion swirls around Maddie. At once a suspect in the investigation, a target for the murderer, and a partner in a tantalizing dance with a boy who might be connected to it all, could Maddie also hold the key to cracking the case?

This perfectly plotted high-stakes, fast-paced thriller marks New York Times best-selling author Victoria Laurie's YA debut and brims with depth, heart, action, and romance.

Praise for When

"Laurie's debut for teens is quite an accomplishment...The character development is just as riveting as the plot in this well-constructed thriller."
-Kirkus Reviews

"The novel packs in plenty of fast-paced, nail-biting fun, perfect for fans of Barnes' The Naturals series."
-Bulletin for the Center of Children's Books

"This excellent book is a must-have for all libraries, especially where suspense and teen-life fiction is hot. This novel will provide crossover appeal to both older teens and adults."

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ISBN-13: 9781484701492
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 28,448
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.37(h) x 0.75(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

About the Author

Victoria Laurie is the New York Times best-selling author of the critically acclaimed YA thriller When and the upcoming Forever, Again. She also writes extensively for the adult paranormal mystery genre. She currently lives and works in a quaint little suburb in Michigan where she provides food, love, and shelter to a lippy parrot named Doc and a ginger-colored pup named Ember. To find out more about her and her books, please visit victorialaurie.com.

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When 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 42 reviews.
BookLoversLife1 More than 1 year ago
Could you imagine if every time you looked at someone you could see the date they will die!! Well that's what Maddie sees. Every time she looks at someone she sees their death date and it never changes. She can even see the dates on a picture. When her father passes, her mother starts drinking and its up to Maddie to look after her. Her mother gets her to "read" for people and tell them their dates if they ask. One day at a normal reading a mother ask Maddie to read for her sick daughter. Maddie does but as the mother is putting away the picture Maddie catches a glance of the womans' son.  She grabs the picture and cant help but tell the mother that the little boys date is next week. The woman gets angry and calls her a fraud. Maddie tells her best friend Stubby about the reading and they try once more to tell the woman that her son is in danger. The woman takes it as a treat and threatens to call the police.   The next week Maddie sees on the news that the little boy is dead and feels terrible sadness. She goes to school only to be called to the principles office soon after. She arrives and is introduced to 2 FBI agents. From that moment on Maddie and Stubbys life is thrown into turmoil. Both of them are the main suspect in the killings and Maddie knows she needs to tell them of her gift, but will this just make it worse??  I absolutely loved this book! When I first read the synopsis I was sufficiently intrigued enough to add it to my list and I was so happy when I got an advanced copy to review. Well I flew through When and devoured it. I loved Maddie. Her story broke my heart. Her dad is dead and her mother an alcoholic and she is left to be the adult. Its hard enough to deal with knowing when everyone is going to die, but to do it for money is so hard for her. She feels overwhelmed and upset so much that her only release is to write the death dates down in her diary. Every single person in her school thinks she is a freak except for her friend Stubby. He is her rock through everything. Maddie is a quiet, kind and nice girl. She is sensible, determined and loyal and I loved her character.  I loved the idea of When as well. The idea of seeing everyones death date is frightening but intriguing also. I don't know if I'd want to know when mine would be but in a way I'd also like to know so that I was prepared. Poor Maddie has a hard thing to live with and I don't envy her because she is bullied because of it, both from kids and adults.  Overall When was a suspenseful and intriguing read. It hooked me from the start and I flew through the pages eager to see what happened next. I think at one stage or another I suspected every character, including the FBI! I loved the little twist at the end and didn't see it coming. From the well written characters to the tense plot When is a must read and one that I've no problem recommending to everyone. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the best book I have ever read! I would reccomend it ages 12-100. I wish there were more books like it.
PiecesofWhimsy More than 1 year ago
I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I started this book. I thought it sounded like an interesting story idea, but I wasn't sure how it would all come together. .. it came together very well! I was pleasantly surprised by the story and characters and once I started, I could not stop reading! When centres around Maddie, a young girl with the ability to see people's 'death dates'; the day they are going to die. This leads to all sorts of trouble when a boy whose death date she predicted turns up murdered and Maddie becomes the lead suspect in his murder investigation. The mystery and characters in When are just fantastic! Everyone has their own depth and story and each character has their own voice. And there were so many different connections and cross-overs between events and characters which made the story all the more enjoyable. Now, as for the mystery.. that was just really clever. I thought I had everything figured out then another piece of evidence would turn up, or something else would be uncovered and I would change my mind, still completely sure I had it right. I didn't. This story led me on a merry chase and I loved that things were never as straight forward as they seemed. I love a book that throws surprises my way and always keeps me guessing, and When definitely delivered on that front! When is a really compelling read. Victoria Laurie did a fantastic job of crafting an emotional, page-turning read, with a thrilling mystery plot that always kept me guessing. This is a great read for mystery lovers, and for anyone who enjoys compelling YA stories! *I received a copy of this book free in exchange for my honest review*
lkizzle More than 1 year ago
Fantastic book! Read in one night, could not put it down.
Gilbert_M_Stack 3 months ago
I don’t quite know what to think about this book. On the one hand, it is an undeniably enjoyable tale about a teenaged girl with the undesirable ability to see the date of when any person she meets will die. She can even see the death date in a photograph. As you might imagine, this is not a blessing. It causes her to be socially isolated in school and it has helped to send her mother into alcoholism when her father is killed on precisely the day Maddy predicted. The characters are all well drawn and believable. To get drinking money, Maddy’s mother sells sessions with Maddy for people who want to know when they or people they care about are going to die. Unsurprisingly, some of these sessions go poorly as people respond negatively to the news. Maddy is suspected of murdering a young boy when he dies (kidnapped, tortured and murdered) as she predicted. (She only predicts the when, not the how.) And this is when the story takes a turn for the worse. Despite having an obviously high IQ, Maddy behaves stupidly for most of the story. When the FBI questions her in the disappearance of the boy she tells them she sees death dates but makes no effort to prove to them what she can do. Proving her talent to customers must be a regular part of her life. Think it through. They bring the photograph of an already deceased person that Maddy couldn’t know and she tells them the day they died. Anyone with half a brain would know that the FBI (and just about anyone else) was not going to believe she had this “talent”. With the internet at their disposal they could have quickly come up with fifty or a hundred pictures that would have at least stopped them from automatically dismissing her claim. They could then (as they finally do half way through the story) have created a more controllable test using old family photographs and in doing so eliminated Maddy as a suspect. But she doesn’t make any effort to prove things to them until a third of the way through the novel. Similarly, she constantly holds back important information from her uncle (who is also her lawyer) and the FBI and the whole conclusion of the story depends on her doing something that I frankly don’t believe anyone is dumb enough to do. Not all of her foolish moves are unbelievable. She is a teenager after all. And she and her best (and only) friend are almost obsessed with the idea of changing a person’s death date, which explains how he catches the FBI’s attention and gets accused of murder. The bullying in school that follows is well written and disturbing and it is in the resolution of that problem that the novel finally hits its stride and gets on firmer footing. Once Maddy undertakes to prove to the FBI she has her ability to see death dates, the novel improves considerably. The action moves more quickly and her talent proves useful to the investigation. But again, something happens that it is difficult to justify—even though it is very exciting when it happens. Maddy discovers the ability to influence death dates. This is difficult to justify. She hasn’t been seeing the date people die of natural causes. She’s been seeing the date they die no matter what the cause—cancer, murder, automobile accident. So how does she suddenly gain the ability to change the course of fate? Again, it’s exciting, but it left me looking for an explanation from the author that was not forthcoming. Overall, I’m glad I read the book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The book is just so amazing it just gets to you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I highly recommend this book.
MAMABookasaurus More than 1 year ago
A cornucopia of delicious writing elements leaving me completely full but craving more! I DEVOURED this book. I need more. Seriously. Probably one of THE most original concepts out there. The idea that a character walks around seeing the death dates above everybody's heads? LOOOOOVVVE IT. The writing was smooth, rich and organic. The tension was high and increased throughout the book. Victoria was able to engage the reader and emerse them in this concept that is difficult to accept. You have to feel bad for Maddie. How much pressure and stress that would cause. Then add in the philosphical... does she do anything to change the dates? Can she even do that? Should she? I'd have a splitting headache running in circles in my head if I were her. That's a huge bulk to carry on such young shoulders. Literally life and death of others. No pressure or anything. Then let's add in looking suspicious. Victoria managed to weave all these elements together to create a beautiful pattern and not a hot, tangled mess. You don't know what the pattern looks like until the end when she "flips the fabric" over. Until then, you're checking all the strings. For a mystery, you can't ask for better writing!
thereadingchick More than 1 year ago
Victoria Laurie writes a fascinating Young Adult mystery about Maddie Fynn. A girl who has been able to see the death dates of everyone around her since she was a child. Haunted by the fact that she knew the date of her own father’s death, yet wasn’t able to keep him from being killed, she lives a haunted life. A loner, but for her best friend, she goes through high school life being an outcaste. Her mother, an alcoholic, who can’t keep a job, takes advantage of Maddie’s gift by selling her talents to people who want to hear their own death date. Usually, she does not get involved, but one day during a reading, see’s the death date of one of her children, and tries to tell her about it. This is when this novel kicks into gear, and Maddie’s life spins out of her control. There were many things I loved about this book. I loved how the author put everyone’s death date next to their name when they were introduced into the storyline. I loved her best friend Stubby (although hated his nickname), and his eternal optimism, even through some pretty horrible circumstances. I loved that Maddie, even against all odds-bullied, picked on and beat up, NEVER stopped going to school. I loved that the people who didn’t believe in her ended up caring for her, and yes I loved that she found a father figure in the detective who investigated her for murder. Most of all I loved that even though circumstances treated Maddie horribly, her life became better because of them. Ok, plot. I mentioned a little bit above, but let me expand just a little bit, without spoiling the storyline. Maddie see’s the death date of a woman’s son, who is perfectly healthy. He does in fact die, kidnapped, tortured and murdered. This does not give away the plot, this is where her life unravels and the story really begins. Maddie and Stubby, try to get this woman to take them seriously, but she doesn’t listen. When her son dies, she points the police in Maddie’s direction, and they start investigating her for being involved in his murder. Her anxiety, Stubby’s optimism, her foul treatment by the police and her own peers, all of this amps up the tension to such a levelthat if the plot hadn’t burst open, I would have. It was fabulous. The mystery was great, the characters well developed, and there were twists and turns that surprised me. Total enjoyment. ❤❤❤❤❤
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bad story. Stupid concepts. Uclear writing. Tedious.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was amazing! I loved the writing style. It flowed very nicely. The reason I bought this book was because the initial idea of a person seeing deathdates interested me, but I wasn't expecting a very compelling or thought out plot. I was very wrong. After each chapter I felt a need to keep reading in order to find out what was going to happen next. There is a bit of a mystery built into the story that I would have never hace guessed the outcome of. This was such a fantastic book.
Alleeekaa More than 1 year ago
I just recently finished reading this book and WOAH! "When" totally ROCKED! Let me put this in perspective for you… I had me on board right from the start I guess the best part about When was how freaking thrilling and un-put-downable it was! I had no idea who the killer was and the book kept me guessing constantly. There were SO many twists and turns! Every time I thought we’d figured out who the killer was, there’d be another awesome twist that changed everything. I loved it! It was awesome how the author even made me start to doubt Maddie’s best friend. To make things even better, When had no romance. I know, usually you don’t hear me say that like it’s a good thing, but in this book it was a good thing. The lack of romance let the mystery/thriller parts of the book completely dominate, as it should have. There is a little bit of a high school crush in When but it doesn’t play a bit role at all. It’s basically just mentioned in the beginning, in the middle, then again at the end. It tied the story together perfectly, without turning it into a romance. I’ll admit I was worried at first when I read this at the beginning: “I’d never spoken to him, and I’d only see him a handful of times each year when his high school played against mine, but each time I felt inexplicably drawn to him. It was as if I knew him. As if I’d always known him.” I was like “noooo" But thankfully, it basically ends there. It’s just a crush. It doesn’t become this book-long insta-love romance thing. Phew. It turned out just fine. Crisis averted. Overall, When was a fantastic read and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I loved it. Huge props to the author for pulling me out of my mini slump. It’s books like this that make me fall in love with reading again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book really kept me fixated. I haven't felt the need to finish a book as soon as possible in a long time. This one is a must read.
Alexander Poblano More than 1 year ago
When I first got into this book everybody at school would ask me what I was reading, when I told them I felt like such a huge chick which personally is not a bad thing at all because I really enjoyed reading this book despite all the sexist comments I would get from people. KUDOS TO ME SUCKERS!! Haha... Back to the book. Well by the end of the book I really had a strong bond with Maddie and so much respect for her due to the fact that she was a very independent character, but yet she was still very charming. This made me not put the book down for hours!!! I recommend this book to anybody who is interested in anything in the mystery sub-genre. THIS IS A REALLY GOOD BOOK I WAS AMAZED!!
gaele More than 1 year ago
So, we all have those moments of “what if I could ____” and Victoria Laurie takes it one step further by bringing  us Maddie: a girl who CAN see things, more specifically the date that everyone she encounters will die.  A little  creepy, with plenty of fuel for thought this story is unique as a stand-alone, and from the perspective of a 15 year old girl.   Maddie is struggling with life as it presents to her: her father died when she was young, and her mother is embroiled in her own battles with alcoholism. The mother-daughter relationship was tackled head on, with a clear depiction of what Maddie deals with at home.  Her best friend Stubby is supportive and a small break from  the everyday hassles that seem to keep Maddie on the edge. But, her ‘gift’ is only a series of dates: she never knows the how. So when a disappearance happens, precisely on a day Maddie knew, there is a law enforcement scramble to get Maddie’s insight.  Slowly but surely Laurie increases the tension and plot of the story as it winds on. Maddie is longing to be wrong, to have made a mistake, but it appears that will be one wish that goes unfulfilled.  Unusually for many teen reads, there is a romance that is briefly touched upon, but soon forgotten in the midst of other more  pressing concerns.   Not a teen romance, this story is far deeper and more thought-provoking, with standout characters who are simply trying to be ‘normal’ in the face of impossible odds.  While there are a few moments of ‘not quite right’ procedure with law enforcement, and a romance that was so briefly mentioned it could have been removed with no damage to the plot, this story was engaging and intriguing and sure to please readers from 12 – 17 without fail.  I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ladyL More than 1 year ago
I totally loved this book and it's wonderful characters. A fresh premise from an already intriging author,this go round Maddie has a unique "talent". she can see your deathdate on each and every person,living or dead,forhead.The adults who are supposedly taking care of their charges from her mom to her teachers and fbi. Only her best friend and uncle are her support system. Life is not fun for Maddie and gets less so when a series of brutal murders centers on her. With her best friend in jail what will happen to Maddie when her date has expired?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The mystery kept me guessing and the ending was amazing!!!!
COBauer More than 1 year ago
Received a copy from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. I. LOVED. This. Book!!! Couldn’t put it down. I actually read it in a single sitting. WHEN is like a YA version of The Frighteners without all the camp. I can’t think of a single thing I disliked about it. The story and characters were well fleshed out, nothing felt contrived, the pacing was perfect, and there were endless twists and turns. Victoria Laurie knows how to keep readers on the edge of their seats! Lots of feels. Crying, laughing, and all. WHEN is MUST READ! 5 well deserved stars.
PamBo56 More than 1 year ago
Victoria Laurie outdid herself with "When". The story-line is not your typical "psychic teen" concept, which makes the story interesting to read. If there is a sequel coming, I'll buy it for sure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have read ALL of Victoria Laurie's book's and this one was beyond Excellent. I hope there are more young adult books as this first one was Amazballs!!!!
BlkosinerBookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5     I wanted to read When because the concept of Maddie seeing the death dates really intrigued me. I am not always all over the murder mystery types but with that extra element it did grab my attention.     Maddie is a character easy to sympathize with. She sees death every time she looks at people, even a picture. From a young child she saw these numbers, and realized what it meant when her dad passed on the number, date, she'd always seen attached to him. With this, Maddie has a dilema if she should tell people about their death dates, but her mom has nudged her into it because while they have checks coming in from a wrongful death suit, her mom drinks, a lot, and that money comes from Maddie's clients as they call them, who pay for Maddie to tell them their dates.     When she tries to warn the family of a death date and that person ends up dead, she is all of the sudden in the spotlight of the FBI who looks into the disappearance and then the murder and torture of the one she tried to warn. With all eyes on her, suspicious that she did it, or had involvement in the death, her lawyer uncle tells her not to tell any more death dates. Which is understandable. But of course, another new number comes around, and she waivers on if she should warn them. She is already being questioned, she's had several bad experiences with people not believing her, and she feels guilt over her dad, and the dead teen, and she doesn't want to add to that.     I like the friendship that was spotlighted. She's been friends with the awkward but totally golden hearted Stubby (oh how I loathed that nickname-- but we can't have it all).     It was wrapped up well and my questions were answered. I would read another Laurie book again.  Bottom Line: Solid mystery, and liked the main character.