Where Am I Giving: A Global Adventure Exploring How to Use Your Gifts and Talents to Make a Difference

Where Am I Giving: A Global Adventure Exploring How to Use Your Gifts and Talents to Make a Difference

by Kelsey Timmerman


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ISBN-13: 9781119448129
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Series: Where am I? Series
Pages: 304
Sales rank: 633,100
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

KELSEY TIMMERMAN is the New York Times bestselling author of Where Am I Wearing? and Where Am I Eating?. A champion of global thinking and local action, he regularly speaks at universities, colleges, and high schools all over the U.S. He is also the co-founder of The Facing Project, a non-profit community storytelling initiative in nearly 100 communities across the country.


Table of Contents


PART I Why Give (When I Have Problems of My Own)?

CHAPTER 1 Life After College (Nepal, 2001)
The mission / The responsibility of privilege 3

CHAPTER 2 One Night in a Slum Showed Me How Poor I Was (Kenya, 2010)
Why should we care when we have our own problems? / My problem with missionaries / Giving thoughts and prayers 11

CHAPTER 3 We Aren’t the Heroes (Kenya, 2010)
Toxic charity / Fair trade travel 19

CHAPTER 4 Confessions of a Volunteer Addict (Indiana, 2010)
Benefits of volunteering / 100-hour rule /Make where you live interesting 25

CHAPTER 5 What Can One Person Do? (Cambodia, 2017)
Leaving Hollywood for a dump in Cambodia / The White Savior Industrial Complex 37

CHAPTER 6 Happiness Isn’t Having a Lot; It’s Giving a Lot (Cambodia, 2017)
The Hero’s journey / What The Matrix teaches us about happiness and purpose / Four pillars of meaning 47

CHAPTER 7 Giving Is Complicated: Ethnic Cleansing in the Most Generous Nation on Earth (Myanmar, 2017)
Change starts with students / Problem with empathy / World Giving Index / Problem with orphanages 63

CHAPTER 8 Seeing Differently to Make a Difference (Myanmar, 2017)
A not-so-noble Nobel Peace Prize winner / Problem with karma / Intent matters 75

CHAPTER 9 Giving on Purpose (Myanmar, 2017)
Giving alms / Meditating on giving 83

CHAPTER 10 The Gift of Tasting Ice Cream (Myanmar, 2017)
A former monk on giving / Solitude / Thoreau’s three chairs 89

PART II What Can I Give?

CHAPTER 11 Science of Do-gooding (Kenya, 2017)
Effective altruism / The cost to save a life / Should you give your kidney? / Extreme givers 99

CHAPTER 12 Money for Nothing (Kenya, 2017)
Universal basic income / Proximity to need / The poor are better givers 115

CHAPTER 13 No Justice, No Peace (Kenya, 2017)
Election chaos / Freedom versus aid / Legacy of colonialism / Human rights / Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 123

CHAPTER 14 Giving Is Immeasurable: Change One, Change 100 (Kenya, 2017)
Waging peace on warriors / Stepping-stones in the river of life / Education as a path out of poverty 137

PART III Start Local

CHAPTER 15 Growing Up Gandhi (India, 2017)
Mandated giving / The Mother Teresa controversy / Gandhi on giving 149

CHAPTER 16 Start with Your Local (India, 2017)
Crossing caste lines / Towers and slums / Untouchables

CHAPTER 17 Start Small (India, 2017)
Locals challenging societal norms / Creating leaders / The girl effect 169

PART IV The Gift of Travel

CHAPTER 18 Should You Go on a Slum Tour? (India, 2017)
Poverty porn? / History of “slumming it” / Impact of slum tours 177

CHAPTER 19 Joy in a Hopeless Place (Kenya, 2017)
Safari Doctors / Following the locals’ lead / Go make a difference / Investing in people 185

CHAPTER 20 See Yourself in the Lives of Others (Kenya, 2017)
It’s a wonderful life? / Our struggles connect us / Wisdom of traditional societies 197

CHAPTER 21 Travel If You Can – It’s Fatal to Prejudice (Kenya, 2017)
How travel makes you a better human / Travel creates philanthropists / Responsible tourism / Reverse culture shock 207

PART V Is Helping Helping?

CHAPTER 22 The Kiva Controversy (Cambodia, 2017)
The problem with microlending / Meeting Kiva borrowers / Giving fads 221

CHAPTER 23 Sponsor a Child, Save theWorld? (Zambia, 2017)
The realities of child sponsorship / Stories versus stats / Psychic numbing / Aid and dependency 231

CHAPTER 24 Marine Wages War on Poverty Through Locally-Led Change (Kenya, 2010)
Fighting terrorism by fighting poverty / Starting with the end in mind 247

CHAPTER 25 The Little Village That Was Supposed to Change the World (Kenya, 2017)
UN’s Millennium Development Goals / Can unlimited resources end poverty? / Do we need more or less id? 255

PART VI Our Gifts Connect Us to the World

CHAPTER 26 The Strength in Your Story (US, 2011–2018)
The art of listening / The gift of your story 265

CHAPTER 27 The X Factor in the Good Person Equation 271



APPENDIX A Giving Appendix 281

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