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Where There's Hope- There's Love: Poems of Hope & Love for Today & Tomorrow

Where There's Hope- There's Love: Poems of Hope & Love for Today & Tomorrow

by Doris Washington


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Where Theres Hope - Theres Love is a collection of poems that inspire with hope for today and tomorrow. The author shares poems of hope for brighter tomorrows. In the poems A Rainbow of Hope and Over the Horizon, the author expresses that even through the most challenging of times in ones life, tomorrow will be brighter. In the poem Gathering Stones, the author shares that there comes a period in our lives when we experience disappointments and we gather stones, in search for inner peace through healing and forgiveness. Also, in this collection, the author, who is a mother of an adult son with autism, shares three poems about autism to help bring a better awareness and understanding about autism, which is so expressed in her poems Do You See Him? Do You Hear Him? Do You Know Him? Tears, and John. And in the closing poem, Beyond the Sunset, the author shares that we can come to know love.

Where Theres Hope - Theres Love inspires us to believe that on any given day, we always have hope to hold on to and our faith to keep us going, and above all, as we come to know love, we will live our best selves.

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ISBN-13: 9781984534095
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Publication date: 06/30/2018
Pages: 136
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About the Author

Doris Washington is a spiritual writer, poet, entrepreneur, disability advocate for autism, and author of six books A Blessing, Caring & Sharing / Faith, Hope & Love / The Joy in the Morning and a New Day Begins / A Time, A Season and Always Love / The Beauty of Love/ This Day Today. She resides in Harrisburg, PA, with her husband and son John. Among her poetry achievements she has written over 600 poems, and she has also been honored The Inspirational Leadership Award of 2013 for her poems of inspiration she has shared to many all over.
What has inspired her to write was an unfortunate incident that involved her 18- year- old son with autism and two police officers in December 1993. This incident led to a statewide training program Recognizing Special Needs that was pioneered by Doris. Doris has traveled across the country to over 500 book signings and she continues to travel. Her desire hopes is that her poems will continue to inspire many all over the world.

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