Whispers and Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God

Whispers and Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God

by Sarah Beth Marr


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How many of us find ourselves constantly busy and, deep down, constantly soul-weary? By striving to keep up our busy pace, we can easily miss out on a deeper connection with God. So many of us are overwhelmed and underfed. But there is hope.

In this inspiring and practical book, Sarah Beth Marr helps women develop a regular practice of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh their hearts, minds, and souls. She helps them

- discover Scripture that will lead them to peace
- connect with God on a deeper level
- run to God rather than other things that do not satisfy
- experience less stress and more contentment
- be fully present in their lives

Any woman who feels distracted, burnt out, depleted, or overwhelmed will find in Marr a gentle and uplifting guide to greater personal peace and simplicity.

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ISBN-13: 9780801073090
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 583,147
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Sarah Beth Marr is the author of Dreaming with God and danced professionally for more than fifteen years as a ballerina. She now encourages women in the dance of life and faith through her writing, speaking at MOPS International groups and women's events, and teaching the Word. She and her husband, Brian, have three sons and live in Dallas, Texas. Learn more at www.sarahbethmarr.com.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Day 1 Start Fresh 19

Day 2 Spring for Your Heart 27

Day 3 Retreat with Jesus 33

Day 4 Listen for His Whispers 42

Day 5 Heart-Space 49

Day 6 Be Rooted 56

Day 7 Find Strength 63

Day 8 Prune 71

Day 9 Cultivate 78

Day 10 Pour Out 84

Day 11 Still Waters 89

Day 12 Be Restored 96

Day 13 Soul-Nourishment 102

Day 14 Weed Out the Doubts 110

Day 15 Grow Grateful 117

Day 16 Love Lavishly 125

Day 17 Like the Birds 133

Day 18 Like the Wildflowers 140

Day 19 Porch Moments 147

Day 20 Dig into Your Work 154

Day 21 Tend the In-Between Moments 162

Day 22 Make Room for the Spirit 168

Day 23 Light 173

Day 24 Well-Watered 181

Day 25 Grow in Grace 189

Day 26 Blossom 197

Day 27 Slow Your Steps 204

Day 28 Simplify 211

Day 29 Sanctuary 218

Day 30 Return Often 224

Acknowledgments 231

Notes 235

About the Author 237

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Whispers and Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 27 reviews.
MelissaF More than 1 year ago
This is a good book to take your time through, don’t rush it. Take it day by day and answer the questions at the end of each chapter and take the prayer to heart. I think this book could get to the heart of what is rushing us around if we take the time to slow down and let it do its work. So take a deep breath and read. A copy of this book was given to me through Netgalley.com. All opinions are my own.
seekinggraceandgratitude More than 1 year ago
The premise of Whispers & Wildflowers can be best described in Jesus’ words found in Matthew 11:28: “If you are tired from carrying heavy burdens, come to Me and I will give You rest.” (CEV) Too often we are guilty of running ourselves ragged from trying to keep up with the overcommitted agenda’s of the world or trying to manage overscheduled calendars. We feel the need to ignore the necessity of margin because we either suffer from FOMO, we believe everyone else is doing ___ or saying “yes” and we don’t want to fall behind, and/or we are attempting to seek fulfillment by filling our calendars with everything [that comes our way] when in reality we’re doing too much and are finding ourselves completely empty.I am totally guilty of all of these things! But one thing I found very insightful was being reminded that the world Jesus lived in was just as busy and crowded and chaotic as our world is today. Jesus had things to do and obligations to fulfill not just in dying to save the sins of the world(!!!) but also He had daily chores to complete, work to tend to (we often forget his job as a carpenter) and a flood of people vying for His attention and pulling Him in a million different directions.In the very beginning of Whispers & Wildflowers, Sarah Beth reminds us that Jesus had the weight of the world on His shoulders but still made time for rest, prayer and stillness. Jesus intentionally prioritized quiet retreats away from the noise and alone with the Lord. That really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Jesus was most likely busier than any of us are or will ever be and yet, He purposefully made time to stop what He was doing in order to rest and fill up with the goodness and replenishment of time spent with the Lord. Jesus’ load never changed but His ability to handle it did because of His wisdom to hit “pause” and seek God. I absolutely love that!When we quiet the noise within and around us, we can hear God’s tender whispers speaking to our heart. When we tune into His voice, we can live differently – fully alive and flourishing, like wildflowers spreading their beauty throughout the land. We gain rootedness, are rested and revitalized and most importantly, are filled up so we can pour out. The noise of the world can distract us from unwrapping God’s gifts and instead can lead us astray in the rat race of life. But when we slow our pace and draw close to God, we can learn so much about ourselves and God’s specific will for our individual life.Whispers & Wildflowers is nourishment for your soul. It’s like a warm hug wrapping you with soft encouragement while filling your mind, body and spirit with the good stuff you need to thrive. It is the “time-out” you hope for so you can hear the instruction of your Heavenly Father. The calming peace you receive from these words will lead you wanting more.If you’re feeling overwhelmed, distracted, burnt out or like you’re running on E, open your eyes and heart and consider reading Whispers & Wildflowers. It is truly a gift to live out the present of being fully present in your life. * I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.
MrsBishop More than 1 year ago
*I received this book from Baker Books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.* Whispers and Wildflowers: 30 Days to Slow Your Pace, Savor Scripture & Draw Closer to God by Sarah Beth Marr clocks in at one of my favorite reads so far this year. It was a breath of fresh air for my busy, overburdened brain. I am always on the lookout for a good devotional. One that is scriptural, but speaks to my soul. And also doesn’t put me to sleep. Which can sometimes be the case… Sarah Beth Marr really points out the importance of rest in her book. And it’s something I really needed to read at this point in my life. I sometimes forget to rest. To remember that we all need it. God needed it after creating the universe and He is the creator of all things. I like what she says in this passage: “What did Jesus do when He felt all the noise closing in on Him? Instead of pushing through it all and keeping on keeping on, He withdrew…He retreated. He put everything on hold and ran to His Father’s embrace. He set the world aside and placed Himself in the presence of the One who was in control.” She stresses the fact that sometimes we feel like if we slow down we’ll get behind. That we keep pressing onward, but we’re so depleted and tired that we’re not doing anything to the best of our abilities. I say it ALL the time- sure we can do it all, but can we do it all well? Another thing she mentions, that I REALLY needed to hear, was about what we’re supposed to be doing right now, to impact others spiritually. I am always questioning, am I doing enough? Should I be doing more for the kingdom of God? Am I supposed to sell everything I own and become a missionary in order to further His plan? I always feel like I’m falling short. But, she said something that was balm to my anxious heart: “As women, we tend to want to do a major project of love or sign up for something big and missional in order to love well. And those are beautiful things if we have the capacity to take them on in our current season. But what I want us to see today is that our everyday lives present opportunities to love well.” IF we have the capacity to take them on in our current season. Whoa. You mean it doesn’t have to be a grand display? I can make a difference in my home? My community? I LOVE that. We can start small and reach others without it being an over the top, soul-depleting gesture. Like she says in a later chapter- “What if we did it all for the glory of God? What if we looked at doing the dishes as just as sacred as something more “spiritual”?” Yes- it can really be that easy. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the moment each day when I cracked it open. I read it in small sips, savoring each devotion. Which is really how it’s meant to be read. Each day’s chapters are short enough to not be overwhelming, but long enough that they fit in a lot of wisdom. Enough that I felt like I got a good soul fill up to start my day. Definitely get yourself a copy and sneak in a few moments to yourself to read it over the next month or so. No one will judge you if it takes a little longer, I promise.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whispers and Wildflowers is a devotional book written by Sarah Beth Marr with the intention to help readers step back from daily life, pause, and seek God. Each of the 30 devotions are relatively short (approximately 3-5 pages) and are based on the themes of dancing and gardening. A few of the devotionals seem repetitive, but this could result in a more meaningful impact for some readers. Throughout Whispers and Wildflowers, Marr incorporates a lot of Scripture, although the references are from many different versions, translations, or interpretations. The prayers at the end of each devotional were well-written and often held more meaning and challenge than the text of the devotional itself. Marr’s writing style is relatively easy-to-read, although for readers not used to Southern lingo, the use of the word “gal” might seem excessive. Some readers might not relate to the themes of dancing or gardening, while others may find these themes to be helpful in understanding Marr’s writing. These potential negative aspects aside, most readers will appreciate and benefit from at least a few of the devotionals within Whispers and Wildflowers. Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in order to write an honest, unbiased review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.
honeychile More than 1 year ago
Author Marr provides a thoughtful and thorough 30-day devotional in Whispers and Wildflowers as she encourages readers to slow down and focus on God. Each chapter includes a thought for the day, a corresponding scripture reference, a detailed narrative from the author, questions for the reader to consider, and a prayer. Marr carefully and intentionally directs the reader on a very specific path every day. Each study is rooted in Marr's own experiences and she uses first person plural tense to address and include the reader. To be most useful, the reader should be prepared to set aside sufficient time daily to read, digest and respond to each day's lesson. This book might especially appeal to younger women juggling their time amongst many obligations.
Sarah823SP More than 1 year ago
This book of daily thoughts is self care for your heart, mind, and soul. It really does help you to savor scripture and strengthen your relationship with God. Sarah Beth Marr's writing style is soothing and appealing, as well as heart tugging at times, motivating you to stop and process, interact, and improve your spiritual life and grow. The book uses many gardening and floral images to help whisper the concepts in meaningful ways. I enjoyed it and will re-read it to savor again. I found it compelling and encouraging. IT is gospel centered and scripture based. Using a variety of translations. Thanks to Netgalley for the opportunity to review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Do you find yourself constantly busy? Does this life make you, deep down, feel soul-weary? Friend, you are not alone. I am right there with you. But when we strive to keep up our busy pace, we can easily miss out on a deeper connection with God. Because of the busyness of life, many of us feel overwhelmed and feel far from God. But there is hope. In Whispers and Wildflowers, Sarah Beth Marr helps women develop a regular practice of withdrawing from busyness to realign and refresh their hearts, minds, and souls. When I was offered a copy of this devotional to read, it felt like this book was written for me. Honestly, it still feels like it because life is just so busy all the time. I feel overwhelmed easily, as the weeks stretch long. It can feel hard to stop long enough to build a deeper connection with God, when I have been pouring out all day long. Which is why this reminder of hope was just perfect for this season. Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr is such a beautiful devotional. Each of these devotions are a few pages, which makes them long enough to truly give you insights and thoughts to dwell on. Still they are short enough to add to your daily devotional time. Each devotion was encouraging, while at the same time a little challenging. But most of all, these devotions were beautiful and warm-hearted. Each page helps you to build a stronger, deeper connection with the Lord. I know I will keep returning to this devotional time and time again. There were such good insights to reflect on. And the feel of this devotional is just so warm and full of hope, it is easy to keep reading this. I would recommend this book to any woman feeling weary and overwhelmed, or in the midst of a busy season of life.
Teadrinker More than 1 year ago
Sarah Beth Marr says in the introduction of Whispers and Wildflowers that hard work is a good thing and she doesn't recommend we go back to flip phones. However, in our busy world we could all use a retreat from our hard work and technology at times.Whispers and Wildflowers was written as a thirty-day retreat to enjoy day by day. Marr encourages the reader to slow down, savor Scripture and draw closer to God each of those days. However, she says to use the book however it works best for you. In Whispers and Wildflowers, Each day's reading begins with a a selection to read and reflect on for each day. She then has a couple of pages dedicated to journaling called Garden Moments for Your Soul. Then the reading ends with a prayer--and there is extra space to write more to the prayer or to write more thoughts about the reading. My husband and I love to garden. In fact, I used to garden with him for dates before we got married as he lived on an acreage and I in an apartment. With that background, I especially love how Marr relates God to the Master Gardener and reflects on gardening in this book. I also do well reflecting on my reading with writing so I appreciate the journal areas in this book. It is truly gorgeous with a watercolor floral cover and that is carried through the book, although in black and white, on the reflection pages.Whispers and Wildflowers truly looks like a retreat within the pretty book cover. I know the time in the pages are well-spent as I learn and grow in my faith. You don't have to be a gardener to gain spiritual insights throughout this book but it definitely added a nice element for me. I received this book from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is beautiful inside and out! Sarah Beth does an incredible job writing to connect her readers to God and scripture. Whispers and Wildflowers is an excellent tool to deepen your faith and find peace and purpose within the busyness of daily life. I am grateful for the growth I have experienced with this book. Sarah Beth's heart for God and way with words always inspire me! I recommend checking out her other book Dreaming with God as well!
Juleclayton More than 1 year ago
This book is a breath of fresh air and such a gift. I crave time alone with God each day, but all the devotion options out there seem to either be too short and sweet (simply skimming the surface) or too long and heavy, making it more difficult to commit. However, Sarah has given us the perfect option, in my opinion! Her words get me thinking and her questions for each day allow me to reflect. I feel refreshed whenever I finish my reading for each day. I am so thankful for this book and highly recommend it!
JLYoung More than 1 year ago
My very first thought was, "This book is gorgeous!" Isn't the cover just beautiful. I was so attracted to the book because of the cover. Then I opened it and found beautiful biblically based devotionals that were both encouraging and challenging. Sarah Beth draws from scripture, her personal life experiences, others' experiences etc to weave a beautiful text that is easy to read and understand. I found myself wanting to spend time quietly with the Lord and let him into the garden of my heart. The prayers are great and the reflection questions are perfectly paired with the devotionals. They help the reader connect with the Lord on an intimate level. I did feel the devotionals were a little long. They could have been shortened a bit and not lose any effectiveness. Other than that I loved this book. I received a copy from the publisher. I was in no way required to write a positive review. All thoughts are my own.
emiliec More than 1 year ago
review:(I received a free copy from the publisher for review) This is a book that is set up for you to complete in 30 days you can of course finish it quicker than that.I like how each chapter was pretty short so it would not take long to get through one,I think it is nice that she gave you questions,prayers I did not read the prayers but I think that is great.I like how she used experiences from her own life in some of the chapters.I think that this is a great book for women I think the cover its pretty and the materiel of the cover is different.
Rebekah Diaddigo More than 1 year ago
Sarah's sweet, gentle style of encouragement is refreshing. This book is great for individual devotions or could easily be adapted for group study and discussion.
Rebekah Diaddigo More than 1 year ago
Sarah's sweet, gentle style of encouragement is refreshing. This book is great for individual devotions or could easily be adapted for group study and discussion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This beautiful book encourages you to delight in your quiet and intimate times with the Lord as it draws you into His word, his whispers, and moments of reflection to journal your thoughts. I look forward to going to the garden where the Lord is waiting for me each day with this beautiful book to help guide me there. Sarah Beth Marr so graciously and beautifully paints the picture of God's whispers and reminds us of who we are in Christ. For every girl and woman who yearns for quiet time with the Lord in the midst of busyness and crowdedness, this book is excellent to help you make it a daily pattern to draw closer and deeper with the one who decks us with wildflowers. It is also wonderful to pair up with sisters in Christ and journey through quiet time with the Lord together!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whispers and Wildflowers helps us retreat to the very heart of God. Sarah Beth Marr’s writing is immensely special to me, as she speaks and lives as God’s precious vessel. Her new book helps us draw ever closer to Jesus, encouraging us and teaching us to live in His heavenly peace amidst life’s chaos. Stemming from that is the joy unspeakable we long for, which can only come from being ever present with God. This daily retreat to God helps us to dig deeper and grow closer to Him. Sarah’s book not only helps us to become who God created us to uniquely be, but as such it helps us to become better reflections of our dear Savior. 
Decked with wildflowers… is there a lovelier beginning to a life-changing journey closer to God? Sarah once again helps us lean into the heartbeat of the One who loves beyond measure. This book is a gift with eternal impact, written with beauty and grace.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have absolutely loved going through this book! This has helped draw my focus back to God in the midst of all the chaos of my life. And I can't wait to complete it, and go back through it to be reminded about being with God.
summer_no9 More than 1 year ago
This was a beautiful book writing, encouraging and inspiring to read with that also challenge for all of us, take a break or a moment to strategically set aside something, anything, that will give your soul a break while you work, finding yourself a quite space in the deep of yours heart listening and following to God’s whispers and experience his love and grace in a fresh way. I highly recommend to everyone must to read this book. “ I received complimentary a copy of this book from Baker Book Blogger for this review”.
Ashezmomto6 More than 1 year ago
For someone who may struggle with the concept of being still and finding time to practice the art of stillness and solitude during the day, I feel like this book was so helpful. This book has 30 days worth of devotions and each is short enough that it doesn’t require a large time commitment, but also filled with a lovely amount of hand picked Bible verses and quotes that it allows the reader to really dig into the Word of God and hear what God needs to speak over them. The author has a refreshing style of writing that draws in the reader and sets their heart and mind at peace as they read. Such a fantastic read as the year begins or as the reader approaches Easter and lent. So thankful for this author and how she shares these thoughts with her reader. I was gratefully given an early copy to read so that I could post my honest thoughts.
JViola79 More than 1 year ago
The very cover of Whispers and Wildflowers by Sarah Beth Marr brought a desire to my heart to slow down, open the cover, and read her words. We long for our lives to be focused, have a clear mission, and a heart that pursues God every day. But as women, we are living busier than ever and often are distracted, overwhelmed with our schedules, and overtired. "What did Jesus do when He felt all the noise closing in on Him? Instead of pushing through it and keeping on keeping on, He withdrew... He retreated. Jesus's heart stayed healthy because of those retreats with God." (from page 13) The book is an invitation to draw close to our Lord, spending a few quiet moments each day so that our hearts can be in tune with Him. Whispers and Wildflowers is a 30 day devotional book written to pull our hearts back into deep and continued connection with God. Each day consists of: a main Scripture and thought questions and space to journal called "Garden Moments for Your Soul" a written prayer The book was hard to put down as each day was inspirational and meant to be savored. If you are feel distracted, burnt out, depleted, or overwhelmed, this book is for you as you will find it to be a balm for your soul. **I was provided a copy of this book by Baker Publishing Group for review. All opinions are honest and my own.
H-J-Hill More than 1 year ago
The daily readings in this 30-day devotional are bite-sized (an average of about 6-8 minutes of reading time each day apart from journaling and meditation - easy to fit into a busy schedule). The subjects and observations resonate with my soul. They are practical, understandable, and, in a word, real. I particularly like that the vast majority of the Scripture references are printed in the text so there is no interruption to the flow of the devotion, There is plenty of room for notes and journaling. Sarah Beth Marr's examples encourage. I found myself again and again saying, "Yes. I feel that way, too! I am not the only one." Time well spent.
Rebeca_K More than 1 year ago
This 30 day devotional book is like honey for your soul. Its a great encouragement! The cover is beautiful and the words Sarah has written inside are even more beautiful. The Bible verses sprinkled inside the pages are such joy for a weary heart. I love that this book also has space to journal at the end of each devotion. In reading this book I have definitely listened more for Gods little whispers in life. This book is great for any woman in any walk of life. A breathe of fresh air!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The beauty of the message of this book is for every Christ following woman regardless of her season of life. Using clear relatable language, this book reminds us to walk closer to the Lord in order to hear His gentle whispers. Savor a sweet walk in truth each morning!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sarah's heart to see women come into a deeper relationship with Jesus is evident through her writing and completion of this book. This book is perfect for any woman that is overwhelmed by life in general or just needs an opportunity to learn how to slow down again and enjoy her time with the One who loves her more than anyone else.
Christina26 More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a devotional to enhance your quiet time, this is it. Whispers and Wildflowers is filled with thoughtful reflections for daily life. It is an invitation to look inward and take notice of what God is doing. Each devotional ends with thoughtful reflection questions that encourage the reader to take inventory of their hearts and lives. Sarah also includes a prayer for each day and space for journaling your own personal reflections and prayers. Her daily devotions have been a balm for my soul, reminding me to take the time to breathe deeply and savor my time with the Lord.