Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)

Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)

by Brooke Jones
Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)

Why Are There Monkeys? (and other questions for God)

by Brooke Jones


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"By God, Brooke Jones is a Hell of a writer!" -- Ben Fong-Torres/former EDITOR of ROLLING STONE Magazine

If you think a CONVERSATION WITH GOD could not possibly be FUNNY, you're in for a very BIG surprise!

Brooke Jones, Breast Cancer Warrior, Political Satirist, and former San Francisco and Los Angeles Radio Personality died, but her death was short-lived. Eight minutes passed on Earth while she was busy being dead, but she wasn't on Earth, she was at Heaven's Front Door, interviewing God!

"What is the meaning of life?" "What religion is God?" "Is God male or female?" Brooke asked every question she could think of, and God provided the answers. The first thing she learned was that God has a sense of humor! (of course God has a sense of humor -- have you ever seen a Platypus?)

Was she returned to the Land Of The Living because of the startling final question she asked? Did all that she experienced really happen, or was it just the hallucination of her dying brain? She didn't know, until she was given proof - absolute proof - proof she could not possibly deny!

"WHY ARE THERE MONKEYS? (and other questions for God)" is the absolutely TRUE, deeply INSPIRATIONAL, laugh-out-loud FUNNY story of one woman's Near-Death Question and Answer Session with God. (and there is undeniable proof that it really did happen!)





"By God, Brooke Jones is a hell of a writer!" Ben Fong-Torres -- former Editor of ROLLING STONE Magazine

"Smart, funny and profoundly spiritual -- a deeply-moving experience that skeptics and believers alike can embrace. I loved it!" Howard Rosenberg - Pulitzer Prize winning former Los Angeles Times columnist and author.

"Delightful, insightful, spiritual and startlingly funny! It left me, an atheist, more of a believer than I was before!" Ray Richmond -- former columnist with The Hollywood Reporter, Daily Variety, Orange County Register, LA Herald Examiner.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781643884646
Publisher: Brooke Jones
Publication date: 02/09/2021
Pages: 136
Sales rank: 215,832
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.29(d)

About the Author

Named "LA's Funniest Lady" by the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Brooke Jones now focuses her wit on her Blog, "What If?" (Whatif.blog), and on her twisted line of greeting cards, CardBard Greetings (zazzle.com/thecardoutlet). A Breast Cancer survivor who prefers the term Breast Cancer Warrior, Brooke donates a portion of ALL proceeds from the sale of her greeting cards and the sale of this book to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Table of Contents

Prologue 1

Introduction 3

Chapter 1 And Now for Something Completely Different 7

Chapter 2 Monty Hall, the Pope, and the Wicked Witch of the East 10

Chapter 3 Why Are There Monkeys? 15

Chapter 4 Close Encounters of the Third Cousin Kind 33

Chapter 5 I'll Take Gibberish for $800, Alex 38

Chapter 6 Take Two Troglodytes and Call Me in the Morning 41

Chapter 7 Christians, Muslims, and Jews, Oh My! 48

Chapter 8 Faith, Dope, and Clarity or Three Million Men Named Jesus 56

Chapter 9 Kiss My Ass or Miracles, Mets, and Mules 61

Chapter 10 People, People Who See Dead People 66

Chapter 11 Will the Real Marie Antoinette Please Stay Dead 69

Chapter 12 Of Mice and Menageries 72

Chapter 13 And Why Were You Born? 76

Chapter 14 My Karma Ran Over My Dogma 79

Chapter 15 Don't Sin Under the Apple Tree 82

Chapter 16 How Much Is That Pony in the Closet? 86

Chapter 17 If He's Ugly, Stupid, and Rude, He's Probably Not the Devil 90

Chapter 18 A Rabbi, a Priest, and a Monk Walk into A 93

Chapter 19 Tonight on the Late Show-Dead People Cook Dinner 97

Chapter 20 Just Because It's Free Doesn't Mean It Won't Cost You 101

Chapter 21 Is That Your Final Question? 105

Epilogue 112

Acknowledgments 121

About the Author 123

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