Wicked Thing

Wicked Thing

by Kim Cormack
Wicked Thing

Wicked Thing

by Kim Cormack


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A Sci-Fi Dark Fantasy Adventure Through The Afterlife With Three Clans Of Immortals Who Battle Dark Forces For The Greater Good!


  • Her Handler has been spelt to forget intimacy, and it's driving her crazy. She'd always despised Tiberius with every inch of her being, but lately, his presence sparked something undeniable within her.

  • Self-destruction was her factory setting, and her Handler desperately needed a reality check. She was so tempted. Foreplay between Dragons, that's what this was.

  • Will a halftime tryst with an enemy blow up Lexy's Handler bond?

  • How far is Prince Amadeus willing to go to prove his friendship?

  • Will the Dragon of Ankh keep biting people?

At the Summit in the Third-Tier World, awaiting news of the Ankh in Immortal Testing, Lexy is partnered with her nemesis. A titillating encounter between battle rounds leaves her with an urgency to experience all the dark attraction has to offer.

Reckless choices after a dark plot twist create tension within the Clan. As the dust settles, we find ourselves back on Earth in the daily grind of immortality with temptations to quench, Corrections to witness and demons to destroy. It's a hard-knock afterlife.

Orin was surprisingly fine with being a relief pitcher. Tiberius was becoming impossible to resist, and Grey was boiling rabbits in the backyard, jealous. What could go wrong?

COA Series Buzz

You'll be blushing and busting a gut laughing as our stone-cold feral heroine hunts things that go bump in the night!

I was so morbidly fascinated by this character., I couldn't stop reading!

This book was an all-nighter. The love scenes are... you'll see. I may be blushing for a week. You'll be jumping up and down, cheering. There is nothing like this series.

Warning: The information contained within this book is not intended for mere mortals. Reading this may inadvertently trigger your Correction. If you show great bravery during your demise, the Guardians of the In-between may give you a second chance. You must join one of Earth's three Clans of immortals for your soul's protection. You are totally still reading this, aren't you? You've got this. Welcome to the Children Of Ankh Series Universe.

Fall Down My Rabbit Hole!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780994830692
Publisher: Mythomedia Press
Publication date: 07/08/2016
Series: Coa , #3
Pages: 348
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

Kim Cormack is the always comedic author of the darkly twisted epic paranormal romance series, "The Children of Ankh." She worked for over 16 years as an Early Childhood educator in preschool, daycare. She's lived most of her life on Vancouver Island in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. She currently lives in the gorgeous little town of Port Alberni. She's a single mom with two awesome kids, Cameron and Jenna. She spends the majority of her time parenting, creating hi-jinks, or disappearing into her own mind, journeying through other realms and winning battles. When you read one of her books... May you laugh, cry and step out of your box for a moment and realize that no matter what the circumstance...Magic is absolutely everywhere.

Happy Reading XO
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