Wild Card: (Etudes in C#, No. 1)

Wild Card: (Etudes in C#, No. 1)

by Jamie Wyman


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ISBN-13: 9780990392521
Publisher: Pajamazon Wordworks
Publication date: 04/30/2015
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

After a misspent adulthood pursuing a Music Education degree, JAMIE WYMAN fostered several interests before discovering that being an author means never having to get out of pajamas. (However, she can eat/spin fire, tell you a lot about auditioning to be a Blue Man, and read/write in Circular Gallifreyan.) Jamie also works as an editor. In addition to freelance work, she works with sci-fi/fantasy publisher Dragon Moon Press. As an author, Jamie's favorite playgrounds are urban fantasy, horror and creepy carnival settings. When she's not traipsing about with her imaginary friends, she lives in Phoenix with two hobbits and two cats. She is proud to say she has a deeply disturbed following at her blog.

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Wild Card 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Could not put this book down. It grabbed me within the first two pages and didn't let go until the end. Instantly loved Cat; a smart, no-nonsense protagonist with a razor sharp sense of humour. The wisecracking between she and Marius was hilarious as well as genuine. I loved the fresh approach to magic and Wyman's interpretation of deities was fascinating. The pacing was just right, flowing between action and dialogue without falling into clunky exposition. I was treated to the juicy details precisely when I wanted them. This is among my favourite books of all time and I can't wait for the sequel!
Bookworm_Blurbs More than 1 year ago
In Las Vegas, everyone hopes that Lady Luck will be on their side, but for Cat Sharp, luck has been rather elusive. Her soul was won by Eris, the Greek goddess of discord and ever since, Cat has been at her beck and call. She's longed for freedom, and when Cat learns that her soul is at stake in yet another poker game, she decides to take control. Eris tells her that if she can collect the poker chip that belongs to each of the four other gods who are playing the game, she might be able to win her freedom - for good. With the help of a handsome yet insanely irritating satyr, Cat attempts to outsmart the gods and change her fortune for good.  I absolutely loved this book. I've been pleasantly surprised by a lot of the ARCs I've received from Entangled Publishing since I started reviewing for them in October, but this one was by far my favorite. I will definitely be looking for more from Jamie Wyman in the future.    I expected this book to be much more centered around romance, because every single other title I've received from Entangled has been, and I'm not going to lie, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this was not the case. Not that I have anything about romance, but I enjoyed that even though this book touched on romantic relationships, the main focus of the book was Cat's attempt to win back her soul. Romance is a side-plot, and not even a very major one, at that.    I loved Wyman's writing style. As I mentioned in my progress update, she was able to overcome my aversion to excessive profanity and actually make vulgarity work. Cat has a very foul mouth, but it suits her salty personality and rather than cheapening the quality of the novel, I felt that it actually helped to develop her character. Much of Wyman's writing goes from perfectly worded descriptions to sarcastic commentary. For example, when we first meet Eris, Wyman describes her appearance:    "The goddess was a study in angles. Her nose sliced through her hawk-like features, and she had sunken cheeks, skeletal fingers, and sharp elbows." A few sentences later, we get Cat's thoughts on the subject:    "I'd think that a divine being would look a little more attractive - or at least eat a damn cheeseburger - but Eris liked to f*** with people's heads."    The sarcastic commentary mingled with what I feel to be a superior style of writing served to further develop Cat's personality and add a degree of flavor and humor to the description. The entire book is written in such a way and I felt that it made it more enjoyable to read.    Cat was such a great protagonist. Although she has very little control over her life since her soul is owned by a very authoritative goddess, from the very beginning, she comes off as a tough, confident woman, not a victim or weak damsel in distress who relies on men to help her. Although she definitely is not afraid to ask for help from either Marius,  a satyr who is one of Eris's servants who Cat begrudgingly befriends, or her best friend Flynn, Cat is also extremely competent in her own right and she's not afraid to face the gods head on to fight to reclaim ownership of her soul.    I also came to love Marius. He's a fascinating character. He's selfish and arrogant, completely driven by objectifying women and at first I was afraid that he would turn into the stereotypical troubled bad boy who the main female character is able to change. This wasn't the case. Although we do learn that there is much more to Marius than meets the eye, the reader constantly questions his motives and if he's really on Cat's side. Cat herself is reluctant to trust him - when she does, he fails her trust, but when she decides to shut him out, he does something to surprise her that earns it back again. This cycle continues throughout the book and it constantly kept me wondering how things would turn out. There is no obvious ending with these two, though I initially thought there would be, and, again, this was a really welcome surprise. I also thought he was really funny, even when he was being a pig.    The plot is full of twists and turns, and I was constantly surprised by where things were going. There were many twists that I did not see coming - another element that I loved. Wyman doesn't info dump. We learn about characters' backgrounds and the world that they live in slowly, in bits and pieces, until finally we can see the whole picture. I found that the book was very difficult to put down and even though I have finals this week, I was constantly pulled away from studying to keep reading... probably not the best situation for me as a student, but, let's face it, I'd much prefer to be reading than studying!    I definitely recommend that you read this. I really hope that Wyman will write a sequel, because, although the story did wrap everything major up, there is definitely room for the story to continue and I'd love to find out what is going to happen to Cat in her new circumstances that she's in by the end of the story. I'll be looking for more by Wyman in the future, because this was definitely a treat to read. I definitely recommend that you go pick up a copy of your own! 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read. Looking forward to more adventures of Cat Sharp
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
Wow--I absolutely loved this book! Originally I wanted to read it because of the mythology angle--as a junior high social studies and English teacher, I get to teach all kinds of mythology, and I love to read modern takes on the ancient legends. What originally sold me, though, was the fact that Eris, the goddess of discord was in it--how many novels can make that claim? There just isn't enough fiction out there with any kind of role in it for the deity who started the Trojan War, in my opinion. ;) After a somewhat slow start, I soon found myself absolutely hooked, and then the ending had me anxious for more... The blurb is a little misleading, because this novel is a lot more straight up urban fantasy than urban fantasy romance as it sounds from the description. There are definite romantic aspects to it, but much of the potential Cat/Marius romance remains just that--potential. I've got great hopes for later in the series, but this one is really more about Cat's journey--which just so happens to be with Marius--than their relationship together. Vegas is the perfect backdrop for a story involving immortals, and I thought it was interesting that apparently in this universe (unlike, for example, in Rick Riordan's) the supernatural and immortal world isn't completely shielded from the mortal one. When Cat and Marius are being chased down the Strip by a monstrous giant bird, the "regular" people can see it--and wisely, they flee. At one point, Pele, the volcano goddess, bursts out of the Mirage's waterfall--seriously, this couldn't happen anywhere but Vegas. I loved the blend of mythologies here--the poker game that is being played for Cat's soul includes the gods Eris (Greek), Maui (Hawaiian), Coyote (Native American), Puck (fae), and Loki (Norse). Originally Africa's Anasazi was a  part as well, but he left the table before the story began. Jamie Wyman does a great job of bringing all the different traditions together throughout, making it a really fun read. At times I was a bit lost--I'm not really sure why the players were so casual about handing their chips over to Cat, for one thing, and Cat's backstory drama left me a bit 'meh'--but in the greater scheme of things most of the plot threads were skillfully pulled together at the end, making for a satisfying read overall. Loved. Loki. Even if he looks nothing like Tom Hiddleston's version, he's just awesome in this book. The ending brings Cat a new--and hopefully exciting--beginning. I cannot wait to see where the author is going with this series! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.  
gigiluvsbooks More than 1 year ago
It was bad enough that gods gambled with human souls, but Catherine Sharp’s soul just had to be won by the Greek goddess of Discord, Eris. As if working a dead-end tech support job didn’t suck the life out of her as it was. Now, Cat finds herself performing random tasks for the goddess in her free time. But when Coyote, the Native American trickster himself, claims to have won her own soul in Mayhem’s weekly poker game, Cat wants in on the action. With five sneaky gods upping the ante, Cat needs to find a way to collect the winning chips that could save her soul. Marius, a handsome yet irritating satyr with his own debt to Eris, might finally come in handy for something. If they play their cards right and work together, Cat and Marius may just get their freedom back. If they don’t kill each other—or fall in love—first. Review: If you like Urban Fantasy you will love this book! Now, what book is not fun set in Vegas, ok, some are not fun but this is a wild ride through the strip that you will love. This is the story of Catherine (Cat) who years ago mistakenly gave her soul to someone she loved and that person gambled it away. Eris has owned Cat's soul for years and because of this Cat has been trapped in dead end jobs and her life in general has been stymied. Now, Cat's soul has been gambled again by Eris in a poker game with four other Gods. This book unique and fresh and I loved all the twist and turns the Author takes Cat and us the readers on. The story is fast paced and action packed! Cat is a great character, she is an active participant in her future and is tough and fun. The side characters are great too and come on now which team are we on? Team Marius or Team Flynn or maybe Team Loki???? I don't think I can do the story justice, so you just have to read it yourself! 4 stars
kydirtgirl68 More than 1 year ago
Cat just wants her soul back from Eris the goddess of Discord. Between working her tech support job and doing jobs for Eris she has no life. Now she finds just when she may be free her soul is on a gambling table with five gods. If she can get the chips they carry she may get free.  However with Gods and Goddesses you never know what they will throw at you. So with the help of Marius a satyr indebted to Eris she has to find the chips before time runs out. They don't get along and each has a secret but they have to learn to work together. They might just find more than their souls before it is over. Cat is good at her job and at surviving. She has made mistakes in the past but now is trying to get over them and get her life back. She doesn't trust easy and she is more special than even she knows. She doesn't give up and keeps fighting. Marius is the sexy satyr who has a secret he does his best so no one finds out about. He at times can be a jerk and is very flirty. I really liked both of them. This is a very entertaining book as you get to see several different mythological creatures and see what they have at their beck and call.You see just how little they care about human and how they just pass souls around when the cards are down. Cat does her best to get her soul back and has to fight with Marius help different creatures to get the chips she needs. I loved all the action and the way Marius and she have to work together even when they have never got along. They have a big spark between them you want to see grow. The author does a great job in creating this book as you never know what will happen next or what Cat will do. I was very surprised at the ending and thought it might turn out different. If you love reading about Gods and Goddesses, a book with action and sexual tension try this one.
ReadingOverTV More than 1 year ago
Wild Card by Jamie Wyman This tale of card playing Gods, techno mages, and a cursed satyr is engaging and includes a few unexpected twists. I was a bit confused once or twice by the turns but these were actually part of the story. Is Marius friend or foe? He plays both parts equally well it seems. Catherine 'Cat' is a computer tech in Las Vegas. Her soul is in the hands of the Goddess Eris and unfortunately Cat must follow orders. Complications arise when Cat learns that Eris is playing games with her soul. It seems the Gods have overrun Vegas. A complete event for Cat but I can easily see this turning into an ongoing series. *******minor spoiler follows******* I'm wondering about the curse on Marius. Who? When? I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
How would you like to have your soul used as a poker chip - a very expensive one - but still a poker chip.  Catherine has managed to have her soul traded not once, but it looks like twice now, in a high stakes poker game of the gods.  Now, it's not just Greek gods we're talking about here, although Eris does play a very large roll, but gods from across the pantheons.  It was really cool watching the different dieties interact with Cat, Marius, and each other.  Of course no one, except the gods, is really sure that Cat's soul was up to begin with, but Cat and Marius have promised to help each other out - and maybe save them both from Eris in the end. Cat was a fun character, but there was so much she never knew about herself - and boy was she pissed when she found out some of it.  She was a computer wiz with no social life outside her little techie sphere.  There were several times when Marius, the satyr, was ablt to completely steal the show from her.  He was suave, sophisticated, and a complete ass - in a humorous way (Cat may disagree with me there).  The story was exciting with the various gods all trying to test Cat and see what made her tick - almost like a little lab experiment.  I know, a little twisted, but what else to gods have to do. The only part of this book that rubbed me a little wrong was that it screamed sequel at me.  So I hunted and looked to see what I could find.  I was enjoying the story so I figured why not read the first one first?  But there was none - at least not that I could find.  So I kept reading thinking maybe I had totally missed something.  They did eventually explain the past that was repeatedly referenced, but it was almost at the end of the book.  If I was the author, I would write a quicky novella about Cat's past with Daphne as a prequel - I really want to know more now! And on a totally random side note: I loved this cover!!! *This book was received in exchange for an honest review*
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Catherine Sharp's soul is owned by another. It was taken from her when she made a promise of everlasting love to her supposed soul mate. Now Eris, the goddess of Discord, has added Cat's soul to her collection, but there is another unwelcome surprise. The goddess has wagered Catherine's soul in a poker game. Now she is in danger. She needs to find four poker chips. Marius,the snarky satyr, has her back. Or does he? Will she survive this quest? Jamie Wyman writes a suspenseful and action packed story. I enjoy how she used Las Vegas as the setting for the immortals epic poker game. Her characters are quirky and full of life. Catherine is determined but at the same time vulnerable. Marius is an enigma. I liked his snarky persona, but was never sure of his true feelings. Her friend, Flynn, was interesting. I definitely would like to see more of him. The story was well plotted and very exciting. I could never predict what would happen next. I enjoyed Wild Card and just couldn't put the book down.
Grapeapril75 More than 1 year ago
This was a very interesting book, it took a while for all the major pieces to come together. This is a new author, both to me and to the masses. I really enjoyed her story telling and she had a great concept. Loads of action and intrigue to go around. She lost me a bit in the romance, cause there really wasn't much of anything there. Marius never gave me any love vibes, he was too concerned with his own well-being to ever really think of Cat. I did feel bad for his uh, situation, but not enough to think he made any sort of hero in the end. I thought Flynn a much better love interest, even if it is only friendship at the moment. He definitely gave me warm fuzzy feelings!! Cat is a real contradiction, she seems so strong and kick butt at times and others she is wallowing in self doubt/pity. I really thought there were many times when she should have gotten past her self esteem issues, cause she kicks serious mythological butts! All in all this was a really intriguing read with a serious mix of mythologies. It was fun to see how they interacted and to think of a world where they all could co-exist. Very detailed information about each, I love it when I learn while enjoying my reading!!  No real steam factor here, things get lukewarm for a scene or two, but no real passion. That is one of the reasons I would not label it a romance. Ms Wyman did a great job of crafting a story that held my interest from beginning to end. I have high hopes for future books, with such a strong first effort she can only get better. Kudos, I hope there is a sequel, with a Flynn/Cat love story perhaps! There is definitely more to tell in this story! *Disclosure - I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mennina1 More than 1 year ago
I would have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this story. Every page I turned there was action, drama, and romance. Cat has traded her soul and has been trying to get it back by performing tasks hoping she will finally pay back enough to be her own once again. The goddess who owns her soul, Eris, gambles away her soul in a poker game. She doesn't know about it until she goes to a party she is told to go to. She then realizes she needs to collect all 5 poker chips from the other players. I would have to say that part of it didn't make much sense to me, but added to the book. Cat is scrambling to try to figure it out and Marius who is Eris unpaid assistant. Then she decides that maybe she can just get her soul back herself.
AMANDA_BRAT69 More than 1 year ago
I was hooked from the start and wasn't let down even once. looking forward to more from Jamie Wyman.
MJSanders1021 More than 1 year ago
It's all fun and games until someone loses a soul. Catherine Sharp is a talented IT professional who finds herself in the employment of a powerful deity. Unbeknowing to her, she has been wagered in a high stakes game of poker between gods. Now she is being tested in unbelievable ways that are a matter of life or death. With the help of some pretty entertaining characters, Catherine must find a way to collect a series of chips and possibly win her own soul but there is a lot of underhandedness at play. Friend or foe you will find yourself asking about every character that comes into contact with Catherine because it is obvious that SOMEONE  is trying to kill her. Who can she really trust? Only time will tell. This book was an exciting roller coaster ride set against the backdrop of sin city herself, Las Vegas, allowing the paranormal aspects of the book to blend in well. Everyone has a secret and Catherine finds out that she has one as well. Will it lead to a happy ending or to her demise? Enjoy reading Wild card. I give this book  four stars.
mysticrosetiger More than 1 year ago
This book was ok but all through out reading this book, I was like "Oh" why does this book remind me of Percy Jackson series, Wicked Lovely and The Iron Fey all wrapped in one.