The Wind Guardian

The Wind Guardian

by Frank Scozzari


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The Wind Guardian by Frank Scozzari

Chilling...riveting...timely. Throws down the gauntlet for the next decade of the war on terrorism. Scozzari's terrorists bring the fight to us--and we're not ready - Lt. Colonel Rick Francona, CNN & NBC Military Analyst

In California, one of the largest nuclear centers of the United States is targeted by terrorists. Aided by an inside man, the extremists plan to seize the reactor and scatter radiation to the winds, wreaking havoc to the world.

Standing in their way are two misfit security guards, whose romantic escapade temporarily takes them off the terrorists' radar. After realizing what is happening in the power plant, they find themselves in a battle against time and overwhelming odds.

A sudden resurgence of duty has them taking up arms and committing beyond the point of no return. But has their call to action come too late?

Exposing the vulnerability of the nation

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ISBN-13: 9781519162106
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/04/2015
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

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The Wind Guardian 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
DiiMI More than 1 year ago
In an era where terrorism is more than a mere threat, Frank Scozzari’s Wind Guardian is a chilling accounting of a fictitious terrorist attack that is a worst nightmare come true. A nuclear power plant has been targeted by terrorists, and the final countdown is in progress as religious zealots plan to cause a complete nuclear meltdown with the fallout being carried on the wind, potentially killing millions. In spite of supposed air-tight security, run around the clock by vetted and well-trained specialists, the human factor becomes involved as one insider becomes a traitor and two security specialists would rather risk leaving their posts for a tryst on a reactor then live up to the responsibility of their jobs. Is it possible that a man who prefers pushing the envelope of life instead of honoring his paycheck by actually earning it and a young and naïve new recruit infatuated with what she sees as an adventurous lover could be the only ones left standing against well-armed terrorists? Do they stand a chance or will they find this night could be their last? Follow Frank Scozzari as he deftly creates an all too realistic scenario, adds “the worst that can happen” twists to his dark and disturbing tale while serving up a frightening account of the power of hatred, treachery and human failings. As citizens, we fear this could become reality, as humans, we know this is a definite possibility, yet to be completely surrounded by these events under the bold writing of Frank Scozzari, one would wonder how anyone can sleep at night! Brilliant writing, completely riveting and hopefully, this will remain the fictitious writing of a strong wordsmith. I received this copy from Frank Scozzari in exchange for my honest review.
LVGaudet More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book in exchange for reviewing it. It took a bit of time to get through this book with trying to read it over the busy and highly distracting Christmas season. The terrorist action plot is not my favorite genre, but I have no regrets in taking the time to read The Wind Guardian. This is an honest and unbiased review. The Wind Guardian is the first Frank Scozzari book I have read. If you are looking for a terrorist threat action story that is driven by the characters and does not get lost in the details then you will enjoy this book. This story is set in the comfort of a United States nuclear power facility where years of living comfortably safe leaves bored security officers with a lackadaisical attitude towards their jobs and the painstaking planning and work that goes into the security of the plant. Despite the best efforts of their supervisor, John Harkin, to keep his security officers alert and performing diligently to their by-the-book routine, some of his staff continually take a careless approach to their jobs, sneaking off for illicit rendezvous and naps. The reason for their jobs, threat of terrorist attack, is a world away for our characters. In The Wind Guardian, Frank Scozzari brings the self-absorbed lives of two characters, newly enamored lovers and co-workers, Cameron and Grace crashing down in a seeming unstoppable catastrophe. Other developments are in play while Cameron communes with nature in the “bone yard”, a protected archeological and burial site of the native Chumash, who he came to feel an affinity with, and Grace and he focus on trying to find ways to communicate on the shared open radio channel and meet up on the job. The pair makes the most unlikely of heroes, and are thrust in the center of events by their own selfish choices to put their mindless lust and an obsession with each other worthy of teenagers over their duties. While Frank Scozzari pauses in the action to fill the reader in on the workings of the nuclear facility and the bureaucracy, planning, routine, and weapons behind keeping it safe, he does it expertly without bogging down the story in the details. If anything, the tedium of guarding the plant and all the details that ago into it is a good set up for what is coming. The obvious tedium of the characters jobs and their lack of interest in performing them makes the events that unfold, and how easily, more believable. Frank Scozzari brings home in a realistic way just how easily the safety we take for granted can be taken away.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
*NOTE: This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Frank Scozzari's novel THE WIND GUARDIAN was a whirlwind ride with terrorists taking the helm and only a couple--security guards--standing in their way. All I can say is wow! Scozzari's book is well written, descriptive, and captivating. The author grabs the reader's attention right away and doesn't let go throughout this whirlwind thriller until the end. But most importantly, Scozzar's book also challenges the reader to think. Prior to reading this book, I was well aware of the threat of terrorism against the USA, but had never thought that terrorists could use a nuclear power plant as their ultimate weapon ... until now. Within the pages of this page-turning thriller, the author forces the reader to wonder if our nation is ready for such an attack. Sadly, probably not. THE WIND GUARDIAN is an intellectual whirlwind that challenges the reader to think ... and to take terrorism seriously. This book was an enjoyable, well-written, captivating read. I highly recommend it.
AquaJock More than 1 year ago
Wow! I’m a major Scozzari fan and I’d have to say this is his best work yet and the most gripping thriller I've ever read. The set up for what is to come builds a lot of tension. Learning about how the power plant, the shifts, posts and security features operate fascinated me. I also liked being brought close to many of the characters through a rambling, highly intelligent omniscient narrator. Once the action started, there was no way in hell I could stop reading even if the house caught fire. Seriously. Plan to stay up late the night you start this one!
GregorySTrachta More than 1 year ago
“The Wind Guardian” interweaves the reader into the action, inside, and within the environs, of Mal Loma, a nuclear power plant evocative of the Diablo Canyon plant near San Luis Obispo, California. The story comes at us so deeply immersed in the minds of key characters, that one almost roots for the bad guys. Nuclear energy produces the cheapest electricity, with the smallest carbon footprint, but it risks appalling consequences: fatal radiation and nuclear explosion. Much is done to control the risks, but is it enough? What if someone sabotaged a nuclear power plant? “The Wind Guardian,” by Frank Scozzari, Published 2015, by Creativia, wonders about that very question. This is no made-for-TV shoot ‘em up, although there is ample shooting and vivid imagery. The book rests on well-researched details of setting, weapons, machinery, security routines, and bureaucracy. The characters have complex backstories. The geography, including its archeological history, is itself a character, playing a providential role in the drama. There is even a walk-on, almost a speaking, part for the memory of the Chumash Indians, whose pre-colonial range was on the California coast. They are all here: the well intended, the experts-at-what-they-do, the screw-ups, the mindless bureaucrats, the mercenaries, the ideologues, the spirits of the long dead, and the lovers. In the end, as with the narrative of life, chance becomes a player, thwarting some efforts and enabling others. Read this book for its drama and human insight, and learn a little something about living with unthinkable risk.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I must admit, I was super excited to read this book! I read Frank Scozzari's other book, From Afar, so expectations were high. He most certainly didn't disappoint! This is a fast-paced, emotive thriller about two unsuspecting security guards faced with a real-life terrorist attack while on the job. The story is intense and feels uncannily real! I hung on every word, literally biting my nails at times...Unlike many thrillers that give us a sense of removed danger, this book drives home the fact that these sort of occurrences are possible and likely. Terrifying! The author has this amazing ability to connect the reader to his characters, and the fear and emotions were so raw and natural, I felt like I was right there in the scene (which was frightening but awesome!). The author's writing is top notch, flowing smoothly, building tension at every twist and turn. This is a powerful book that will affect readers and keep them up late into the night reading! I'm becoming quite a fan of Frank Scozzari, and I can't wait to see what he writes next!!! Like with his last book, this one is definitely at the top of my list for best reads in 2015!!! Undoubtedly a 5-star thriller!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frank Scozzari’s THE WIND GUARDIAN is a heart-pounding journey delving into one of today’s worst nightmares, a terrorist attack on a nuclear power plant. With realistic characters, intrigue, suspense, and a touch of romance, this story hard to put down. The main character, Cameron, is a night guard in the nuclear power plant in California. When a boring shift turns deadly, Cameron must figure a way to save not only his girlfriend Grace, but also the people of San Roque and beyond. As I read, I became more and more invested in what the future held for Cameron, Grace, and all the other employees of Mal Loma Nuclear Power Plant. I enjoyed switching between the different character’s perspectives. Being able to see what was to come through the villains’ eyes added more tension to this thriller. This is the first book by Frank Scozzari I’ve read, but it won’t be my last. I recommend THE WIND GUARDIAN to lovers of thrillers and suspenseful action.
MichaelSFields More than 1 year ago
Having not been familiar with Frank's work, I took it upon myself to read's Frank's latest book The Wind Guardian. It was an honor to read it. He gives great detail with every paragraph. He describes every character to where we get to know them right away. I was hooked early on when he describes a murder in a home. It was not only riveting, but you can see it happening. Another detail is the dialogue. It felt real as the characters talked like real people and tech talk that made me think he had experience in this before. With a twist and an action-packed ending, I really did enjoy this thriller and I recommend it to my closest friends. Five stars.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
While the terrorists are relentless to achieve their objectives a couple of security guards discover that they may not have the time or means to stop them. It was in the power plant that the guards discovered what was going down. With the assistance of a confidential man, the unwavering terrorists make use a nuclear power plant, in preparation to discharge radiation and usher devastation into the world. A great amount of stress builds as the plot thickens. It grows more riveting, crucial and will keep you on the edge of your seat until the story culminates. I reveled in it vastly. This novel was first-rate!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Suspenseful and full of surprises! A very enjoyable read!!! Scozzari is a talented writer and I couldn't wait to read his new book. With everything happening in the world right now, especially the events of the past few days, this book was a scary,chilling and yet believable depiction of terrorism! I love Scozzari's writing style, and that he isn't afraid of adding a few naughty scenes throughout. But what drives this story is suspense, and a terrifying portrayal of what could happen. I don't know how realistic the terrorist plots in this book are, and I would prefer to live in my bubble believing that it could never happen. But after reading this book I'm not to thrilled to be leaving a mere two hours from a nuclear power plant. Overall a great read and highly recommended!
J_M_Northup More than 1 year ago
Intriguing, exciting, and intelligent! Appropriate for today's news! I was really surprised by this novel. Not only was it plausible, but accurately detailed. I actually learned from this enjoyable and exciting tale of terror and terrorism! I was fascinated by the intricacies of the nuclear power plant, angered by the audacity of the attackers and their betrayal, and moved by the love story. This book has it all; adventure, romance, suspense, and action! Definitely worth your time - I highly recommend it, whether you're male or female!
Connie Lafortune More than 1 year ago
The Wind Guardian was a white-knuckled, hold-on-to-your seat kind of thriller. With a sweet romance that had me hooked from the beginning. Cameron Taylor's one of the many security guards who work the graveyard shift at the Mal Loma Nuclear Power Plant. And when Grace Baker starts working the night shift, Cameron doesn't find his job so tedious and boring anymore. In fact, he's willing to jeopardize his job and risk everything for a chance to spend more time with her. The story was so well-written, I found myself turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention, the amount of research that goes into a book like this. It's absolutely mind-blowing! A recommended read for all you thrill seekers out there.
AHallAverre More than 1 year ago
The Wind Guardian By Frank Scozzari is very well written. He did his research or has intimate knowledge of a nuclear power plant and security. Every detail of this novel was realistic.This novel is a romantic thriller that is action packed and very plausible.Terrorists and insider sabotage could target nuclear power plants in an attempt to release radioactive contamination into a community. I remember the United States 9/11 Commission saying that nuclear power plants were potential targets considered for the 9/11 attacks. That alone makes this an important read. A very fast paced and gripping one at that. I highly recommend this book. You may want to read this before it hits the big screen and becomes a major motion picture. Then you can tell all your friends, “I read that book before it was a movie.” The love story part of this novel touched my heart. Frank Scozzari is a great novelist and master storyteller!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an exciting read!! Unfortunately I kept getting interrupted when I read this, which was a little annoying but I quickly got back into the flow of the story. The attention to detail that Frank Scozzari put into this book is awe inspiring, especially with the workings of the nuclear plant and the routines that the security guards had to follow through their shift. His characters had diverse personalities which was believable and could be related to any workplace. He even allowed us readers to delve into the minds of the bad guys as well as the main characters. The story is fast acting, intense and intriguing which had me flipping the pages. The two main characters Cameron and Grace made the story whole... their romance was sweet and was a breath of fresh air as the terrorism threat thickened without their knowledge until they were literally thrown into it... they were both in the wrong place (and thankfully) at the right time. I totally recommend this book to anyone who loves an action packed thriller and with Frank's smooth writing style you will be glad you read it as am I.
CarolJParsons More than 1 year ago
Frank Scozarri weaves an intriguing tale of romance, murder, and terrorism in his lates novel, The Wind Guardian. What sets the tale apart from the usual thriller or suspense novel is Scozarri’s use of the ordinary. Like so many of us the would-be hero isn’t particularly good at his job, although he wants to be. It is those dreams of doing something worthwhile that enables our hero to rise above his failings. The story begins with a nuclear power plant set in the midst of unpredictable and prevailing winds. Throw in a daily routine that makes people lax and a group of terrorists bent on mass destruction and Scozarri has a tale worth reading. A master at visual, good description without being overly wordy or burdensome, he slowly builds the suspense and keeps the reader guessing until the plot -twisting end. “It was the Wind that made the plan truly clever. The intentional use of the Wind—nature’s natural force, one of unimaginable power and of broadest reach—to become the harbinger of death, carrying deadly gamma rays to inland cities.” Scozarri takes the reader into the world of painstaking counter-terrorism planning versus the realities of daily living with routines that lose their effectiveness and aptly demonstrating the reality of unforeseen small events that can unravel master plans, implicating every character as the traitorous inside man, while lulling the reader into accepting the characters at face value. With a sure hand, Scozarri paints the nuclear power plant as an innocent, unsuspecting bunny under the watchful gaze of the evil, inevitably approaching snake. What it lacks of the charm of From Afar, The Wind Guardian makes up for with the ruthless calculations of predators stalking the innocent. The Wind Guardian offers a chilling, realistic portrayal of the ease with which terrorism could take place on American soil Warnings: gratuitous sex scene at beginning of book
I_Taylor More than 1 year ago
This book has a many sub plots that come together in a fantastic finale. Cameron is a loved-up security agent working for his local nuclear power plant. He’s bored with his job and the only reason he still turns up every day is because Grace, his new girlfriend, also works there. There are plenty of characters to become attached to, but he was my favourite, and I followed him from the edge of my seat, hoping that he would make it out alive. The story is set in and around the confines of the power plant, and so much detail has gone into the workings and layout that you might think you would be bogged down with it, but this is not so. The writer makes sure you know where you are and who you are with at all times, and by the middle of the book you become so engrossed within it that you almost feel like you work there yourself. I really enjoyed this book, the story was intricate and amazing. The love interest between Cameron and Grace was endearing and exciting. The interaction between the terrorist was eye opening and really enriched the story giving it a completely three dimensional feel. I consider this book to be an amazing piece of work, which touches some sensitive issues in a thoughtful and entertaining way.