Wine Self-Talk: 15 Minutes to Relax & Tap Into Your Inner Genius

Wine Self-Talk: 15 Minutes to Relax & Tap Into Your Inner Genius

by Kristen Helmstetter
Wine Self-Talk: 15 Minutes to Relax & Tap Into Your Inner Genius

Wine Self-Talk: 15 Minutes to Relax & Tap Into Your Inner Genius

by Kristen Helmstetter


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From the author of the international bestseller, Coffee Self-Talk, comes the next installment for living a magical life: Wine Self-Talk.

*Note: Wine is not required to reap the benefits of using this book.

Somewhere deep inside you are all the answers you seek. Answers to questions. Solutions to make your problems go away. Ways to make your stress and anxiety vaporize. Ways to make your dreams come true.

Wine Self-Talk is a simple, delicious ritual to help you relax, unwind, and tap into your inner genius.

Start living your brilliant life...

There is a source of sacred wisdom in you. A voice that knows what to do. A connection to a broader consciousness. It's your inner creative genius. We all have it. The problem for most people is that our minds are too full of other things to hear that inner voice.

Creativity is not reserved for just painters, poets, and musicians. It's also for moms, dads, teachers, and grandparents. It's for wives, husbands, and anyone in a relationship. It's for business owners, managers, salespeople, or anyone who wants to do better at whatever it is they do.

Creativity is the key to brilliance. It's the key to living a brilliant life.

  • Creativity is empowering.
  • It helps you tackle everyday challenges with ease.
  • It improves your mood, making you feel wonderful.
  • It makes you happier and more satisfied.
  • It takes your life in exciting new directions.
  • It makes you feel like your life is magical.
  • It gives you feelings of meaning and purpose.

Wine Self-Talk is a simple, fascinating, 15-minute ritual that you do anytime you want to tap into your inner genius and unlock your creative brilliance. All that, with one glass of wine! (There's a chapter on Champagne Self-Talk, too!)

If you sometimes feel like problems lurk behind every corner, then you need to tap into your inner creativity to find new ways to handle them. You'll soon find confidence and grace, seeing opportunities instead of challenges.

Or if you just want more fun in life, creativity is the answer!

When you're more creative, you live an easier, happier life. The more you do it, the easier it gets... we can all massively improve our creativity muscles. Not just for problem solving and epic living, but, yes, for traditional creative passions, too... writing, cooking, painting, making music, photography, sewing, gardening, dancing, acting, coding, doing puzzles, coloring, interior decorating, graphic design, and so much more!

Whether you're into creative endeavors or not, that's fine, because this book will help you hone your creativity skills to become a problem-solving ninja, smashing through problems, coming at all sides with brilliant ideas.

Creativity helps you improve your imagination in your business, love life, family and all relationships. You can even improve your health by being more creative.

Get started today! Amp up your creativity, and watch your life soar to new heights in everything you do.

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