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Wise Secrets of Aloha: Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi

Wise Secrets of Aloha: Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi

by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Garnette Arledge
Wise Secrets of Aloha: Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi

Wise Secrets of Aloha: Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi

by Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim, Garnette Arledge


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Harry Uhane Jim is one of the last Kahuna of Lomilomi, Keeper of the Deep Mysteries of authentic Hawaiian esoterica. He shares the secrets of this ancient oral tradition with readers for the first time in Wise Secrets of Aloha.

Recognizing that the world is in great peril, Kahuna Harry was blessed by the Halau Guardians who instructed him to share the true teachings and tools of Lomilomi for the practice of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. He writes: "Now is the time to share aloha with humanity. ‘Aloha' means the Breath of God is in our Presence. It is time to reveal the profound Lomilomi secrets of the kahunas for personal and planetary peace."

Wise Secrets of Aloha is as simple as it is profound, as contemporary as it is ancient. It is true to Hawaiian esoteric teachings and available to all who bring the right attitude. Aloha calls. Listen in the the splash of waves, in the breeze-the air is filled with aloha. All the abundance, joy, and freedom from old wounds readers have ever yearned for can be found by adopting the aloha spirit.

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ISBN-13: 9781578633982
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 03/01/2007
Pages: 150
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About the Author

Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim was born on Kauai fortyeight years ago to parents on both sides of the mystery. From the age of eight, Harry was mentored and taught by a succession of authentic Hawaiian Elders, the Kupuna and Kahuna. Trained in surfing, kayaking, and skin diving as spiritual, emotional, and physical routes to the Paa or the Transcendent Now, he went on to give healing treatments in Temple Lomilomi.

Beloved author Garnette Arledge had an intuitive flash when she fist met Kahuna Harry that she would work with him on a book. She had to ask him three times before the Halau Guardians said the time was right. She resides in Woodstock, NY.

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Wise Secrets of Aloha

Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi

By Harry Uhane Jim, Garnette Arledge

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2007 Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-57863-398-2


The Esoteric Aloha Spirit

A Ke Akua! By your power and agreement, I declare: Open the Port.

—ancient Hawaiian invocation

Welcome to Hawaii, where every leaf, every rock, every person, every waterfall, the waves, the ocean, the beach, the scented trade winds, and all life is a manifestation of divine energy and brimming with Aloha for you.

In this place, this space, the reigning idea is that, as God sees us, no one is above the other. So humans see God in every form, and in no form there is not God's presence. Hawaii's secret of paradise is Aloha: "the breath of God is in our presence."

Aloha, the beloved greeting for hello and good-bye known the world over, is a many-leveled, truly multisplendored healing sound all by itself. There is in all creation, in Aloha, a bigger, wider, more substantive presence of spirituality than we can, at the surface, see or know.

So say Aloha now to yourself. Savor Aloha, the traditional greeting. Generosity offers you a scented white-ginger lei. You are the welcomed guest. Aloha overflows with hospitality, flashes abundance, and offers beauty to all.

Thus, each person honored with Aloha feels loved, feels welcomed, feels beauty, feels warmth, and therefore feels joy. Emotions swim with delight; healing occurs. The separation of strangers is replaced with the natural warmth of being loved, being supported. When the plane touches down in Honolulu, the tradition is that beauties rush forward gracefully, singing Aloha, and placing leis around the necks of newcomers.

More spirituality is going on here than is apparent to the physical eyes. This Aloha welcoming ritual is designed to raise the vibration of the travel-weary newcomer to these islands that are the most remote from any of the continents on Earth. Aloha calls forth, soul to soul, the spirit of generosity and hospitality. In knowingly greeting newcomers with Aloha, invoking the presence of God within, automatically, the vibrations of the travel-weary visitor are raised, thus benefiting all. Harry calls this process vivification—revving up the energy, raising good spiritual feelings. Is this a working definition of Hawaiian theology? Yes, partially, according to the Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa'au, Harry and Sila's esoteric school for creating knowledge of the spirit of healing-touch medicine.

Harry says healing is the inalienable inheritance of each human. Healing transforms the person into an actual temple in which time, space, and will converge. Each person is a temple. Then, knowing of such healing, each person can say, "Lomilomi is a commitment to myself. My presence here is a sacred manifestation from me to myself to shower gratitude, growth, and bliss to my whole being. I focus to enter into and sustain my temple in the heart, the pu'u."

Swimming into the depths of knowledge requires healing of the cherished wounds and tantrums of the past, present, and future, all lurking within the body-mind-emotional system of an individual.

You become the temple so that energy moves from the heart, and through the heart moves the essence of your own light, your Uhane (see chapter two), your support, guide, and grace. You will begin each Lomilomi session with a receiver's opportunity to commit to the experience by saying these words:

I commit the energy of certainty to the abundance and perfection of my intuition, as I am radiant in the light of Aloha.

Make this your own pledge.

So let us begin with the teaching. First: the symbol of Thundering Grace. (See illustration on page 7.)

This complex symbol pictures both God's grace and human's gratitude back to God. Not the God of our understanding, but to Hawaiian kahunas, God grander than our ability to hold in the mind. Light is another Hawaiian code word for God. Light is defined as having a conscious connection to God. Light that feeds the human's call for grace by sending Spirit, which regenerates and strengthens humans. That grace is inalienable and freely given. That grace is the unmerited favor and love of God. In turn, we feed the Light through gratitude, or the state of being grateful. The symbol pictures God's reaction to our call. This crosscurrent of energy generates grace receiving gratitude.

Time and Hawaiian Time

Here at the beginning, it is useful to acknowledge the Hawaiian way of knowing time, which is so far across the sea from clock time. Hawaiian time, in the Halau, is vertical. Wherever you are, be it O'ahu, Minneapolis, or Toronto, living in the Aloha Spirit is living in vertical time. Having a Lomilomi treatment seems on the surface like a spa vacation for an hour. Yet people long to savor and continue the freedom and pleasure of their vacations or massage even in the midst of the workaday world. Living in an awareness of the reality of vertical time can fulfill that longing.

What is vertical time? Vertical time means no deadlines, no fixed schedules. Vertical time means freedom, kindness, unity, humility, patience, alertness. Vertical time we all share with God. Healing may be outside our comfort zone or boundaries. If so, a part of those boundaries are linear time. If healing were inside our comfort zone, we would already be healed. Thinking that a trip to the islands is a vacation to a destination is linear time. Believing that a trip to the islands is an inner journey to wholeness is vertical time.

Harry: The ancient ones believed that all time is now, that we are each creators of our lifestyle and its conditions. We created who we are and everything that becomes a part of our lives. Any situation we might find ourselves in is brought about by us in learning the many pathways of life. Our situations are not the results of a judgment of our actions. But who we become is caused by our thoughts and choices.

To Hawaiians, linear time is the dream of commonality that all minds share. The Halau Uhane Lomilomi Lapa'au is the journey of conscious partnership between you and your emotional body. It is the expression of the Hawaiians' premise and perception of the world around them—that we are in linear and vertical time.

We all live in the linear time. It is the watch on your arm determining your schedule. Vertical time, on the other hand, is that connection with the Higher Self. The Hawaiian knows, and we want you to know, how to emotionally invest in Spirit: the Au'makua, the infinite mind of you, the light of the presence of God in you. (This will be explored further in chapter two.)

Garnette: The Greeks called timelessness "no-time" or Kairos. Clock time is Kronos, chronological time. Working nine to five is linear time, then. Vertical time is free of the clock, a vacation from boundaries to the bliss of timelessness—God's time, not past, present, or future, but Pa'a, the now.

Harry: We call that now time Pa'a. Lomilomi, like surfing, is both a vertical and linear time experience. Both activities require the skill of navigating personal emotions, while moving in unity with energy. The only navigation available to guide you is truth in the Spirit. The task of maneuvering a Lomilomi treatment and maneuvering through the center of a wave requires the Lomilomi giver and the surfer to receive information and grace from the Higher Self. This is why these are both vertical and linear experiences.

A Lomilomi session is about the moments when a person's vibration is raised vertically to that Pa'a, the now, that presence of God in us, for maybe two to three seconds. Then all the rest of the session before and after is entertainment, anchoring the feeling of Pa'a, the now, into the person's experience.

Harry's Story: The Vertical Time Experience

"When I was eleven years old, I stood on a surfboard and went into the waves. And I felt oneness with God, time, the waves, the ocean, the sky, with all. Surfing became my religion for a while. I exulted in vertical time. It was no-time, yet vibrantly alive, and I was one with surfing. Hawaiians really value the emotional presence of our bodies in vertical time. Again I say, vertical time is what we all share with God in the present. When we crack the pattern that causes illness, there is happiness in a nanosecond, in the Pa'a, the now.

So when you swim into the meanings of Hawaiian words, relax, have fun. Remember the less definitions, the more space. Emotional maturity is the fortitude to know yourself better. Look into the home of your mind to see where you live. Your mind can direct the force of power of gratitude to your body. Say:

My body knows how to take care of this body. My body sends signals, pain and pleasure signals."

Preparing the Path

As we begin to explore this realm of Hawaiian body work healing, we do first things first. We prepare the path. We already have Aloha, the presence of God within us, and we know we can move at will between linear time into the Pa'a, the now, of vertical time. Where do we find the path?

Opportunities are given to you in the space of the Halau. The tradition of the Halau is that touch medicine is learned in both vertical and linear time. Experience is based on the format. Therefore, be quiet and listen first in order to find the path to healing. The way to see or feel and then know what is inside the space of Lomilomi is through the traditional style.

Harry's Story: The Uhane Lineage, the People of Uhane

"I am in the lineage of the namesake Uhane. The second of four in Pa'a, the now, here, with this generation. The Uhane can be traced in the Kumulipu, an ancient chant of four thousand generations of history that is in the kahuna's keeping and that takes about three days and three nights of continuous speaking. The Kumulipu, in Hawaiian, means "genesis."

From the beginning of our group-mind intention to Pa'a, the now, the Kumulipu records every clan of the original few people and the ancestral progression of each namesake as it has grown, then matured, then been completely destroyed in the genocide. Hawaiians have been experiencing genocide since Captain Cook's arrival in 1778.

The Kumulipu, according to the learnings I carry, is a chant that bends through time into a circle of completion. The genocide of the Hawaiian nationality is bemoaned as terrorism on the face of each native Hawaiian. The terrorism is the destruction of our lands and culture. On the inside, found in the light of the Hawaiian DNA, is the knowing that however much we are grieving this genocide, it proves our time here with the mother, Mauna Loa, is completed. We have achieved the circle of perfection, which is what we Hawaiians came to this Earth to do.

The word kahuna is a verb, not a noun. The Hawaiian knows this because the Hawaiian feels the Kumulipu inside. The DNA presence of the Hawaiian was, is, and will be the holder of the truth, until the truth seed is ready to expand. The culture has done too much and has had too much done to it on this Earth. Our mother the Earth is Moana. The Hawaiian culture is dying, as will Mother Earth. Moana not only dies, but also comes to completion, to resolution, giving us freedom to move through to higher or parallel fields of consciousness. The Hawaiian culture, like all circle-based cultures, is lovingly leaving us jewels of ever-expanding knowledge.

I was born in 1958. In that time, there were three Uhane: me, my father, and my grandfather—Harry Uhane Ekau Jim our namesake source. Grandfather was Uhane clan from Maui. He was Hanai, meaning that he was adopted by the Ekau Ohana (the Ekau family).

His birth mother, my great-grandmother, was Hina ha Uhane of Hana, Maui. Her name, Hina ha Uhane, is a tribute in the feminine context and means "the healing sister of Pele." Pele is known worldwide as the fire goddess of Kilauea. In the canonization of the seven sisters of Pele, the Kumulipu accounts Hina, the gray one, the energy of the mist of the forest mountains. The underside of the Lehua leaf in the mountains is hina, a mix between silver and green. We know that the realm of the patriarch in the place of healing is the hina, the Ha, the breath of the spirit of the healing sister of Pele, that immortal being Hina Uhane.

But it is critical to understand that the name's tribute is not to the personality or deity of Hina, nor to the noun. The tribute is to the energy of the verb hina.

Harry Uhane Ekau Jim was my father's father. When my paternal grandfather was born, he was the end of the line. He was the only Uhane left. Then upon his twenty-seventh year he came to the island of Kauai, and my father was born through his mother, Marilyn Manoi. I was very close to grandfather Uhane.

From these grandparents came my father, Harold Uhane Jim. His Uhane connects the lineage of the Manoi clan, who trace their Kumulipu to keepers of the mountain known as Kahili. This Kahili mountain is on Kauai, near the south Koloa area, separate from Lihue crater and other mountain ranges. It is the place where the people Mu were received by Moana, where Mother Earth greeted these Pleiadians. Again, the tribute in the name Kahili is not to mountain the noun, but the verb, the energy, of the mountain.

I myself landed (was born) on Moana on the island of Kauai. If you ever landed on Kauai, you know you have come to a full and regal expression of Moana. Kauai is the oldest in the chain of islands and the purest expression of the mind at peace. She is an artist's palette of greens and blues that splash open your being, all in a sensual envelope of perpetually vitalized air.

I came through this time near my father's twenty-seventh year on Kauai. My mother, Janet Marie Desilva Jim, was born on Kauai and not with lineage to the Kumulipu. She was the daughter of a couple from Madeira, also an island, off the coast of Portugal. Her twentieth year gave her the third Uhane-to-be—me.

In my twentieth year, the last Uhane of his generation, Grandpa, passed. In my twenty-seventh year came the new third Uhane of Pa'a, the now—our son Kapono Uhane Isaiah—on Kauai through his mother Sila Lehua, granddaughter of Papa David Kaonohiokala Bray. Their linage carries the kahuna seed on through to the kahuna, the Seeing Eye of the Sun. This kahunas' clan is the shaper and manager of the belief systems. Keola-Uhane David Jim, or the fourth Uhane, came to Sila Lehua and myself in my thirty-fourth year—this one lands on the island of Hawaii. Now there are four Uhane.

There has been for four thousand generations Uhane in the seed (or the egg). This the Kumulipu recounts.

Our link—Sila and I—is five children: Keola, Keani, Kapono, Kala'e, and Leinani. Not all of the children are kahuna the noun, but all have kahuna the verb. Keola means the one who holds health; Keani Kalaheiwa, the sweet breeze of the mountain fern; Kapono, the rightful and balanced; Kala'e, calm and clear; and Leinani, heaven's garland.

I took the challenge to be a Lomilomi giver when I was three, although I was young. By the time I was age four, family and friends were asking me to do healing touch. When you take the challenge to be a Lomilomi giver, you will radiate healing. People who receive will feel better. Your power as a witness of grace receiving gratitude comes from the shift in your belief system. (This will be explored further in chapter four.)

Kahunas do not tell how to shift the belief system into deep understanding, but instead do Lomilomi. This is because kahunas don't want to hold you back from embracing all of vertical time. When you find it yourself, you will own it. Don't tell, show; don't say, do. If kahunas tell, they divert you from your own discovery and your own ability to swim deep, alone with Spirit only."

I'o: The Hawk

To Hawaiians God is a verb, an action—not a noun or a name. Emotions, too, are actions. God's motive for creation is so that we can experience life more fully and get to know ourselves better. God was motivated to create so that we might find/achieve the ultimate expression of emotional maturity.

In the Eastern religions there is no word for God, a concept so huge. In the I Ching, to Hinduism ultimately, and to Buddhism, God is a force. To Hawaiians also, God is pure nondualism in the ultimate. For teaching purposes, the highest representation of the ancient ones—so omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent—was the hawk, I'o, soaring over the highest volcanoes. Understand this, it is critical to healing. Lomilomi empowers the God in you. Our job as Lomilomi givers is to be the witness of the receiver's work, to resolve and absolve. Everyone can experience the state of Pa'a, the now, vertical no-time. You have already experienced it, but with Lomilomi you learn to enter it at will. Enter and exit into your Higher Self as you Lomilomi your life. You have the techniques in you; bring them out. You have the capacity to trust yourself. This is what it takes to be a healer. I know every one of you, and I love you.


Excerpted from Wise Secrets of Aloha by Harry Uhane Jim, Garnette Arledge. Copyright © 2007 Harry Uhane Jim and Garnette Arledge. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents



Introduction Calling the Wave,

Part One Calling and Feeding the Aloha Spirit,

Chapter One The Esoteric Aloha Spirit,

Chapter Two The Triune Self and the Meaning in Aloha,

Chapter Three Creating Space for Healing,

Part Two Temple Lomilomi Techniques,

Chapter Four Ha Breath: Grace Receiving Gratitude,

Chapter Five Laulima: Laying on of Hands,

Chapter Six Bone Washing: Releasing Cherished Wounds,

Part Three Living Aloha,

Chapter Seven The Path to Manifesting Life Abundance,

Chapter Eight Lessons from the Hawaiian Workshop,

Chapter Nine Lomilomi Healing Stories,


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