Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators

Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators

by Susanne Tedrick
Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators

Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators

by Susanne Tedrick


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Highly Commended International Business Book from the 2021 Business Book Awards

Nonfiction Book Awards Silver Winner from the Nonfiction Authors Association

Winner of CompTIA's 2020 Diversity Technology Leader Spotlight Award

Winner of a Technology Rising Star Award from the 2020 Women of Color in STEM Conference

Break through barriers to achieve a rewarding future in tech

Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators will help you overcome the obstacles that often prevent women of color from pursuing and staying in tech careers. Contrary to popular belief, tech careers are diverse and fun—and they go far beyond just coding. This book will show you that today's tech careers are incredibly dynamic, and you'll learn how your soft skills—communication, public speaking, networking—can help you succeed in tech.

This book will guide you through the process of cultivating strong relationships and building a network that will get you were you want to be. You'll learn to identify a strong, knowledgeable support network that you can rely on for guidance or mentorship. This step is crucial in getting young women of color into tech careers and keeping them there.

  • Build your professional network to get the guidance you need
  • Find a mentor who understands your goals and your struggles
  • Overcome negativity and stay motivated through difficult times
  • Identify and develop the soft skills that you need to get ahead in tech

Read this book to help bring to life your vision of a future in tech. With practical advice and inspiring stories, you’ll develop the right tools and the right mindset. Whether you're just considering going into tech or you want to take your current career to the next level, Women of Color in Tech will show you how to uncover the resources you need to succeed.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119633488
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 04/14/2020
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 396,490
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Susanne Tedrick is a technical specialist for a leading Fortune 50 technology company. Fiercely committed to increasing participation of women and people of color in STEM educational and professional opportunities, she is a career mentor for the Pathways in Technology Early College High School (P-TECH) Initiative and a volunteer workshop technical assistant for Black Girls Code, a non-profit that empowers girls of color to develop in-demand IT skills and prepare to advance careers in tech.

Table of Contents

Foreword xxiii

Introduction xxv

Chapter 1 The Current State of Women of Color in Tech 1

The Realities 1

What's Going On? 3

Early Childhood 4

Primary, Middle, and High School 5

College 6

The Workplace 8

Why You Should Be Here 10

My Journey to Tech 10

It's (Slowly) Getting Better 12

Support 13

Number of Job Opportunities 14

Pay 15

It's Fun 15

Opportunities to Help Others 16

We Need You! 16

Tech Career Misconceptions 17

Tech Careers Require Constant, Hands-On Programming 18

All Tech Careers Require a Four-Year Degree 18

All Tech Careers Require Studying Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Another Specific Field 18

All Tech Careers Pay a Ton of Money 19

Tech Careers Exist Only at Top Tech Companies 20

Tech Careers Are Only for People with Certain Backgrounds, Grades, Etc. 21

Creating a Blueprint 25

Summary 26

Chapter 2 The Different Flavors of Tech Careers 27

Business Analysis 29

What They Do 29

Top Skills Needed 31

Educational Requirements 31

For Additional Information 32

Consulting 32

What They Do 33

Top Skills Needed 34

Educational Requirements 35

For Additional Information 35

Computer Networking 36

What They Do 37

Top Skills 37

Educational Requirements 38

For Additional Information 38

Data Science 39

What They Do 40

Top Skills 40

Educational Requirements 41

For Additional Information 41

Information Security 42

What They Do 42

Top Skills 44

Educational Requirements 44

For Additional Information 45

Product Management 45

What They Do 46

Top Skills 46

Educational Requirements 47

For Additional Information 47

Project Management 47

What They Do 48

Top Skills 49

Educational Requirements 49

For Additional Information 50

Software Development and Engineering 50

What They Do 51

Top Skills 52

Educational Requirements 53

For Additional Information 53

Technical Sales 53

What They Do 54

Top Skills 54

Educational Requirements 55

For Additional Information 55

Technical Support 55

What They Do 56

Top Skills 56

Educational Requirements 57

For Additional Information 57

User Experience Design 57

What They Do 58

Top Skills 59

Educational Requirements 60

For Additional Information 60

Web Design 60

What They Do 61

Top Skills 61

Educational Requirements 61

For Additional Information 62

Where Do You Fit In? 62

What Are Your Strengths and Your Weaknesses? 62

What Do You Value? 63

What Are Your Interests? 65

Summary 65

Chapter 3 Industry and Other Options 67

Advertising and Marketing 68

Civics and Public Interest 69

Construction and Manufacturing 71

Education 73

Finance 75

Healthcare 77

The US Government 79

On Your Own: Entrepreneurism 82

What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur 83

Getting Started 84

Research Your Market 84

Write a (Solid) Business Plan 85

Estimate Initial Costs 86

Determine Sources of Initial Funding 86

Keep Going or Stop? 88

Summary 89

Chapter 4 Emerging Technologies 91

What Is an Emerging Technology? 91

The Future of Work 92

Artificial Intelligence 93

The Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning 94

Why Does It Matter? 95

Where Can I Learn More? 96

Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality 97

Why Does It Matter? 98

Where Can I Learn More? 99

Blockchain 99

Why Does It Matter? 101

Where Can I Learn More? 102

Cloud Computing 102

Service Models 104

Deployment Models 106

Why Does It Matter? 106

Where Can I Learn More? 107

Internet of Things 108

Why Does It Matter? 109

Where Can I Learn More? 110

3D Printing 110

Why Does It Matter? 111

Where Can I Learn More? 112

Keeping Up with Technology Trends 112

Information Sources 113

Tools 114

Summary 115

Chapter 5 Building Your Network 117

The Importance of Building Your Network 117

Where to Network 119

Mentoring 121

Where to Find Mentors 121

Blueprints for a Beneficial Mentoring Relationship 121

You've Found a Mentor-Now What? 124

Listen, This Isn't Working Out 125

You Need a Sponsor, Not a Mentor 126

Overcoming Social Anxiety 127

Strengthening Your Connections 129

Summary 130

Chapter 6 Building Your Skills 131

Skills Gap Analysis: Where Do You Need to Be? 131

Exception 1 133

Exception 2 133

Formal Education (Is It Worth It?) 133

Trade Schools 135

Massive Online Open Courses 137

Boot Camps 138

Hackathons 139

Conferences and Seminars 140

Internships, Externships, and Co-ops 141

Volunteering 143

Certifications 144

Do You Need Certification? 145

How to Pay for Skills Training 146

Loans 146

Student Loans 146

Personal Loans 147

Credit and Charge Cards 147

Use Credit Responsibly and Sparingly 148

Grants and Scholarships 148

Tuition Reimbursement 149

Deferred Tuition Plans and Income Share Agreements 150

Crowdfunding 151

Summary 152

Chapter 7 Demonstrating Your Skills 153

Building Your Resume(s) 153

Chronological 154

Functional 155

Combination 156

What Every Resume Must Have 157

The Heading 158

The Body 158

What You Can Leave Out 162

First Impressions Matter 165

Additional Tips and Resources for Resume Writing 166

LinkedIn 169

The Difference between LinkedIn and Your Resume 170

Creating a LinkedIn Profile 171

Essential Elements of a LinkedIn Profile 171

Additional LinkedIn Tips 174

Writing 175

Online Publishing Platforms 175

Academic and Professional Journals 176

Public Speaking 177

Public Speaking Misconceptions 178

Public Speaking Basics 178

Where to Find Speaking Opportunities 180

Other Creative Ways to Show What You Know 181

GitHub 181

Personal Websites 182

Building Your Interviewing Skills 184

Becoming a Better Interviewee 185

Summary 187

Chapter 8 Job Offers and Negotiating Compensation 189

A Cautionary Tale (or, Don't Do This!) 189

Understanding Compensation and Salary 191

Compensation 191

Salary 192

The Job Offer Process 193

Evaluating a Job Offer 194

Do You Like the Job and This Company? 195

Are Your "Must Haves" Addressed? 196

Is the Salary Offered Fair? 197

Why Negotiate Your Job Offer? 199

More of What You Want, Now 199

Solidify Your Negotiation Skills 199

Show Employers You Know Your Value 199

There Are Few Downsides to Asking 199

You May Not Get as Much Later 200

You'll Hurt Your Finances in the Long Run 201

Preparing to Negotiate 201

Negotiation Dos and Don'ts 202

You Didn't Negotiate! Is It Too Late? 205

Additional Resources 205

Final Thoughts-It's Okay to Want (and Ask for) Money 206

Summary 207

Chapter 9 When Times Get Tough 209

The Need for Grid 209

The Problem with "Twice as Good" 212

Failure 213

Impostor Syndrome 216

Bias 218

Tokenism and Being "The Only" 221

Bullying 222

Lack of Support and Help 223

The Importance of Mental Health 226

Allies and When They Fall Short 228

The Need for Allyship 228

Allies Are Human 229

Summary 230

Chapter 10 The Importance and Joy of Giving Back 233

Why Give Back 233

You Make a Difference 233

Helping Others See and Know What's Possible 234

Great Rewards 235

Building Relationships 237

Coping with a Bad Day 237

You've Been in Their Shoes 238

How to Give Back 239

Summary 241

Index 243

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

Women of Color in Tech: A Blueprint for Inspiring and Mentoring the Next Generation of Technology Innovators is a beautifully written work of nonfiction that directly relates to the wave of feminism that has characterized twenty-first century life. It is also a brilliant tribute to women, and the suffragette movement that has been especially important since it has been one hundred years between 1920 and 2020. This compelling work of nonfiction is a key example of how women are capable of using their minds to leave indelible impacts upon both the modern world and life in very general terms.”

―Judging Panel, Nonfiction Authors Association Book Awards Program

"Women of Color in Tech is a stimulus for asking the right questions. If you read Chapter 9, you'll really understand some of Susanne's personal experiences around microaggressions, micro harassment, and the barriers that are artificially constructed that sometimes dominant populations at a company have no understanding off...I think it opens up topics for conversation that are natural and organic. It is a must-read."

―Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO of NPower

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