The Work of Enchantment

The Work of Enchantment

by Matthew Del Nevo

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The Work of Enchantment suggests that it is a lack of "enchantment" in rich, developed countries that causes soul-starved Westerners to experience mental (and sometimes physical) illness. Del Nevo argues that this "enchantment" is most often experienced in childhood, but can also be found in adulthood, particularly through art. However, adults must cultivate within themselves the ability to appreciate art by reading, listening, and gazing-activities often misconceived in advanced industrial societies. Del Nevo describes the framework of enchantment and its philosophical and historical roots. He then concentrates on the work of enchantment within literature, considering what enchantment might entail taking the works of Proust, Rilke, and Goethe as examples. Del Nevo shows how a sense of enchantment forms within and between art works, using his literary examples, as well as between the work and the audience. The reader will learn along the way that enchantment may be found in the power of words, as an expression of the desire of the soul, a compliment of melancholy, and in art that points to something beyond itself. Enchantment may be found in many places, ranging from philosophy, religion, and psychology to sociology and culture, but here Del Nevo focuses on literature. His audience is people who are searching for something beyond money or glamour-perhaps the meaning of art and culture. His focus on literary masterpieces such as the Duino Elegies, Remembrance of Things Past, Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, and others will make it of interest to those in cultural studies. Well written and engaging, and accessible to non-specialist readers, this unusual work in philosophy and aesthetics is free of jargon and complicated verbiage. Inspiring and enlivening, it is, in the author's words, "a stirring call to idleness."

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Publication date: 09/08/2017
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About the Author

Matthew Del Nevo is a philosopher at the Catholic Institute of Sydney and author of The Valley Way of Soul, The Work of Enchantment (Transaction, 2011), and The Continental Community of Inquiry. His articles have appeared in Literature and Theology, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Australasian Pentecostal Studies.

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Introduction 1

1 The Importance of Enchantment 11

2 A New Priority 21

3 "A little patch of yellow wall" 35

4 "Nothing more than a few words" 43

5 Vinteuil's Sonata 55

6 The Proper Name 61

7 Narcissus 75

8 Narcissus Later 83

9 The Turning 89

10 Dark Enchantment 95

11 "The little rust-colored sail" 103

12 The Frame of Enchantment 115

13 The Devil's Work 135

14 The Joy of Enchantment 153

Index 165

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