Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness

Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness

by Ryan James Miller
Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness

Wounds: How Hurt, Heartache, and Tragedy Become the Keys to Unlocking Greatness

by Ryan James Miller


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Your wounds hold the key to everything you've ever dreamed.

You want to stand on the mountaintop, but no matter how hard you work or how much of yourself you invest, you cannot reach the pinnacle of success. Lately, doubts have crept in, darkening your days and making you wonder if trauma and pain from the past will always prevent you from achieving all you desire.

Left untreated-or mistreated-the wounds you bear can cause serious complications and hold you back. Ryan James Miller tackles the things that have scarred us: loss, abandonment, addiction, health issues, and disability, among others. Wounds offers a way through.

Learn to recognize the damage you've suffered. Discover real ways to address your wounds, grow from them, relate to others through them, and ultimately, leverage them. Only then can you embrace the plans God has for your life and achieve the greatness He created you for.

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ISBN-13: 9798988851424
Publisher: Rjm
Publication date: 09/12/2023
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.44(d)

About the Author

Meet Ryan James Miller, your compass for navigating the intricate maze where faith, family, and professional aspirations intersect. With more than two decades of corporate leadership experience, Ryan is not just another performance coach; he's a faith-fueled peak performance maestro specializing in mental resilience, self-management, and mindfulness. His coaching isn't just about reaching the pinnacle of professional success; it's about doing so without sacrificing your spiritual integrity or family values.Ryan's unique blend of expertise converges at the nexus of business acumen and spiritual wisdom. He's a relator and strategic thinker, gifted with the ability to communicate complex ideas effortlessly. His Predictive Index profile paints the picture of a dynamic communicator, driven by a sense of urgency and an innate understanding of human behavior. He's not just selling you coaching; he's imparting a life-changing experience that aligns with your deeply-rooted faith and familial commitments.Are you grappling with the emotional tug-of-war between self-worth and career milestones? Ryan gets it. His survival of the 2017 Route 91 Harvest mass shooting was a catalyst that transformed him into the high performer he is today. From that awakening, he committed to leveraging his wounds to help others redefine their lives from the inside out. He understands the struggles of the emotionally intelligent, reflective soul standing at the crossroads of faith and ambition, and offers actionable strategies to intertwine these aspects into a seamless garment of personal growth.Ryan is excited to announce the release of his first book, "Wounds," in September 2023. The book epitomizes his core beliefs that faith is not just the anchor but the sail propelling you forward in life. It aims to shatter the misguided notion that peak professional performance is at odds with a life steeped in faith.His speaking engagements and workshops cover a range of topics, from "High-Performance Habits to Crush Your Goals" to "Nontoxic Masculinity: Becoming the Best Man at Work and Home." But what sets Ryan apart are the faith-based underpinnings that turn these sessions into more than just motivational spiels. They become transformative experiences.Jesus is Ryan's Savior, and his family is the bedrock upon which he stands. An active member of his community and a loving husband and father, Ryan embodies the balance that so many aspire to achieve. So, if you're seeking a tailor-made, faith-based coaching experience that offers long-term gains without compromising your spiritual or familial values, Ryan James Miller is your go-to guide.
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