X Marks the Spot

X Marks the Spot

by Opal Carew

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ISBN-13: 9781250116819
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 04/03/2018
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 114,635
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Opal Carew is the author of several erotic romances for St. Martin's Press, including A Fare to Remember and Nailed. She lives in Canada and makes regular trips to the US to speak at conferences and industry events.
Opal Carew is the author of Total Abandon, Pleasure Bound, Twin Fantasies and other erotic romance novels. “So why do I like writing erotic romance?” she asks. “I like being able to push beyond traditional boundaries.” Opal loves crystals, dragons, feathers, cats, pink hair, the occult and all that glitters. While she writes, she listens to inspirational music, lights candles and keeps crystals near. Before devoting herself to her passion as a writer, Opal spent 15 years as a software analyst, and she has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. She lives with her husband and two sons in Ontario, Canada.

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Abi ran her finger over the embossed wedding invitation. The feel of the raised flowers, smooth under her fingertip, made her think of white satin.

She stared at the silver letters ... Join us ... and her mind drifted off, imagining herself walking down the aisle, wearing a beautiful white satin and lace dress adorned with delicate pearls and white sequins. In her daydream, her gaze locked on her groom, standing at the altar watching her approach with eyes filled with joy, his beaming smile melting her heart.


"Hey, earth to Abi," Jaime, her older sister, said. "You know we've got to get all these done this evening, right?"

Claire, Abi's other sister, laughed. "Don't worry about it, Jaime. If our little sister wants to daydream a little, that's okay. She's already stuffed more invitations than both of us combined. What were you thinking about, Abi?"

This time Jaime laughed. "Isn't it obvious? She's thinking about Del."

Ignoring her sisters, Abi slipped an RSVP and the invitation into an envelope, then turned it over and ran her dampened sponge over the glue on the flap and sealed it. Then she flipped it back and wrote Del's name and address on the front.

He was the next guest on the list.

She sighed, wishing this was her wedding coming up instead of her brother Kurt's. But despite the intense attraction between her and Del, he seemed more than happy to be just friends. Which she couldn't really blame him for after their false start in college.

But she'd do anything to turn things around. To finally find her happily-ever-after in his arms.

Jaime plucked the completed invitation from Abi and placed it in the box with the others. Claire added the one she'd just finished. Doing the invitations had been Kurt's task, but of course he'd left them to the last minute, then got pulled into something at work, so he'd called on his three sisters to help out.

Abi sipped her wine and realized Jaime was staring at her.

"What?" Abi asked.

"You know you'll be seeing Del at the wedding. You should make a move."

Abi's lips compressed. "I don't have a move."

"You're a woman. The only move you need is to get naked in his bed," Jaime said.

Abi's mouth dropped open. It wasn't like Jaime to say something so brash.

Claire's eyebrow arched. "You're suggesting our little sister march into a man's room, strip down, and climb into bed with him?"

Jaime shrugged. "I suggest a little more finesse than that but, yeah, essentially. And the point is, this isn't any man. It's Del, the man she's been mooning over for years."

"Forget it," Abi interrupted. "That is not going to happen."

"Come on, Abi," Jaime said. "You've been out of sorts ever since you heard that Scruff was getting married." Scruff was the nickname her older sisters had for Kurt.

Claire placed her hand on Abi's, staring at her with concern. "What is it, honey? Why is Scruff getting married bothering you?"

Abi shook her head. "It's not. I'm thrilled for him. Suzanne is wonderful and I know they'll be very happy together." She squeezed Claire's hand. "I really want that for him."

Claire stroked her shoulder. "Of course you do. We all do."

"It's not really about Scruff," Jaime said, leaning back in her chair. "Is it?"

Abi shook her head. She'd been thinking about it a lot lately, confused by her own reaction to her brother's fabulous news. And she'd finally figured it out. "It's because after this, I'll be the only one in the family who's not married."

"But, honey, you are married," Claire said.

Abi sighed, pain flaring through her.

"Technically, yes. But I was married for barely a year before we separated and we've been apart for over two years now. I don't really think that counts."

Her chest constricted at the thought of Liam. The whole ordeal around their separation — her hands tightened into fists — around their marriage ... was still difficult for her to think about. It brought up memories that were too agonizing to relive.

Claire slid her arm around Abi's shoulders and squeezed.

"I know it's been tough on you. But I still think you and Liam have a chance to make it work. I think the fact that he hasn't signed the divorce papers yet means he's not ready to let you go."

"No," Jaime said, "it means the jerk's a son of a bitch who just wants to prolong Abi's suffering. She belongs with someone who'll make her happy. Del will do that."

Abi glanced at Jaime who sat in the chair opposite the couch, sipping her wine. "I always thought you liked Liam."

The severe expression on Jaime's face softened.

"I did. Until he hurt my little sister."

* * *

When Abi got home, she slumped into her bed and stared at the ceiling. Both her sisters were home with their husbands now. Jaime with her two boys in the next room. Claire didn't have kids yet, but Abi knew she and her husband, Bill, were thinking about it.

Her sisters had everything Abi had ever wanted. A life partner who loved them. A family, or the opportunity to have one soon. And now Kurt did, too. In a month's time, he would be married and working on his family.

Where was Abi's happily-ever-after?

She closed her eyes, but sleep wouldn't come. All she could think of was Del and what might have been.

* * *

Abi had met Del at college, the day she'd moved into her dorm room. She'd received a scholarship to pursue her master's in Early Childhood Education at Brahm's University in Eldridge, New Hampshire. The same place her brother, Kurt, had gone for his graduate studies.

It was the first time she'd been away from her family, since she'd done her undergraduate degree close to home, and she'd been feeling a little lost.

Then Del had shown up at her door. He was a friend of her brother's, and Kurt had asked him to look out for her.

She still remembered glancing up to see the gorgeous man standing in her doorway.

He'd smiled, his straight, white teeth and the warmth glowing from his eyes making his whole face light up in a way that dug into her heart and tugged at her most intense feminine needs.

When she'd shaken his hand, electricity had sparked up her arm, firing every nerve ending along the way. His hand had been so big and warm and ... comforting. In his warm olive-green eyes, flecked with what looked like golden stardust, she'd been sure she'd seen a reflection of the same intense attraction.

He'd shown her around town and helped her integrate into the social life on campus.

But because of his friendship with her brother, he'd insisted they remain just friends.

She'd kept hoping. Her face flushed with embarrassment as she remembered when she'd practically thrown herself at him one evening, kissing him and telling him she wanted more from him than friendship.

Despite the sexual tension between them, their friendship continued to grow. He was always there when she needed someone to talk to. And he looked out for her. He even introduced her to his best friend, Liam, clearly hoping she'd turn her attention to him instead.

The moment she'd met Liam, she'd fallen hard. It would be easy to tell herself that she'd only needed someone to distract her from her feelings for Del, but it wasn't that simple. The chemistry between her and Liam was spectacular, burning brighter than anything she'd ever experienced before. And both of them had mistaken that for love.

Her gut clenched as her mind started along a path that would take her on a rapid downward spiral. Tears prickled at her eyes, and she brushed them away. She pulled herself from the painful memories, refusing to relive them right now.

Over the long, dismal year when her marriage was falling apart, Del had been there for her. Encouraging her. Trying to help her keep it together with Liam, who had sunk into his own man cave of despair.

After she'd finally ended it with Liam, Del had been the one holding her hand. He had been the shoulder she'd cried on.

And he'd helped her get herself back on her feet and focused on getting her degree. Despite the fact that all she'd wanted to do was curl into a ball.

He'd known how vulnerable she was, and he'd been a true friend, never making a move on her. Even though she'd wanted him to.

Then she'd graduated and moved back home, hoping to get a position teaching. And needing to be near her family. She and Del kept in touch, but they continued to stay firmly entrenched in the friendship zone. She was sure that he had feelings for her and now that time had passed, it was time to do something about it.

* * *

Del grabbed the mail from his box and headed up to his apartment, then dropped onto the couch and sorted through it. He spotted the invitation to Kurt's wedding. He knew that's what it was before he opened it. Kurt had asked Del to be a groomsman and, of course, he'd accepted. The invitation was a formality.

He recognized the handwriting on the front of the envelope. Abi had addressed it.

He ran his finger over the inked lines, picturing her fingers gliding the pen over the paper. Imagining reaching for her hand and taking it in his, then bringing it to his mouth. Brushing his lips against the soft skin on the back of her hand.

Del couldn't help remembering the first time he'd met Abi almost four years ago.

He'd been attracted to her the instant he'd seen her. He'd heard a lot about her from Kurt, so he'd already known what kind of person she was. Loving, sweet, and giving, with a strong sense of family. And intelligent.

He hadn't realized how stunning she was, however. He'd seen pictures of her, but none of them did her justice. Her long, wavy, chestnut-brown hair that tumbled around her shoulders had glistened in the sunlight from the window. Her figure was slim, but well-rounded in all the right places. And when she'd gazed at him with her luminous blue eyes, his pulse had skipped a beat.

Damn, his friend's little sister should not have been so fuckably attractive. She'd been totally off-limits.

Even now, the memory of how she'd looked at him still sent liquid fire racing through his veins.

He stood up and walked into the kitchen, then grabbed a water bottle from the fridge. He returned to the couch and sat down again.

When he'd taken her out to dinner that first day, despite his best efforts, he'd forgotten he was with the sister of a friend, seeing instead a fascinating, vibrant, sexy woman he wanted to get to know better.

Much better.

When they'd stood outside her door, her wide, blue eyes gazing up at him, his intense desire for her had urged him to take her up on the invitation glowing in her eyes, and follow her to her bedroom.

But he had a sister. He glanced at the graduation photo of Cara on his bookshelf. One he cared about very much. And when Kurt had asked Del to look out for Abi, he'd taken that promise very seriously.

So he'd forced himself to resist the temptation of her lips. Of her incredible body. A feat that had become increasingly difficult the more time he'd spent around her.

He took a sip of his water, then slumped back on the couch.

Especially the day she'd made it clear she wanted more. He'd walked her to her door, and seen the desire in her eyes. She'd wanted him to kiss her. When he didn't make a move, she'd rested her hand on his shoulder and pushed herself up onto her tiptoes, then their lips had met.

Oh, God, he could still feel the gut-wrenching need that had swelled within him at the feel of her soft lips. His arms were around her before he knew what he was doing, pulling her tight to him. His cock swelling in response to her soft curves. His tongue had delved inside her, her sweetness becoming like an aphrodisiac. He'd pulled her tighter and she'd murmured softly against his lips.

When their mouths parted, she'd smiled up at him and invited him inside.

He raked his hair from his face.

That's when he'd come to his senses. He'd explained to her that he couldn't pursue the attraction between them. That he wanted to be her friend.

He'd been a complete fool. If he had only allowed them to pursue the intense attraction that crackled between them ... allowed their romance to blossom ... then he would have prevented the tragic events that followed.

And the limbo they both found themselves in now.

Fuck, he wanted her in his life. And not as a friend. Desire had turned to something more years ago.

The fact that she was his friend's younger sister didn't matter anymore. Not after so much had happened.

But she was married. To his best friend.

The marriage had failed, however. He'd seen it crumble before his eyes, despite Abi trying to keep it together.

Liam was resisting signing the papers, but Abi wanted the divorce. And they'd been separated for two years.

His lips compressed as he opened the envelope and pulled out the RSVP. He grabbed a pen and filled out the small card — no plus-one — then slipped it into the small pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

It was high time he stopped playing by the rules and did whatever it took to win her heart.

* * *

Abi stepped from the car and stood gazing at the lovely country inn with a beautiful garden of bright-colored flowers adorning the sides of the stone path leading to the front entrance, as Claire's husband, Bill, started pulling their luggage from the trunk of the car. There was a sparkling lake beyond the building, the shoreline spotted with tall trees.

Claire stepped beside her and drew in a deep breath.

"Mmm. The flowers smell lovely," Claire said. "Scruff and Suzanne definitely picked a beautiful spot for their wedding."

Claire hooked her arm with Abi's and they walked along the path toward the front door.


Abi's heart stuttered at the familiar male voice and she turned toward Del.


Del stood on the walkway leading around the side of the building. He must have come around the corner.

The sight of him took her breath away. He wore a casual light-blue striped shirt and navy jeans, accentuating his broad shoulders and slim waist. His wavy auburn hair was combed back from his face and his olive-green eyes, glittering with golden flecks, lit up as he smiled.

"Del. It's so nice to see you again," Abi said.

As he walked toward them, her heart stammered.

"Hi, Del," Claire said.

"Claire." Del held out his hand and Claire shook it. Then he turned to Abi. "I was out for a walk. It's a beautiful place."

"Yes, it is." But Abi only had eyes for him.

Bill joined them, pushing a cart full of luggage.

"Hey, Del. Nice to see you."

Abi watched as the two men shook hands.

"I bet you two have a lot to catch up on," Bill said as he turned his attention from Del to Abi. "Why don't Claire and I go check you in so you two can go and talk?"

"We can't check her in without a credit card," Claire protested.

"Of course we can," Bill said. "We'll put it on ours for now and Abi can change it later."

Abi knew that Claire held out hope that she and Liam would eventually wind up together again. That's why her sister was resisting Bill's attempts to push Abi together with Del. Claire insisted that the man still loved her. Abi couldn't seem to convince her that the marriage between her and Liam could never really work. He'd married her out of a sense of obligation. That's all.

Del smiled at Abi. "There's a lovely coffee shop overlooking the lake," he said. "Would you like to join me?"

"Yes, I would. Thank you."

Del stepped ahead of them and held the door open. Abi and Claire stepped inside, followed by Bill and the cart of luggage.

"It's this way," Del said, as Claire and Bill walked to the reception desk.

"It really is a lovely inn," Abi said. "Are the rooms nice?"

"I don't know. My room wasn't ready when I got here and then I got busy with the other groomsmen. We just finished dinner and I was going to take my luggage up there now but" — he smiled — "I'd rather spend the time catching up with you."

She smiled as she followed him up a curved staircase to the second floor, then to a door leading into a light, airy coffee shop. The hostess showed them to a table by the large windows.

A waitress showed up immediately.

"They have black currant tea here. I know you used to enjoy that. Or would you prefer a coffee?" Del asked Abi.

"I would love a tea."

Del ordered a coffee and the waitress went on her way.

"It is a beautiful view," she said, gazing out over the water.

"Yes, it is."

She realized he was staring at her, his eyes filled with a warm glow. Could it be that he was interested in her after all?

But then he shook his head. "Sorry, it's just ... I haven't seen you since you graduated last summer. I've missed you. The talks we used to have. The close friendship."

Her hope faded.

"Yes. Our friendship."


Excerpted from "X Marks the Spot"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Opal Carew.
Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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X Marks the Spot 3.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
Midwest_Reader_123 7 months ago
Since I'm not particularly a fan of this author, it floored me to find the book on my NetGalley shelf. I sure never would have requested it. It showed up automatically. I hope it doesn't happen again. The book is OK. I've read a few things from this author, and it's probably the best of the lot. That isn't saying much though. I had a terrible time feeling anything for any of the characters, despite the author's attempt to make them sympathetic... to the point of being annoying. Carrying on over and over about their heartaches just got repetitious and boring. They are three oddballs without the charm of a good oddball character. Just three moaners. The author seems to love to write about three-way romances, so with that in mind, she ought to pay closer attention to the physical act of what they are doing so that it doesn't sound ridiculous. In one instance, one of the gentlemen seems to have fingers growing out of the top of his head- or maybe it was his nose... I had to read it three times to figure out how he could be doing what he was doing. He couldn't. Another aspect to the book I found very odd was the way the h was supposedly infertile. *SPOILER ALERT* Then amazingly, with no medical intervention, she started popping out babies. If' you're going to use that theme to make someone sympathetic, then stick to it, for heaven's sake! *END SPOILER* So if you're into polyamorous affairs, go ahead and read it. It's OK, just wildly ridiculous.
sportochick More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Author Opal Carew and there are parts of my heart that still hurt after reading this book. This book was more intense emotionally then I expected. Yes, I was ready for the sexy hot interaction between Abi and possibly both men but being torn in half and loving two men is really hard on one's heart system. The author does a great job of both Liam and Del's emotional upheaval, how they feel about Abi and their own friendships. She takes the reader through how both men think in the beginning of the book to how they start to rethink their love for Abi when decisions have to be made. I give this 4 STARS because this is more than an erotica it also includes emotions involving lost love and present love.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this.
gromine49 More than 1 year ago
Well, the only thing I can say is the story is ok. I tried several times but I just couldn't like Abi, mainly because it seemed that it was all about her and the two guys were just an add-on. I have read these type of stories before, ala Maya Banks but for whatever reason I just didn't care.
valerie holm More than 1 year ago
X Marks the Spot is a stand-alone novella by Opal Carew. While celebrating Abi's brother's wedding, Abi is determined to act on the crush she has had on Del since the two of them attended college together. While trying to make her move on Del, Abi finds herself in Liam's bed by accident. Liam, deciding its time to renew efforts to win his estranged wife back uses Abi's mistake to his benefit and seduces her. The idea for this book is good in concept. I enjoy a denied passion love story. The romantic encounters are pretty sexy and serve the purpose of getting your blood pumping. The scenarios are motivated mainly by Abi's indecision on which of the male characters she wants, which leads to bed-hopping between the two men, and eventually the three of them together. There is less time to develop characters the shorter the story is, and here they are a little one dimensional, but this fact may not matter depending on one's perspective. The story unfolds into a string of sexual fantasies and not much else, which is not necessarily a bad thing. The men are sexy and in love. The woman gets what she wants in the end, and everyone is happy. In between, they all spend a lot of time between the sheets. If lustful thoughts are what you want out of your erotic romances this one will deliver. I received an ARC copy from NetGalley and St. Martin's Press in exchange for my honest opinion. All opinions are my own and may not be identical to others. I urge all readers to come to their own conclusions.
Junebabies9986 More than 1 year ago
All I can say is "WOW!" This book has everything a romance erotica junk needs. The heat- The heat between the characters Liam, Abi, and Del as a whole in different aspects had me craving more and more with every word. The love- The love that both men have for Abi is indescribable, they both have the sense to put there needs aside for her......and what girl doesn't love that about a man, am I right? Del is the sweetheart guy you will always love and want. And Liam is the Alpha Dom that any submissive would obey. The emotions- Dealing with loss even with a child is hard for anyone and I think Opal gave us the best glimpse of what happens to a couple when that trauma happens. This was my first read of Opal and I can't wait to dive into more earth shattering stories she has/will write. Thanks netgalley and the publishers for let me have this opportunity. *Recieved a ARC from netgalley and this is my honest review.* #XMarksTheSpot #NetGalley
Monnie777 More than 1 year ago
So this book doesn't actually get good until 75% into the book. I found Abi to be delusional and annoying for most of the book. I felt bad for Liam and Del and no I didn't feel bad for Abi, refer to my previous sentence. I think Opal took to long to introduce the whole MFM threesome. This book has a lot of sex but it's kind of boring because you feel the guys getting played by Abi. When it gets to the threesome then it gets hot but not everyone will want to read up until that point. I do like the ending because it's a HEA. *Thanks Netgallet for allowing me to read this for my honest opinion*
gigiluvsbooks2 More than 1 year ago
Abi has been in love with Del for years, but they never got around to acting on their mutual attraction. And then she met and married his best friend, Liam. But when Abi and Liam’s marriage falls apart, Abi decides to take control of her life and find her happily-ever-after with Del. So when they’re all staying in a country inn for her brother’s wedding, Abi decides to slip into Del’s bed and seduce him…except she accidentally ends up in Liam’s instead. Liam never stopped loving Abi, and he plans to use every blazing hot trick in his book to keep her in his bed…even if it means sharing her with Del. Review: Okay, I have to admit I saw the cover and Author and asked to review this book, not having read the actual blurb. Needless to say I spent a good part of the book hoping that Abi picked Liam...lol...and then I figured out it was a menage. Well, that was totally my fault. I did like the story and if I had read the blurb I probably would not have stressed while reading it. This like the Author's other books is full of sexiness and heart. There is good tension in the story as Abi tries to navigate her feelings for her husband and her best friend. Like I said because of my lack of reading I misunderstood the story line, but was fully engaged in the characters and what the outcome would be. Once I figured out it was a menage the feel of the story changed and I was rooting for Liam, Abi and Del. The ending was super satisfying too. 4Stars *I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of the book provided by the publisher.*
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
X Marks The Spot explores the complicated relationship between Abi, her estranged husband Liam and their friend, Del. I liked the characters. Their emotions were heartfelt and raw. Their past influenced their future. Their love and desire leads them to an unconventional decision. I admired their selflessness when they followed their heart. Opal Carew wrote a provocative story that had me hooked. I received a copy of this book which I voluntarily read and reviewed. My comments are my honest opinion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This was an okay read, I am okay with love triangles, not my favourite, but they don't make me go crazy. Honestly, I skimmed most of the book, not because of the story, but because I really didn't like 2 of the 3 main characters Liam - Liam is the husband who won't give up. The title of the book comes from him, he just needs to sign the divorce papers and Abi will be free of him. He still loves her though, and he knows she still loves him. He is sweet, patient, and kind; Super sexy and dominant; Likable and easy to get along with, practical and hopeful. He had to grieve,and now that he is through that cycle, he wants his wife back Del - Best friend of Abi's brother, promised to look after her at college, so despite attraction to Abi, stayed away. Introduces her to his friend Liam, they hit it off crazy, and are soon married. He stays friends with them both, and is there for Abi when Liam drowns in his grief. Not that Abi believes her marriage is over and makes a play for him, he goes for it. He knows Abi still has feelings for Liam, but he wants her Abi - can we just start with the spelling of her name, with all the spellinh choices, this annoyed me. I kept thinking A-buy. Then there is her knowledge she loves her husband, but she doesn't think he loves her, no matter what he does. She is kinda whiny, very selfish, and completely unaware of how awful she treats people around her. Plus, her family his utterly annoying with trying to figure out what is best for her, giving her advice, and bugging her. Also, she was supposed to have a medical condition, but at the end of the book, it magically wasn't an issue The story wasn't awful, and Liam was wonderful, and he did manage to pull it all together at the end. Abi became a bit more likable once he pulled it together, and Del was the faithful puppy lopping alongside. But for most of the book, and most if it is Abi, the characters weren't great, making the story passably okay
DebDiem More than 1 year ago
X Marks The Spot by Opal Carew is a great read, this is a menage book though, so it may not be for everyone. Ms. Carew has delivered a well-written book. Kudos to Ms. Carew for writing this in 3rd person because all these 1st person, alternating point of view books are getting old. Abi is trying to get her husband Liam to sign divorce papers. She wants to start a romantic relationship with their friend Del. Liam is still in love with Abi and has been refusing to sign the papers. Their story is loaded with drama, humor, blazing hot sex and a bit of angst. Thankfully the angst isn't overpowering. I enjoyed reading X Marks The Spot and look forward to reading more from Opal Carew in the future. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger. I voluntarily read an Advance Reader Copy of this book that I received from NetGalley.
EileenAW More than 1 year ago
If you love taboo romance novels then X Marks the Spot by Opal Carew is your book. I struggled with this book as it went too far with the taboo. The sexy scenes were hot but not enough to save the book. Abi has a close network of friends who are enmeshed with her family. In fact, she married one, Liam but should have held out for Del. A wedding brings these three together again. Abi sleeps with her husband and Del says he's willing to give their romance a chance. Abi just can't keep her legs closed and she gets pregnant by her husband, Liam who has always wanted a baby with her. However, Abi would just rather be with Del instead of here husband. It was totally a messed up story. I struggled with this book, giving it only a 2-star rating, and honestly that’s being generous. The only reason I gave it that is because I enjoyed the intimate scenes and felt they had some depth to them. I enjoyed the character Del, but in addition to that it was thumbs down for me. This story had no exciting plot to it, although there was some potential, it just fell flat. I do not recommend this book, unless you want to read some steamy sex scenes then you may enjoy it quite a bit. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
Abi is conflicted…there are two men she has “loved” and one she has married then separated from. She believes she is ready to move on to the one she knows she has loved all along but is she really ready to give up the man she has been separated from for two years? This is a story of three people finding a way to be together that works for all of them. That said, I did not relate to any of them and really can’t see why Liam or Del found Abi so special. The believability factor was not high and characters were not that well developed. Mostly it was a vehicle for a steamy ménage story. Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin’s Griffin for the ARC – This is my honest review. 2-3 Stars
Pinky1979 Reviews More than 1 year ago
I am a long time romance and erotica reader. So you can guess that I have read a lot of romance and there have been a huge number of threesomes and ménages among them. I am also a fan of Opal Carew’s work. She has a story for every possible fantasy and is able to bring those to life in the most vivid and tantalising way. I really and truly wanted to enjoy and like this book, but Abi, the heroine, must be one of the most self-serving, self-centred and annoying women I have ever come across. She has no principals and frankly I am very doubtful that she has any morals. I honestly felt very sorry for the two men in her life, Liam and Del, and couldn’t for the life of me understand what they saw in her. Her only goal seems to be physical fulfilment and pleasure with no regard to who she hurts emotionally in the process. I am all for women being sexually liberated and asking for what they want and need in bed, but Abi is simply out of control and I found myself being disturbed by her careless and selfish manner. The ending was the only good part of this book. It was the only part where I could actually see some feeling and emotion rather than just lust. I would give “X Marks the Spot” 2.5 stars but will be rounding it up to 3 only because I know that Opal Carew is capable of much better. Thank you Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
PennieM More than 1 year ago
This redeemed itself and pulled out a 4 star rating at the end only because of the end, until then it was a solid 2-3. Abi is so messed up and immature it is a wonder she is a functioning adult. Okay, maybe that is a little strong but that is what came across. After miscarrying and her husband Liam not coddling her she runs home. That is basically what I got from it. He lost that baby too and she turned from him just as much as he did her. Okay, Del, who is friends with both, stands by her and she develops feelings for him. After a separation of 2 years Abi wants a divorce but Liam is still in love with his wife and doesn't want one but she is not willing to give it a go. The chemistry is still strong between them and when they find themselves in bed together, yes, together, the sparks are just as strong and even though the doctor told her she would never get pregnant again, that one night produced a pregnancy. What does Abi do, runs to Del. Geez Louise! Enough spoilers for me. Read the book. This is a great afternoon read for hot sex and will they or won't they and can they or not. The ending is what makes it salvageable for me and makes me glad I read it all they way through! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
MusicInPrint More than 1 year ago
Love the cover on this book and it really ties in with the story. Triangle of characters with only the third line needing to be drawn. Abi is friends with Del who is friends with Abi's brother. Abi is married to Liam who has refused to sign divorce papers for two years. Liam is also best friends with Del and is close to her family. SCREAMING SOAP OPERA IN PRINT! Trust issues shadow the pages of this book and stall these characters from a HEA. Plot is a bit weak but the pages kept turning for me because I found the characters interesting although Abi could not get over herself for the most part. "A copy of this book was provided by St. Martin's Press via Netgalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are my honest opinion."
mamalovestoread22 More than 1 year ago
The idea of crossing paths with her gorgeous longtime friend Del at her brothers wedding has Abi nervous and excited, it has been a while since they have seen one another, and the last time wasn't on the best of terms. Abi's marriage was coming to an end, she was dealing with some of devastating news, and Del was there to help her sort things out. She has always been able to count on him, and has always harbored feelings for him, but he friend zoned her years ago, so she moved on and married his best friend. And while she loves Liam, she knows their marriage is never going to recover, so it's time for her to move on, and she knows exactly who she wants to move on with... Del, now she just has to convince him it's the right move for them. But before she has a chance to make her feelings known to Del, Liam walks back into her life and her bed and muddies the waters... and leaves her wondering if she is doing the right thing. And with the right man... X Marks the Spot is an intriguing, seductive, and emotional tale that is sure to have romance readers addicted from the first page! Within the pages of this one, you will meet a troubled woman who has deep feelings for two men; one who she is married to and hoping to divorce soon, and the other, a best friend who she harbors feelings for, and wants to make known. But these two men have plans of their own, and once they share them with her, she is left beyond confused, she thought it was a cut and dry situation, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Both want a life with her, and she can't decide which one to walk away from and which one to walk to... and man o' man was it fun to watch it all unfold... it produces an ending that you will never see coming! I really enjoyed this one, love triangles are my favorite trope and I have to say this one definitely rivaled some of my absolute favorites; it stirred the emotions, made me blush, and kept me entranced from start to finish!! Highly recommend this one, it's sure to scorch your fingertips and curl your toes!! I requested an advanced copy of this title from NetGalley, and voluntarily read and review.
moonfox1234 More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books That will either appeal to you or be a huge turnoff. For me it was a turnoff. I enjoy multiple partner books but I do not enjoy cheating and that played a very large part in this read. Character wise, Liam was likable and I could feel for him, Del was alright, but honestly some friend!, and Abi, well she was totally unlikable and a complete train wreck. In my opinion, she did not deserve Liam. A more immature, self centered, borderline cray-cray character I have not seen. Even the steam and drama could not save this one. I am posting a honest, voluntary review after reading this book.