Yakuza's Revenge: A Rex Bana Novel

Yakuza's Revenge: A Rex Bana Novel

by David Booker


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After only four months of marriage, Rex and Jesse Bana find themselves in mortal danger again when the Yakuza return to Maui. Only this time the Yakuza's plan is far more sinister than simple revenge against Rex and company. They've returned with a sophisticated whaling fleet to secretly slaughter the humpback whales that gather around Maui to calve and mate. Such illegal whaling would decimate the already endangered Pacific humpback whale population.
As Rex defends himself against samurai assassins and Yakuza mercenaries, he finds allies in unusual places. Not all those aboard the whaling factory are willing participants. These conspirators seek not only to end this insanity by attempting to kill the evil cannibal Captain Shu, they warn Rex of his dangers and plead for his assistance. Now Rex has more lives depending on him for salvation. Despite promises to Sheriff Joe Tonono never to kill again, Rex must return to his hunting ways to protect his pregnant wife and save the whales. Yet without the evidence of the Yakuza's intentions, Rex is unable to enlist the help of government agencies. He and his odd mix of fellow defenders are forced to mount their own rescue mission.
The Yakuza aren't the only ones with traitors in their midst. As Rex and company attack the whaling factory, Rex faces his worst fears. He may not survive to raise the family he so desperately wants.

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ISBN-13: 9781482375671
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 03/29/2013
Pages: 346
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

About the Author

David Booker Biography

A famous quote from motivational author Napoleon Hill once hung in the football locker room at Purdue University that read, "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." I don't know if that quote helped us win any football games, but it inspired me to live my dreams. Since I was a young American teen growing up in Mexico City, I got lost in the books I read and daydreamed of the stories I'd write. It was through the loving support of my hardworking wife of nearly thirty years that I realized my dream of becoming a writer.
School can teach us the basics of life. Sports can teach us loyalty, camaraderie, and hard work, but only experience can teach us the harsh realities, humor, and amiable personalities that make up a good story. My stories involve believable characters battling desperate odds in nonstop action to achieve personal goals. These characters struggle against their inner demons and faults as they learn to grow, to love, and to sacrifice for the good of all. Oh, and let's not forget the dogs. They're characters, too, and any good story has to involve man's best friend.
My goal is that my stories will help a weary reader relax, forget their troubles, and escape to a vivid, exotic world of adventure that's never without its humor. My hope is that readers will love and cheer for the good guys, boo and hiss at the bad ones, and maybe come away with something for themselves when it's over.
So please join me and meet characters like Jack Bucher, a teen struggling to grow up in a foreign land with the help of a spirit mentor. Meet Global Inspector Burt Campbell as he battles a corrupt military and science gone bad to save the futuristic world from destruction. Fight alongside Rex Bana as he combats serial killers and organized crime while confronting his own issues with morality.
"Children dream at any age." Join in these dreams and become a believer.

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