You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

by Frances Trussell
You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness

by Frances Trussell


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We all wish to be more mindful, engaged, present, loving the life we are living, but is this possible and how? You Are Not Your Thoughts: The Secret Magic of Mindfulness makes the journey into a mindful way of being a profoundly simple one, both to understand and to access. It is a book for those who want to truly know the power of mindfulness to transform their experience of life. '...There are thousands of books out there to help us combat our inner self-destructive voice... if I could go back in time and read only one book on the subject, this is it.' Joe Pasquale, Comedian and Actor

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781785358166
Publisher: Collective Ink
Publication date: 11/30/2018
Pages: 104
Sales rank: 1,107,407
Product dimensions: 5.30(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.20(d)

About the Author

Frances Trussell's passion lies in making the magic of mindfulness accessible to all. Having suffered from severe depression since her teens the former broadcast journalists’ life was transformed through mindfulness. She has helped many hundreds of people find a mindfully happy way of living. In January 2017 she featured as a mindfulness coach on ITV1 prime time show Sugar Free Farm. A pioneer of Mindfulness-based RT Therapy, Frances advises on mindfulness in schools, charities, public sector employers and private businesses. She lives in Surrey, UK.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

You Are Not Your Thoughts: Diving into the Heart of Mindfulness 3

Living in the flow 5

Slow down, be here 6

Now is all there is 7

Being is to be free… of worry, of regret 8

Become a master of yourself 9

Make a start 10

Consciousness 11

Keep watching 12

The Great Disappearing Act 13

Mind the Gap 14

Be here now 15

Feelings are just like the weather 16

Thoughts are in your head, Feelings are in your body 17

Face it and feel it 18

How do you feel? 19

Feeling stressed? 20

Own your emotions 21

Emotion is what makes us human 22

Use your energy wisely 23

Sit with it 24

You are here 25

Stop thinking, start living 26

Does a mindful life mean a better life? 27

Just Breathe 28

Observe 29

Still here? 30

Be in Peace 31

Right now there are no problems 32

Practice might not make perfect (but it reveals the beauty of imperfection) 33

Trains of Thought 35

Meditation made easy 36

Meditation: Counting the Breath 37

How was that for you? 39

Thinking about the breath 40

Outside distractions 41

Positioning 43

How am I supposed to feel? 44

One Taste 45

Mind full or mind empty? 46

Busy mind? 47

To do: notice 48

Meditation: Bodyscan 49

Beginner's Mind 51

Learn the language of happiness 52

Turning inside out 53

Life in boxes 54

Find the happiness in each moment 55

Mindful Moments 56

Never wait again, what is it you are waiting for? 57

Building up your practice 59

Meditation: Counting the Out-breath 60

Set your intention 61

Meditation: Following the Breath 62

Make time for happiness 64

Transform your view of others 65

Everything Changes 66

Suspending the story of 'me' 68

Be true to yourself 69

Don't believe your hype 70

Change your world 72

It's OK 73

Meditation: The Power of Attention 75

Your life is the creation of your focus 77

Who are you? 78

Meditation: Who am I? 79

Serendipity 80

Your Universal Nature 81

The Secret Magic of Mindfulness: Now Is The Time For Happiness 82

Shine brightly in your knowing 83

A Final Note from Frances 84

How to Access Guided Meditation Recordings 85

How to Connect with Frances 86

Acknowledgements 87

Train with Frances Trussell 89

Your Space 90

About the Author 91

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