You Are Source: 18 True Stories Revealing Effortless Enlightenment That Changes Everything

You Are Source: 18 True Stories Revealing Effortless Enlightenment That Changes Everything

by Mark Naea
You Are Source: 18 True Stories Revealing Effortless Enlightenment That Changes Everything

You Are Source: 18 True Stories Revealing Effortless Enlightenment That Changes Everything

by Mark Naea


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18 True Stories that Reveal - Your Freedom of Choice, Your Inherent Enlightenment, Your Reality as Source, and So Much More!

Excerpt from "You Are Source: Birthday Boy."

Bill would ask, "I hear what you say, can even repeat them back to you, but what does it mean?"

Øm said, "You are Source, have always been Source, will always be Source. It couldn't be any simpler than that."

"It's the simplest thing in the world. It's the biggest event that never happens to you, at least to the you that you think you are."

"There's nothing to do, nowhere to go, no special chant, meditation, teaching or practice. No sitting in a cave or on a mountain top, no guru or master to follow."

"It is so simple that the mind really has no way to grasp it."

"It's not something to know or understand. It's what you are. You don't know it, you are it."

"Yes, I get it, but I don't get it," Bill said.

I say, "There's really nothing to get or not get." All the while smiling with joy.

In You Are Source, you will discover:

- How truly effortless it is, from insights to enlightenment, and all that it represents.

- 4 ordinary people, whose stories narrate the ultimate recognition of being Source.

- The science that no one talks about, hidden in plain sight.

- The foundation of your being, what it is and what it's not.

- How just one insight can change everything about your current situation.

- How your freedom of choice is ultimately unlimited, with infinite opportunities available to you in any instant.

Ready to Move Forward and Get Past Just Questioning Life? Don't Wait Any Longer!

"Drop Your Limits" and "Live Life at a Higher Level of Being."

Pick up your copy today!

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ISBN-13: 9798987781906
Publisher: Lifes Treasures Publishing
Publication date: 10/10/2022
Pages: 164
Sales rank: 721,382
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About the Author

"from one thing, know ten thousand things" Miyamoto Musashi10,000 Books LaterIn high school of the late 70s, that quote sparked a literary fire within Mark Naea for answers. Ten thousand books later, Mark has reversed it. Distilling all he read, experienced, and pursued to its fundamental purest essence. "From ten thousand things, know one thing."Distillation is the process of purification, to extract and render down to its fundamental quintessence, revealing its rarest elements or most subtle principles. I started my distillation project more than fifty years ago. At the age of five, I asked why? Two things set me apart from the beginning, my ability to recall what I have read or seen almost photographically, and the long-term processing, cross-referencing, connecting the dots and relationships that were made with seemly no connections other than pure insight.This was all done in the background, in that undefined realm of the psyche. Millions of bits of information, being constantly collated into a coherent picture that explained why. After five decades of distillation, having read ten thousand books, countless articles, studies and theories, thousands of hours of media, lectures, movies, not to mention access to the billions of info bits at your fingertips from the internet, it all boiled down to one word: Paradox.You are Source, the infinite in the singularity, the singularity in the infinite, how it all works, why it all works, understood without understanding. All is paradox, revealed in the stories I have written.A native of Kauai for fifty-plus years, Mark is self-educated in many diverse disciplines. From multiple fields of science, history, programing, physics and relativity to alternate realities, metaphysical experiences, spirituality, religions, eastern thought and practices, to the most elusive quest of them all: enlightenment. In his debut book "You are Source", Mark shares the events and stories that placed him as the top spiritual / metaphysical guide on Kauai. As one person said when first meeting him, "So you're Mark, to think I have traveled the world in search of an enlightened master, only to find him in a small gift store on Kauai." Mark is a rare soul, a prodigious reader, loves to cook, is genuine, interesting, and a true Hidden Master.
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