Your Ticket To Utopia: The United and Utopian States of America - The U.U.S.A.

Your Ticket To Utopia: The United and Utopian States of America - The U.U.S.A.

by Michael Mathiesen


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Your Ticket To Utopia: The United and Utopian States of America - The U.U.S.A. by Michael Mathiesen

Your Ticket To Utopia is a chance to participate in the greatest social experiment of all time, renaming the USA to the UUSA, the United and Utopian States of America. More important than the naming will be form of government that we choose.

In the Utopia TV Show on the Fox Channel, the early pioneers immediately adopted a real Democracy and voted directly on the issues of the day. Can we do the same thing in the UUSA? Join to find out and support the movement toward real democracy in America where the people regain control over our country and begin to redirect our fate back to 'Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.'

We need every thinking American to download this app, give it all the attention in deserves, spread the word about the new version of America that is dedicated to becoming more like a Utopia rather than the state of dictatorship that we now endure. Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.

At present we suffer a nation that is run by about 200 men in suits who also run the largest multi-national corporations. Even a foreign corporation such as Saudi Arabian Oil has more say over what happens in American than the average citizen or even the Congress whom we elect to office. Because as soon as they arrive, they begin their fundraising activities instead of paying attention to the problems at hand, debating them, and arriving at a solution that is free from the influence of the people who they just partied with at their fundraisers.

In the Utopian States of America, every American would have one vote that they would expend online for National Ballot Measures and in that way, everyone would be represented equally, no more lobbyists, no more fundraising, not even any need for Congress or the President to be forced into an "Executive Order". No more dictatorship of the wealthy elite multi-national corporations, only the rule of the majority of all of us on any given proposed solution that we select from a vast array of suggested Ballot Measures over the Internet. Think of it like a vast FaceBook for the Voting Public. Ideas from any source are proposed on your profile page and everyone votes. The most votes rises to the top just as in a tennis match or a soccer match until there is a winner of all previous semi-final matches.

An example would be when the government begins to overspend and waste trillions of dollars as they have done, a National Proposal would emerge that requires the Federal Budget to be in balance, and in any years that it is not in balance, Congress doesn't get their PAYCHECKS. That would probably rise to the top in any election year and be passed by the people in an overwhelming majority. Why? Because it's our money that they're spending and we would want to husband it more than they show any interest in doing.

Another example: When we become the Untied and Utopian States of America, we might easily see a proposal to eliminate the income tax and replace it with something else, let's say, a greater tax on the multi-national corporations that do business in the UUSA. Ask yourself would you vote for such a proposal and if the answer is yes, you're one of us, because you can see clearly how beneficial this would be for your own family's interests, how the vast majority of Americans would support this idea and how the interests of the multi-national corporations would have no power to over-rule the will of the majority in such a direct system of voting on National Ballot Measures.

We need your support for such an event as these two examples to become reality. If you refuse to participate in the process of change and evolution of our political and economic system, then you get the society that you deserve, one left to the idiots in Washington and the greed and corruption of our freedom will continue until we are no more than a footnote in history. Take a stand. We must ban together or else we may all be banned together!

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ISBN-13: 9781502338990
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2014
Pages: 106
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About the Author

Michael Mathiesen is a Science and Science Fiction Author living in beautiful Santa Cruz, California. Try one of his other books found below. Mathiesen became interested in real democracy in America when he was asked by President Nixon to join him in the killing fields and horror known as The Viet Nam War. It was this most perplexing moment in his life that made him realize there had to be a better way to conduct the affairs of what he, and many millions of other people all over the world considered to be the greatest country of all time. That the power of this great country had come full circle and could be abused by just a few individuals to represent Evil rather than Good, troubled him deeply from that moment on.

This book is a product of that life-long quest to make this country honor the promise of Real Democracy.

"Everyone I knew, millions of Americans, were protesting against this war. Yet, one man, Lyndon Johnson and then his successor Richard Nixon defied the will of the vast majority of American people and decided to have his little war despite all the public protests on the evening news every night, claiming 'The Silent Majority' was with him. According to Nixon, most people supported him by their silence. Since there was no way to prove that the silent majority was also against him, he exerted his will over the will of the people.
Until the invention of the Internet, we had no voice, so they could consider us a 'Silent Majority' and much of the evil in this world is perpetrated even today under this banner.

With the invention of the Internet, they can no longer claim that a silent majority is on their side. There can no longer be any silent majorities. As the majority, we must be allowed to express our will on every subject - daily and today we have the power to do so.

By working towards a Utopian state - something that can never be fully realized - we can learn how to fight the forces of evil on a daily basis and even be triumphant against them now and for all time to come.

I have grown to become a Utopianist. From the publication of this and other books - I hope to attract others.

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