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Your Trajectory Code: How to Change Your Decisions, Actions, and Directions, to Become Part of the Top 1% High Achievers

Your Trajectory Code: How to Change Your Decisions, Actions, and Directions, to Become Part of the Top 1% High Achievers

by Jeffrey Magee


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Get your entire life on track with an accelerated trajectory

Your Trajectory Code is a guide to understanding why you are where you are, and not where you want to be — and how to change it. Once you understand what the trajectory code is, you can gain an accelerated understanding of yourself and others, including family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and anyone else. You'll be able to recognize how tiny 1% adjustments can significantly change your trajectory for the rest of your life. Your inner dialogue guides you along your trajectory, and this book will teach you the five fundamental types of people in your consciousness, and how they can either accelerate your rate of success or derail you straight into a trajectory of misery.

We all have the opportunity to make decisions and guide what line or path we follow in life. One trajectory takes you toward greater accomplishments, while the other moves you in the direction of mediocrity and complacency. Understanding the trajectory code and line is what separates winners from losers, and Your Trajectory Code shows you how.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of yourself and others
  • Make tiny adjustments that have a big impact
  • Discover who in your life might hold you back
  • Steer your trajectory toward achievement and success

The path of your life is not predetermined. You have control, and it's never to late to make the changes that could bring you greater happiness. Have you settled for "good enough" long enough? Are you ready to rock the boat? Your Trajectory Code is the key to figuring out what needs to change, and how to change it to point your trajectory skyward.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119043232
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/16/2015
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 9.10(w) x 6.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

JEFFREY MAGEE is the author of more than twenty books, two college textbooks, and four bestsellers, and is the publisher of PERFORMANCE/P360 Magazine. He has been called one of today’s leading leadership and marketing strategists, and his Performance Execution clients include many Fortune 100 firms and government agencies. Jeff is a Certified Speaking Professional, a Certified Management Consultant, and a Certified Professional Direct Marketer.

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Table of Contents

Introduction—Your Trajectory Code: The Mental DNA Imprint to Who You Are, What You Do, and How to Design an Adaptive Attitude for Achievement! 1

1 Understanding Your Mental TC-DNA Imprint: How Your FIST FactorInfluences the Lines You Follow 11

2 Understanding How Your Identity-Purpose StatementImprint and Trajectory Empower You to Manage Your Line 23

3 Walk the Line: Assuming Ownership and Trajectory Balance 37

4 Understanding Your X-Factor on Your Trajectory: What You’re Best Suited to Do 47

5 Applying Your Player Capability Index to Your Trajectory Direction 57

6 Applying PFC FISHES to Your Life Trajectory for Balance and Inner Harmony 79

7 Shift Happens…Trajectory Shift Drivers and Bridges That Create Sustained Positive Change 91

8 Understanding—and Fixing—the Gap between Lines for Trajectory Realignment 107

9 What Line Really Matters? Smart versus Safe Trajectory Decisions 119

10 Intersecting Lines: Thinking about Lateral and Vertical Trajectories 127

11 The Cracks in the Line: Relationships Can Make or Break Your Trajectories 135

12 Alignment: Blending Trajectories with Others for Shared Success 143

13 The Power of Low Expectations 151

14 Purposeful You and Your Trajectory Code: Victim or Victor? Your Self-Talk is Critical 157

15 Conclusion: Trajectory Do-Over and Core Driver 163

About the Author 171

Index 175

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