You're the One

You're the One

by Layla Hagen


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It all started as pretend...My best friend, and one of the most powerful men in New York, needed my help. Our first kiss was unexpected-but it still made my skin sizzle, my knees go weak. The next one was in front of his tight-knit family. We had to be convincing. But it was so wicked hot, it almost convinced me too. On our first night together, he told me that I had to keep us both in check, because he didn't know how to keep the lines from blurring...He touched me like I was precious, and held me close... barely stopping his fingers from pushing down the straps of my dress...On our second night, our banter turned to flirting. Hunter-my best friend was now Hunter-the man. Intense. Alluring. Sexy as hell. How was I supposed to not fall in love?

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ISBN-13: 9781650325620
Publisher: Independently published
Publication date: 02/02/2020
Series: Very Irresistible Bachelors Series , #1
Pages: 364
Sales rank: 253,319
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.81(d)

Customer Reviews

You're The One (Very Irresistible Bachelors, #1) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 5 months ago
Layla Hagen is a relatively new author to me and why that is I have no idea. This is a friends to lovers story which was captivating.   The writing was strong and the characters were easy to relate to and I found myself totally invested in Hunter and Josie’s story from the first to the last chapter.   This is a feel good book that left me with a smile on my face, it was also steamy and passionate. Hunter ticked the boxes for me, hot as sin and an alpha who set my heart racing.   I loved that their relationship is based on a strong and devoted friendship that builds into a passionate and explosive love. As circumstances bring them together, the chemistry between them intensifies. However what will happen to their friendship if they cross the line and things don’t work out, will it be ruined forever? I enjoyed the banter and fun between Hunter and Josie and it made for an entertaining read.
Rina_S 3 days ago
This is my first read by the author and I have to say I was captivated from start to finish!! I definitely need to read more of her work if this is the sort of books she writes. I fell in lovewith the characters, their beautiful friendships and family and the banter was so flipping good. Josie and Hunter have been best friends for so many years it seems natural that when there is a radblock they help each other out. OMG this book was so entertaining and fun to read! I cannot wait for more of this series. Im such a sucker for billionaire stories!!!
MM0322 3 months ago
This is a review for the ARC copy of You're the One. Firstly, I'm a sucker for best friend romances so I already knew this would be right up my alley. Right along with contract marriages and secrets haha! Hunter and Josie are incredibly cute and I loved seeing their relationship evolve. Not going to lie, after reading the Bennett series, I found it a little hard to get into these characters but by chapter 3, I was hooked and I can't wait for the next stories (particularly Ryker!)!! As usual, Layla's books leave me with a smile on my face and a happy heart! Always a well written, developed storyline with steamy hot moments - recipe for a perfect romance book!
Kayreader 4 months ago
A sweet story between best friends who took the plunge into the deep end of the relationship pool that turned into a beautiful HEA! Firmly in the best friend zone, Hunter and Josie hadn't crossed the line in fifteen years. They shared everything with each other and never wanted to risk their friendship over the powerful feelings that falling into a relationship can involve, but when Hunter's visa is about to be revoked it requires careful consideration on how much their friendship means and how far they will go for one another. Weighing the pros and cons and what it could mean they jump into a quick engagement and then an even quicker marriage, all in the name of keeping Hunter in the country, but is that the only reason? I enjoyed watching two friends fall in love and really discover their passion for loving each other beyond friendship in a new way. They had always shared everything with each other before, but now that they were in a new relationship with each other they didn't have that to fall back on. So who becomes your best friend to vent to when you are now romantically involved with them? There was entire mountain of questions and consequences that they both had to overcome while dealing with their own feelings. I really enjoyed this fresh insight to the friends-to-lovers story.
S_Lewis_TMLA 5 months ago
This book was phenomenal! This is my first Layla book and I must say, I absolutely enjoyed it. This book is the perfect amount of feels, chemistry, and steamy moments. Hunter and Josie secretly have feeling for one another but neither knows it. Life happens and they end up married with conditions.....You aren't going to want to miss this book! I'm looking forward to the rest of this series!!
JackiesBookWorld 5 months ago
Hagen delivers an incredibly swoon worthy story that will leave your heart melting and wanting for more. Hunter Caldwell and Jossie Gallagher have known each other for fifteen years. They have similar backgrounds and met while attending a private school as scholarship students. When Jossie was bullied for not having the money to buy better clothes, Hunter was there to rescue her and ever since then the’ve been really close friends. They saw each other go through ups and downs over the years. Hunter became the owner of the largest real estate development company in the country. Jossie became a sought after lawyer who is working incredibly hard to become partner at the firm she works for. It’s no surprise that they would do anything for one another, so when Hunter gets a letter from immigration telling him that he might not be able to renew his visa, Jossie is ready to help. A marriage of convenience between the two should his problem, but things quickly start to change between the two of them and they will have to decide if they are better off as friends in the end or they have what it takes to make their marriage work. I absolutely loved reading this book! Not only were the characters relatable, but the story as a whole was enjoyable to read as well. The fact that they are friends and put in a situation that they are not used to made things a lot more interesting. It’s clear that Hunter doesn’t want to settle down, he has worked so hard to have the career that he has that he is not ready to take the next step yet. While Jossie is a career woman, she happens to want to have a family of her own. As the two start to spend more time together, they soon realize that they might just be perfect for one another until their doubts start to change their dynamic and relationship as well. All in all, the story is a definite must read! It’s steamy and utterly romantic. I would highly recommend checking it out as well as other books by the author. :) **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
jennifer rovnyak 5 months ago
luvluke6t6 5 months ago
Once again Layla Hagen has delivered an incredible sizzling romantic story in You're The One. You're The One is the first book in her new Very Irresistible Bachelors series and I could not put it down. Once again she has introduced us to amazing characters, that I immediately fell in love with, flaws and all. You're The One takes place in New York, so it's a change from her usual San Francisco. I always love how she describes all the places where her characters roam. You're The One is a wonderful friends to lovers story, of BFFs Josie Gallagher and Hunter Caldwell. Josie and Hunter have been best friends since the two met fifteen years ago at a private high school in NY as scholarship students. Both having achieved the dreams that they imagined, they are still best friends and will do anything for each other. Hunter's visa renewal is denied, and he and Josie come up with a solution, to get married and then Hunter can apply for his green card. Once he got his green card, they would wait for a couple of years and then divorce. Just like all best plans theirs went awry when Hunter's and Josie's feelings for each other changed from friendship to something more. An immigration officer is investing their marriage as a "sham wedding", especially since Josie did not take Hunter's last name when she married him. I loved how their feelings transformed on their honeymoon. Loved the descriptions of the honeymoon locale. Both Josie and Hunter confess their true feelings for each other. I love the sizzling romance scenes that Layla Hagen always seems to deliver. You're The One contains the usual bittersweet and poignant moments, as Hunter and Josie share secrets that they have kept hidden from everyone. I loved everything about the book from the characters and setting to the romantic tale on two best friends. My favorite part was celebrating their first Christmas together. I loved all the tender moments in the book. All the sweet little things that Hunter did for Josie to show his love for her. Layla Hagen has once again proven that she is a extraordinary storyteller. Layla Hagen also included normal her plot twist that make them question whether or not they want to risk their friendship for their fake marriage, but is it really a fake marriage. It was the best friends to lovers book that I have read recently. Could not put it down. So looking forward to the series continuing with the next book in the series about Hunter's cousin Ryker.
ScrapNSign 5 months ago
You're The One will have you adding NYC to your bucket list! You won't be able to help falling for Hunter, most especially his family. Everyone has that one friend that they'd do anything for - and Hunter is that person for Josie. So when he runs into a problem that neither of the lawyers can solve, there's only one clear solution...marriage. Beautifully written, with a family of supporting characters that will have you in stitches from laughter. I adored this book, as I do everything from Layla Hagen, and can't wait for more in this series!
bunny_banes-8 5 months ago
Wow! What a way to start a series Layla! You're The One is SUPER AMAZING!!! I'm still smiling from ear to ear thinking about Hunter and Josie, and it's been a day since I've finished the book. I even wanted to go back and read it all over again just to relive the excitement, the thrills and the chills that electrified me while reading it. Friends to lovers has always been a favorite trope of mine, and this book aptly represents that genre. For me, friendship is the best foundation of love. The friendship that Hunter and Josie shared since they were teens is proof of my belief. I know it's still too early to tell. But I feel that You're The One will be on my top favorite list for 2020. I LOVE the friendship that Hunter and Josie have. They knew and understood each other so well. They knew when one has a problem or was worrying about something. They knew when to cheer each other up, & knew their likes and dislikes. But most of all, they're always ready to lend a helping hand. Just like what Josie did when she helped Hunter with his immigration problem. She still said "Yes" to Hunter despite the consequences. Consequences that would greatly impact not only her life, her job but most especially her heart too. A true friend through and through. Indeed, a kind of friend that we all need these days. I was captivated instantly by this book. Hunter was just so lovable and adorable. I love the way he treated Josie. I love how he protected and cared for her ever since they were teenagers 15 years ago. I loved him even more now when he charmed his way into her heart. It may have been fake at first. But I knew that both of them already had feelings for each other even before the arrangement. It just took Hunter's problem with immigration to finally make them admit their love for each other. My heart was bursting with excitement and I was smiling endlessly when they finally said "I love you". Aaarrrggghhh I wanted to hug them both at that exact moment while asking them "Guys, what took you so long!?" Then to Hunter, "Please hang on to Josie. Don't ever let her go." And to Josie, "Take care of your man. He's one of a kind." Just like all of Layla's books, I also fell in love with the secondary characters. Layla surely knows how to introduce us to all her characters and make us warm up to them already. Now I'm super excited to read the next book in this series because the Winchester's were so easy to get attached to. Familial love is dominant in all of Layla's books and that is what endears me to her stories. Thank you so much Layla for the ARC. I had the best time falling in love with Hunter and Josie. You certainly know how to start a series with a BANG! I can't wait to see who will be hit by Cupid's arrow next. So what are you waiting guys? Grab a copy now and swoon, smile, laugh and fall in love like I did with this incredible book! Two thumbs up!
Kayla Davis 5 months ago
Layla Hagen is one of my favorite authors to read and she delivered on yet another feel good read. If there is one thing this author does well it's sagas. This story is the start of a brand new series into the lives of the Winchester family. And if You're The One is any indication I can already tell I'm going to love these characters just as much as her others! I was so excited to start reading this and boy did it deliver. Everything about this story was refreshing and sweet. From start to finish I was so obsessed with this book. It combined two of my absolute favorite troupes friends to lovers and fake marriage. Hunter and Josie was so perfect together. I simply could not get enough of these two and their flirty banter. The raw passion and friendship between these two was enough to make any women swoon. If I had any complaints it would be their story had to end. I could have read MORE from these characters. I certainly hope to see some tie ins with them in future books! Josie is one of those heroines you cant help but to instantly connect with. Something about her was just easy to love and relate too. I could easily see myself being friends with her in real life. She was fun, sassy and down to earth. When her bestfriend needed her help she sacrificed everything selflessly to help him. The amount of passion her character had is truly what made this story so great. Josie truly was the perfect fit for this story! Hunter is hands down the perfect man. I want one. Where can I find him at? I have never swooned so much in my life. Almost every word out of his mouth had me melting. Hunter knew his assests and he wasn't affraid to use them. He was full of smooth lines, while oozing just as much charm. Seriously, he had me wrapped around his finger in no time. I just want to say now that Hunter is MINE, I am so calling dibs! *4&1/2 STARS* Well earned for a slow burn packed with plenty of laughs, love and emotion. I look forward to seeing what character the author has in store for us next.
Colleen_Snibson 5 months ago
Another great read by this author. I am hoping this becomes a series like the Bennett and Connor families because I would love to catch up with Hunter and Josie again. Can't wait for this author's next book.
MaryJoMI 5 months ago
Wonderful best friends to lover’s romance. Hunter is surprised when his Visa isn’t renewed after living in the US for so many years. Yes, he should have applied for his green card years ago but just kept putting it off. Now, to stay in the US, he will need to marry someone. Josie has been best friends with Hunter since they met in high school. As the new kid, Hunter defended her and made a lifelong friend. Having achieved her dream to be a lawyer, she looks for any and all options to help Hunter with his immigration issue but marriage is the quickest solution and she volunteers to be his bride. The challenges for two fiercely independent people to suddenly be married and sharing a life is full of all kinds of pitfalls. The biggest issue is immigration investigating their ‘quick’ wedding. As they spend more time together, can they really keep to a hands-off marriage? Or will their true feelings finally emerge for each other? I appreciated and enjoyed that this wasn’t easy for either of them. They both had fears and insecurities that they hadn’t revealed or acknowledged to deal with which gave this journey more depth and had my heart breaking at times.
BkfanCO 5 months ago
I do not know where to start with Hunter and Josie except to say WOW. This couple is hot. Their friends to lover’s story is an amazing trip of discovering the other side of their best friend’s relationship, that includes falling in love and they find that the best relationships include friendship. This couple would not have found their way if not for Hunter’s immigration status which is where their conflict arises. Trusting their feelings is difficult for both of them. they may not have found each other. Fighting their growing feelings for each other, but they were simmering just below the surface since they met as teenagers. Both are driven professionally but share so much history and share Hunter’s family. Josie is part of the family and loved from the start. Their conflict grows when they try to negotiate the change in their relationship from friends to lovers and try to maintain the friendship. Eventually finding their way because of the friendship. This is a really great book. One of the best books Layla Hagen has ever written. You will love Hunter and Josie’s story.
KindleKat64 5 months ago
I absolutely adored Hunter & Josie’s story! I love the best friends to lovers trope and in this case the fake marriage trope is added in too which always makes things interesting and fun. Of course these best friends didn’t stand a chance against the chemistry and attraction they’ve ignored for so many years. This book has all the good stuff I look for in a romance, it’s fun, flirty, sweet, super sexy/steamy and so romantic. I can always count on Layla Hagen to give me all the things!! I loved everything about Hunter and Josie’s story from start to finish and felt that their fake marriage only made their special bond they thought was just friendship so much stronger. I also enjoyed the other characters we meet in this book too so that is always a nice treat.
Lashea677 5 months ago
Hagen claimed my heart two series ago and has yet to let go. I fell head over heels the first time. The second time was a reminder as to why. Josie and Hunter are a sweet contradiction. Destiny laid the ground work, it only took a push from fate for these clueless hearts to catch up. You're the One continues my addiction with my one click button and is explanation enough as to why Layla Hagen reigns supreme on my MUST HAVE list.
Penny Leidecker 5 months ago
I was looking forward to reading the start to Layla Hagen’s new series and she did a fantastic job with You’re the One. We know she can write some fantastic, steamy romance books and she doesn’t disappoint with this book. Hunter and Josie are best friends and they each secretly have romantic feelings for the other. When Hunter learns his Visa isn’t going to be renewed, he asks Josie to marry him with the understanding that after a respectable amount of time, they will get divorced. Of course, Josie says yes and then things get good. You will love these characters and the amazing chemistry they have. Do yourself a favor and grab this book and then look forward to reading more about Hunter’s cousins, Tess, Skye, Ryker, and Cole, in future books. I received an advanced reader copy of this book and this is my honest and voluntary review.