Title: Meditations, Author: Marcus Aurelius
Best Books of 2023
Title: Determined: A Science of Life without Free Will, Author: Robert M. Sapolsky
Title: The Republic (Penguin Classics), Author: Plato
Title: Humanly Possible: Seven Hundred Years of Humanist Freethinking, Inquiry, and Hope, Author: Sarah Bakewell
Title: The Symposium, Author: Plato
Title: Existentialism Is a Humanism, Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Title: Plato: Five Dialogues: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Meno, Phaedo / Edition 2, Author: Plato
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Paperback from $7.14 $10.50 Current price is $7.14, Original price is $10.50.
Title: Being and Nothingness, Author: Jean-Paul Sartre
Title: My First Gratitude Journal: Fun and Fast Ways for Kids to Give Daily Thanks, Author: Creative Journals for Kids
Title: Fear and Trembling, Author: Soren Kierkegaard
Title: How the Scots Invented the Modern World: The True Story of How Western Europe's Poorest Nation Created Our World and Everything in It, Author: Arthur Herman
Paperback from $15.99 $18.00 Current price is $15.99, Original price is $18.00.
Title: On the Shortness of Life: Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It, Author: Seneca
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Title: Enlightenment Now: The Case for Reason, Science, Humanism, and Progress, Author: Steven Pinker
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Title: At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails with Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Albert Camus, Martin Heidegger, Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Others, Author: Sarah Bakewell
Paperback from $17.95 $19.95 Current price is $17.95, Original price is $19.95.
Title: The Swerve: How the World Became Modern, Author: Stephen Greenblatt
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Title: The Courage to Be / Edition 3, Author: Paul Tillich
Title: The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason, Author: Sam Harris
Title: Das Kapital, Author: Karl Marx
Title: Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity-and Why This Harms Everybody, Author: Helen Pluckrose
Title: The Will to Power, Author: Friedrich Nietzsche

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