Title: Angelbound, Author: Christina Bauer
Title: Realm of Dragons (Age of the SorcerersBook One), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Displaced, Author: Bridget E. Baker
Title: ExtraOrdinary, Author: Danielle K Girl
Title: Apocalypse, Author: Kyle West
Title: The Soul Thief, Author: Kim Richardson
Title: Speechless, Author: Madeline Freeman
Title: Awakening, Author: Leigh Walker
Title: Only the Worthy (The Way of SteelBook 1), Author: Morgan Rice
Title: Wide Awake, Author: KB Anne
Title: Xoe Meyers Trilogy (Books 1-3), Author: Sara C. Roethle
Title: Undercover Witch Academy: First Year, Author: Rachel Medhurst
Title: The Vikings Chosen, Author: Quinn Loftis
Title: Awaking, Author: Madeline Freeman
Title: Falling (Fall and Rise Duet, #1), Author: Wendy Smith
Title: Crimson Born, Author: Amy Patrick
Title: Rise: Order of the Krigers, Book 1, Author: Jennifer Anne Davis
Title: Serenade, Author: Heather McKenzie
Title: Atlantis Riptide: Lost Daughters of Atlantis, Author: Allie Burton
Title: Fate Bound, Author: Madeline Freeman

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