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Title: Banker to the World: Leadership Lessons From the Front Lines of Global Finance, Author: William Rhodes
Title: The Origins of Value: The Financial Innovations that Created Modern Capital Markets, Author: William N. Goetzmann
Title: Encyclopedic Dictionary Of International Finance And Banking, Author: Jae K. Shim
Title: Open Society Reforming Global Capitalism Reconsidered / Edition 1, Author: George Soros
Title: International Monetary Power / Edition 1, Author: David M. Andrews
Title: International Economics / Edition 8, Author: Dennis R Appleyard
Title: The Globalizers: The IMF, the World Bank, and their Borrowers / Edition 1, Author: Ngaire Woods
Title: An Introduction to International Capital Markets,: Products, Strategies, Participants / Edition 2, Author: Andrew M. Chisholm
Title: The Crisis Of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered, Author: George Soros
Title: The Summit: Bretton Woods, 1944: J. M. Keynes and the Reshaping of the Global Economy, Author: Ed Conway
Title: International Capital Movements During the Inter-War Period, Author: United Nations
Title: Political Economy Of International Financial Crisis, Author: Shale A. Horowitz
Title: Governments, Banks and Global Capital: Securities Markets in Global Politics, Author: Miroslava Filipovic
Title: World Politics and International Economics, Author: A. Fred Bergsten
Title: Multinational Finance / Edition 2, Author: Kirt C. Charles Butler
Title: Japan in the International Financial System, Author: T. Iwami
Title: Europe and the Evolution of the International Monetary System, Author: Alexander K. Swoboda
Title: The Globalization of Financial Services, Author: Mervyn K. Lewis
Title: Financial Crises, Liquidity, and the International Monetary System / Edition 1, Author: Jean Tirole
Title: Guiding Global Order, Author: John J. Kirton

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