Exiled (The Protector Book 1)

Exiled (The Protector Book 1)

by M.R. Merrick

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Exiled 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 50 reviews.
Y311er More than 1 year ago
I first discovered this book while cruising through hundreds of books on my Kindle when I was immediately drawn in by this cover, of a desolate tree with fire and water battling for control of the barren wasteland. And I immediately knew that I had to know this story. From the minute I picked up Exiled, I was captivated and I instantly fell in love with Chase the stubborn and sarcastic demon hunter who was exiled from the only world he had ever known and robbed of the only thing that he had ever dreamed of being. He is thrown into this world where suddenly he is the hunted and he realizes that things are not always black and white. His beliefs are tested and he begins to question everything he was ever taught.  Everything about this book had me enchanted. From M.R. Merrick's incredible characters-both good and bad, to his descriptions of elemental magic allowing me the chance to imagine what it would feel like to control the elements; to his action sequences and fight scenes that really made you feel like you were a part of the story; and to the unique worlds they all travel. I loved everything about this book and I finished it in a matter of hours.  It has been almost eight months since my original review of Exiled on Amazon. And I knew that before I wrote the review for my blog that I would have to read the book again, in order to give it true justice. I have now read Exiled 4 times!! It is that good! It is one of the few books I recommend to people when they ask me what they should read. Now you just need to take me up on the recommendation and go out and read it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The basic idea for the story isn't bad but that's about all it has going for it. The plot and characters are overly simplified and the action is over the top and uninteresting the whole thing appears to be a work of self gratification for the author. There are no twists or turns and you will be stuck either guessing what happens next or wondering if you care enough to keep reading. With some work on the description and added depth to both the characters and the back story this could be an OK novel but hey at least it was free. (Saying all this I MIGHT be able to see preteens enjoying it but be warned there is blood and violence)
SarahSpann More than 1 year ago
A noteworthy debut from an exciting new author! Exiled captured my imagination with vivid imagery, high action and a well-written uniquely captivating storyline. M.R. Merrick made me care about the characters with whom I became invested. The characters are well developed and compelling. (I fell in love with Willy, and I'm sure you will too!) He manages to integrate vampires (and more!) into the story without being obnoxious, which is a seemingly rare feat these days. Most books I come across which mix in vampires leave me rolling my eyes, but alas...not one single eye roll here. Kudos. M.R. Merrick's voice is delightful. His descriptions are beautiful and the way he paints the details really brings the story to life. As I reached the last page I had a tear or two in my eyes, and a ball of disappointment forming in my stomach because I didn't want it to be over. I await the next book in the series with bated breath.
tripsis on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Fans of Cassandra Clare¿s The Mortal Instruments series will love this book! I¿ve actually only read City of Bones so far, but there are a lot of similarities in style between that book and Exiled. I actually liked Exiles more than city of bones. So if you like Cassandra Clare, definitely check out Exiled!Exiled is a super awesome story about demons, demon hunters, vampires, warlocks, trolls, and more! This is exactly the kind of story I like: magical powers, secret world/society that humans don¿t know about, corrupt organization, and war! Chase Williams¿a demon hunter¿is the main character in this story. He¿s part of an organization called The Circle, the purpose of which is to protect the world from demons. On his fifteenth birthday, he steps up to claim his elemental power, which is passed down through demon hunter bloodlines, but it doesn¿t come. Since he¿s now labeled `powerless,¿ The Circle decides to exile him and his mother. And awesome, unexpected adventures ensue!I loved Chase¿s character because he actually reminded me a lot of myself, and as a girl, I don¿t usually relate that well to male characters. But I definitely saw a lot of myself in Chase and that was a pleasant surprise for me. He¿s loyal, determined, a little too stubborn, doesn¿t like to admit when he¿s wrong, and often gets a little overpowered by guilt. He¿s fiercely loyal to his friends so he hates it when his friends are put in danger because of his actions.Rayna was also a terrific character! She¿s sexy, badass, super smart, and talented. Rayna is half half-demon and half hunter, and possibly one of a kind. She has so many interesting and unique powers, that even she is still discovering. Plus she has cat eyes ¿ that¿s awesome.There was a really interesting almost-romance brewing between Chase and Rayna. They start off kind of hating each other, but soon their jibes start straying away from dislike and towards the kind of playful banter that happens when flirting. Nothing ever officially develops between them, but the tension and chemistry are there, so I really hope this is something we see more of in book 2!What¿s great about Exiled is that it¿s so full of action and there is never a dull moment. Chase is constantly being attacked by demons, striking deals with vampires, or going on some adventure to discover the truth or rescue his friends. There are plenty of battle scenes, some of which are a little gory, but they¿re all described in wonderful detail and clarity. M.R. Merrick introduces us to a wide variety of characters and creatures, from goblins to trolls to shifters. At one point, Chase acquires an animal companion he names Rai. This is the most awesome bird ever and I totally want one! But she doesn¿t get introduced until near the end of the story, so I won¿t reveal too much about her awesomeness. Speaking of the end, it¿s really quite sad and totally had me tearing up, which was a little embarrassing since I was at an airport. But this is definitely an intriguing story that any magic lover or urban fantasy addict will enjoy! There are so many awesome characters, intriguing lore, and new worlds to learn about. Merrick really excelled at creating interesting characters with interesting and unique personalities. Each one had a very distinctive voice and I fell in love with all of them for different reasons.Exiled is a self published book, but you¿d never know it. Many people are turned off by self published books ¿ and I often am too ¿ but I really hope that doesn¿t dissuade you from picking up Exiled. During my reading, there was never a time where I was thinking, ¿This is a great story but it could really use some editing.¿ The story flows well, the characters are interesting and develop, and I didn¿t encounter the spelling/grammatical errors that are often present in self published works. Exiled is a great book and I can¿t wait to read the second one in the series!As for my rating, I was constantly going back and forth between 4 stars a
Krista23 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
In all honesty here, I have read a lot of books this year with Demons and recently have found them all kind of mixing together in my head and not remembering much about them only weeks after reading the book.This book however completely stood out on it's own and incredibly entertaining and memorable.I had been hearing some good things about the book in some blogs, so I had it on my radar, it's a great price right now and jumped at the opportunity to review it. Needless to say when I started reading it I was unsure how it was going to turn out for me, but about halfway through is when I really knew it was going to get the 5 star rating and worth every penny in my opinion.What I did like immediately from page one was that it's told from a male perspective. I am starting to appreciate this more and more as it is not so common in Young Adult books out there (I read mostly young adult books for review) I find a the male's perspective on things refreshing and different especially when it is written so well.This book had great characters, they interacted well with each other, I also like a story with a great evil villain that really adds content that keeps me entertained and guessing at what will happen next. Also the mixture of characters and the world building and traveling was a unique mixture and really fit the story.I don't know why I find it important to emphasize that the 2nd half of the book rocked! Once the characters were established and we get a feel for everything, it takes off into a crazy adventure and incredible fighting scenes. Rounded off nicely with a epilogue that is very fitting and not a cliffhanger! :)
SupaGurlbooks on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Review: 5x5WOW! Let me just say that I totally loved this story!! You have demon hunters, demons, witches, warlocks, halfies, and The Circle. This is an action packed thrill ride that will blow your socks off.Chase, well he is just an intense character! He is fiercely loyal to his mother and slowly comes to trust some others. He has a great personality and you will like him instantly! Chase' mother has the same great personality as her son or should I say he gets that from her? They are on their own and it's her and him always.Step in Rayna, she throws a wrench in his life, but in a good way. She is an amazing character and I can't wait to see more of her!The story line is a great original spin on things and takes you at a fast pace. The world building is spot on and the world created will leave you in awe. Get this book NOW and enjoy the ride!!
GreatImaginations on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Okay. I am really nervous about writing this review, because I want to do this book justice. It was sooo good. And the author. Because he is seriously one of the nicest guys around. Exiled is a very special book, and because it was written by someone I know and am familiar with, I was completely worried. I mean, wouldn't that suck if I didn't like it? Especially since I asked to review it. I believe this may be the first book I actually asked to review, although I am not entirely sure. Either way, it didn't matter. This book was just...I am speechless. I could talk to you about the plot (epic!), or the characters (so well-developed it was insane), or the world-building (which was fantastic, vivid, and full of outstanding imagery), but I'm not going to do that, because although I could make this a technical review, I really don't want to. Just trust me when I say it is all there. I would much rather talk about how the book made me feel. Exiled is one of those books with a story you can just lose yourself in. Forget the world around you, forget your problems, and just focus on the words. It's not always easy to do, but in this case it was. This was easily one of the best books I read this year and I can't wait for my blog readers, and other lovers of books to get their hands on it and experience it for themselves. It takes a lot for me personally to rave about a book, and this book did it all for me. There is literally nothing for me to complain about or critique, because if I had edited it, I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was truly an adventure in every sense of the word. I took the ride with the characters. And believe me, I didn't want to. Chase was a miserable jerk in the beginning. But he went on a personal journey throughout this book and by the end he had been through so much that it changed him as a person. And my opinion of him changed as I continued to read. This is something that should be a part of every book I read, but is rarely ever there. The author nailed it. There was conflict, there was tension. Even the side characters were thoroughly plotted out. But whatever. I said it wasn't going to be a technical review and there I go again. It is in my blood I guess. Anyway, it had all the elements that make a story truly great. I think this is only the beginning of good things to come for M.R. Merrick. If his writing is any indication, he will have one heck of a ride ahead of him. Read it, Read it, Read it! It has my seal of approval and then some.
BookishBrunette on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Chase is a demon hunter- without an elemental power. For this disgrace to his father's legacy, he was cast out of the 'protection' of the Circle with his mother to live among the humans.However, the demons that roam our world seek Chase out without fail... OVER and OVER again... night after night... Let me explain quickly, a demon can be any creature of the Underworld: vamp, shifter, witch... etc. And there are only a few ways to kill said demons, "Cut off his head or pierce his black heart- those were my options. I could light him on fire, but I was fresh out of matches." *grin* I loooove my Chase...Chase is thoroughly (rather slowly... as he is slightly LOSING) figuring out HOW he wants to rid the world of this particular demon when out of nowhere, RAYNA comes up from behind and takes the kill shot before Chase has the chance!Rayna... OMG! I TOTALLY freaking LOVE her! Seriously- from her green, shifter eyes to her wickedly hot witchy ways... She was EPIC! Ahem! Moving on...After Rayna takes out the demon, she starts to lay the smack down on Chase! (Okay, my guy TOTALLY held his own... but Rayna let him HAVE IT!) It becomes clear to Chase as they're fighting, that she- HERSELF- is a demon.Then someone calls Rayna off! Not just anyone either... A HUNTER! A powerful, air-elemental with the ability to manipulate the shadows. Beyond that, Marcus was also Chase's DAD'S old partner... who has been thought dead by the Hunters for years, when in reality he has been training demons!This is unfathomable to Chase! Demons and Hunters can't be FRIENDS, and they certainly don't work together! But there is a lot that Chase doesn't know, not all Underworlder's are evil- and not all members of the Circle are good.RIGHT? I know... and that's just the freaking BEGINNING! I totally looooved Chase and his thought process... and I had a WICKED crush on him! *giggles* "There were a lot of problems with living in the slums. I could deal with the noisy neighbors. I could handle the random gunshots during the night, but the lack of water pressure was at the top of my list of complaints. This was clearly a sign my life wasn't normal."Then Chase finds himself doing something that he thought he'd NEVER do... SAVING the life of a demon- from the very Hunter's he used to train with. He takes quite a beating from his former 'brothers', and Willy (the demon) takes him home and has his Gram (freaking AWESOMESAUCE old lady) heal him.Upon returning home, his mother is FREAKING out because he's been gone for DAYS- healing... at the DEMON'S house. Marcus is there, and Chase finally agrees to help him and Rayna fight against the Hunter's, so they won't be able to procure this half-breed blood they're looking for. "My can it be true? One day you're putting knives to my throat and calling me a filthy demon, and the next you're having sleepovers with an Underworlder?" ~Rayna "What can I say, he was prettier than you." ~ChaseI absolutely REFUSE to give ANYTHING more away about the story... but i can assure you it just gets BIGGER & BETTER from there on... I know, it's hard to imagine right?Now I must mention how much I completely adored the secondary characters in Exiled. They were just as detailed and descriptively written as any of the main characters!Willy was freaking FABULOUS, Tiki completely ROCKED my face off and even the villainous characters were beautifully fantastic! The vividness in which I experienced the worlds that M.R. Merrick created within Exiled is too hard to put into words. Everything was perfectly executed, so that when I picked up this book- I was instantly transported from my couch, into Chase William's world so completely that I could have been standing next to him.THIS is why I love indie books... Exiled is the PERFECT example of the EPICNESS that can exist in independent work and therefore so easily go unnoticed!Part fantasy, part action/adventure, part YA and part romantic comedy without all the dramatics of a love triangle.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is terribe. It reads like it was written by a particularly ungifted 15 year old. The protagonist is nothing short of a moron; he perpetually "almost" wins his battles until he stops to exchange glances with an associate and, yup, once again winds up unconscious and tied to a chair, where he will then engage in lengthy and unnecessary verbal exchanges with his captors until he finally bores them into making a mistake. Naturally, the villains are all just as dumb as he is. He gains great powers but inevitably never bothers to use them until it is almost too late ... every. single. frickin'. time. Man, does that get old. The premise is a good one. It's a real shame it is so poorly implemented.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sedition More than 1 year ago
This book was very well written. Little bit of everything in there and well blended. Melee,Magic,Demons,Monsters,Passion. Like I said..very well blended book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good story. Could have stood more depth to the worlds, but good enough to hold my interest to the satisfying ending.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With absolutely no true literary credentials other than my fairly useless English degree, I think M.R.Merrick has aced all all the necessary requirements of creating a most excellent and unique novel. I cannot not wait to immerse myself into Rayna's and Chase's next ad venture.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Annoying at times but, good story
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stats: 600+ nook pages. Urban fanstasy. A young man exiled for being different must find a new path and purpose. Some typos. I stopped halfway through because the book was a little too YA seeming and predictible. I think if you liked Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, you'd like this slightly more mature version.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
619 nook pages. Just WOW! What a great book. I tend to not read fantasy books taking place on earth in modern times. I accidently got this one. Vampires, demons, were-animals, warlocks, and many things they just dont have a name for. All revolving around an exiled hunter. This is a five star book, that genre jumps. All lovers or fantasy fiction will adore this. I have never said this about a book before, but this would be a great movie, and could be the next "Twilight" type of movies, without all the lovestruck teenage girls.
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Exiled by M.R. Merrick was amazing!  The world, the characters, the storyline…OMG everything about it grabbed my attention, held it, and had me crying out for more!  Why, oh why did I wait so long to start this series? Chase Williams had been training his whole life for the one moment he and his father have been looking forward to…his 15th birthday where he can officially become Hunter.  To become a part of the Circle and hunt the Underworlders and keep his world safe. Unfortunately, when he enters the circle to claim his elemental power…nothing happens!  Obviously, Chase is not a happy camper, but none is more unhappy with this outcome than his father, Riley.  And how does dear ol’ dad take the news?  He banishes his son from the Circle, and all that it encompasses.  But wait!  That’s not all folks.  He also banishes his wife! *le gasp* Why?  Because to his twisted mind, the only “obvious” reason being that she had cheated on Riley and that Chase is no son of his. And so, both Chase and his mother must now learn to live among humans and leave the life that they’ve know.  But don’t think that life gets easier for Chase.  Au contraire!  The Underworlders are hunting him down because he is the son of Riley Williams, and by killing him that would in turn would affect one of the most famous Hunters in history.  Pffft, yeah right. As if life couldn’t get any more complicated, during an altercation with a group of demons, Chase gets some help from Rayna, a half-breed (half demon/half hunter) and a Hunter that all have thought was long gone.  But what other secrets will Chase uncover, and will he learn to trust Rayna who is everything he was trained to kill. Ok, first of all…Demon Hunter!  Love stories involving demon hunters.  And author, M.R. Merrick’s Exiled is easily among the top of the list for epic Demon Hunters.  The world created is one that will not easily be forgotten, but where one can easily immerse themselves into completely. From the very opening pages to the very end, I lived and breathed everything Exiled.  I couldn’t tear myself away from the story that was unfolding before my eyes.  The characters found in this story are ones that readers alike will fall in love with and addictively follow.   The strong and powerful vampire, Vincent, for example is one that captivated me.  He is known to be the most powerful vamp in town…one that all Underworlders know not to cross, and yet his endearing moments involving Rayna had me falling for this bad boy.  I am, so, in need of more of him! M.R. Merrick’s writing style is easy to follow, and the various plot twists and turns were done to perfection.  The action scenes described were superbly done, and had me completely feeling as though I were right there on the streets and in the scenes with our fearless heroes. Exiled is an addictive ride that had me on edge throughout the entire read.  Fans of The Mortal Instruments and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will completely devour this story, and will instantly run out to grab the second installment to this series, Shift.  Read, love it, and fan girl with me!
Bonnie_W More than 1 year ago
<i>The Protector Series</i> begins by throwing readers right into the action, as do the rest of the books in the series.  If you're looking for a lot of action, mayhem, and battle mixed together with elemental magical and the fate of the world falling on one teenager's shoulders, look no further because you've found your series! Chase grew up his entire life knowing he was a Hunter, destined to purge the world of demon scum.  On his fifteenth birthday, when he's expecting to come into his elemental power and join the Circle as a full-fledged member, he's stunned to find out that he's barren.  Shunned from the Circle and disowned by his own father, Chase and his mother flee into exile.  They've been in hiding for two years and Chase fights the demons he comes across, but a chance encounter with Rayna, a girl of mixed-blood changes everything.  Suddenly up is down, and Chase begins to realize that not all demons are evil creatures that need demolishing.  Not only that, the Circle is set on opening a portal that will bring Hell to Earth, and only by banding together with those Chase was brought up to distrust can stop them. One great thing about the series is that even the &quot;Save the World&quot; storyline doesn't take place to the &quot;overpowering romance&quot; of two (or sometimes three, if you're reading a book with a triangle) starcrossed lovers.  I don't know about you, but I'm so sick of seeing that in so much of the YA currently out there.  There should be a strong balance between the two, especially in fantasy, and M.R. Merrick doesn't disappoint, creating just the right blend throughout the series. Chase grows so much as a character, and is put through trials and horrors no human being should have to encounter.  He is truly destined to become a hero despite the sacrifices along the way.  In a way, Chase reminds me of Buffy, because he pulls together a core group of people, works with his enemies, and attempts to save the world from destruction and mayhem, sacrificing so much of himself along the way in order to save the greater good.
AlwaysYAatHeart1 More than 1 year ago
After spending his whole life trying to please his father, training to be a demon hunter, what he was born to do, Chase Williams finds himself an outcast along with his mother, abandoned by his father, the Circle, and all that he knew, forced into a life on the outside, just trying to survive.  Each day holds its own challenge.  After all, when you are the famous Riley Williams' son, every demon in the world is after you.  It is during one of these &quot;attacks&quot; that Chase meets Rayna and Marcus, an encounter that changes everything.  Marcus is also a Hunter, and a very powerful one, who doesn't hold the same beliefs as the Circle, and helps to open Chase's eyes to a whole new way of thinking.  Rayna is half demon and half hunter, beautiful, tough, and challenges everything that Chase has ever known.  These unlikely allies soon find that their coming together was much more than happenstance, and that it will take them working together to stop the evil that has already begun to be unleashed. The story is told from Chase's point of view, and let me just say that I love Chase.  He turns out to be quite the hero, but not a perfect one by any means.  He screws up, gets knocked down, but gets back up and kicks more evil butt again.  I especially love Rayna.  I think her character is just awesome.  She is a total badass and one awesome heroine.  Willy is another one of my favorite characters.  He also plays a big role in helping Chase to realize that things aren't always black and white.  As for the story.  M.R. Merrick's has created a fantasy filled world with all kinds of supernatural creatures that is imaginative, adventurous, and entertaining.   I was extremely impressed with the quality of Merrick's writing.  It is very professional, and it was hard to believe that this was his debut novel.  The book had the feel of a little bit of Mortal Instruments and Lord of the Rings mixed together with a little bit of underlying romance, which was icing on the cake.  I thoroughly enjoyed Exiled, and if you are an urban fantasy fan (and even if you're not), you should definitely check Exiled out.