Marriage Claws

Marriage Claws

by Paige Cuccaro

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Marriage Claws 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
BuckeyeAngel More than 1 year ago
Kate felt she was close to a panic attack and it was jack Pensione’s. He was known as the Prince of Wall Street. He was trying to to lock the door of Kate’s diner for good. The arrogant business mongrel only arrived a few minutes ago and already Kate couldn’t think straight. Kate thought dear God why does he have to keep coming around pestering her. There is nothing on earth that would convince Kate to give up on her diner. She had owned The Sweet Spot diner for five years now. . Even with her lease coming up due. Jack wanted her to come up with three million dollars to but the space or close down her shop and vacate the spot. Jack was the most eligible bachelor in NYC. Than Marbella said Jack had his eye on her. The he watches Kate, the way he stares when you walk away. You'd think the man suspected you of smuggled gold in the backside of your slacks. Jack’s father told him to get married and than he could take over the company. Otherwise he wanted the diner shut down. Kate had been taking care of her younger brother George since she had graduated from HS at seventeen. That was when their father decided his responsibility to his kids had been fulfilled. And he could “finally live his life.” Kate was only four years older than George but felt more like his mother, the only mother he had ever known. Than jack was in the diner and asking Kate if she would marry him that would make him CEO and he would save her diner for her. Jack said it would be strictly business he didn’t want to marry someone he had a romantic relationship with. When Jack took her hand electricity shot up her arm and she knew he felt it too. That had to be understood from the start that romance would be out of the question. Kate had to move in with jack to make it appear real. Than jack told he was a werewolf and told her about them. I loved the book. It was a great paranormal read. I loved Jack and Kate together and how they interacted. I also loved how Jack wanted to change some of the protocols of the pack. I loved the different take on how a human is turned and than connected to each member of the pack. I loved the plot and pace. I found nothing to criticize in this book. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I highly recommend it.
BookReview4you More than 1 year ago
'Marriage Claws' by Paige Cuccaro is the story of Jack Pensione and Kate Affetto. Kate is a hard working women who has taken care of her most of her life. Now she is running a restaurant where she has him working and a few other people she has collected that need her. Jack helps run his father's business and wants to take over it along with their Wolf pack. But his father nor the pack would want a single man running the show. So when the company buys the building that Kate has her restaurant Jack thinks to offer her a deal. Kate can keep the restaurant if she pretends to be his wife for a while. They strike the deal but they both thought it would be easier to have this pretend relationship but its harder than either thought. Kate learns to that Jack isn't a normal person that he is a wolf shiftier but that doesn't seem to stop her feelings for him. "My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read."
jeanniezelos More than 1 year ago
Marriage Claws, Paige Cuccaro Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre:  Sci-fi and Fantasy Well, I'm a bit puzzled by the "debut" tag. I recognized the name and when I looked it up found I've read and enjoyed some of her other stories, especially the Hellsbane series. So - debut??  Anyway, its a decent read, fairly light but great for those times you want a bit of supernatural, bit of Pack hierarchy and some sexy romance.  I really liked Kate, hard worker, loves her business and the people she's taken in while running it. She's the sort who sees beyond the obvious, who really cares about supporting her friends, and her staff have become just that. Her younger brother works in the diner too, and she's more a mum than a sister to him. So when a company takes over the building and wants her out so they can turn the space into housing, she digs her heels in. She won't be able to afford anywhere else, she's been here five years and only just begun to show a decent profit, moving means going back to those early years all over again while they build up trade. Its just not do-able and yet neither is leaving her friends in the lurch.  Then Jack comes in, son of the guy who's bought the place, and he has a solution. He needs a wife, so he can take over as Alpha of his Pack. He can't exactly tell Kate that though, so explains it as a family business. His suggestion, they marry, he takes over, then he gives her the diner and they divorce. Jack's made it clear there's no love, no emotions and he doesn't want the glossy girls who just want his name and position, he wants a straightforward, no attachments deal. At first she can't bring herself to do it. Jack's always pictured out with leggy, stick thin, glossy models and she just isn't. She knows making it look real will be hard work, and then...well, she's always believed marriage is special, a one time only thing and she's not sure she can cheapen it this way.  Losing the diner and letting down her brother and freinds isn't an option though so she agrees, knowing its for a few weeks only.  Life has some suprises in store though.  I enjoyed this story, got so cross at Jack at times, but understood his reactions. I liked the Marcus angle, and loved, loved Alexia, I do so love a character like hers.  That angle could have been even stronger for me, I think characters like her add so much to the drama and jealousy.  It made for a fun read, its not a deep, dark, intense supernatural romance, but one that's more lighthearted, has moments of humour among the dramas, lighting the deeper emotions that develop between Jack and Kate. Its a great escape for a summer read.    Stars: four, fun plots, sassy female lead, sexy male leads and some sensual fun and games.  ARC supplied for review purposes by Netgalley and Publishers