Three Guilty Pleasures

Three Guilty Pleasures

by Nikki Sloane

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Three Guilty Pleasures 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
StarStacy More than 1 year ago
Guilty of not loving this book. I have loved & enjoyed all the other Nikki Sloane books I have read (which is 7, including 3 Blindfold Club books). This book had some points that were not appealing to me, but I was invested enough in the story, the main characters & the author’s writing to push through and finish the book. The points I did not like are not mentioned in the blurb, but the main one was that Tara stayed in a submissive relationship with Silas & Regan (her Doms from another Blindfold Club book) while dating Grant & let them tell her how Grant could touch her. These points made me not as emotionally invested as I usually am. As I said, I did like both main characters, Tara and Grant, because they knew who they were & were not apologetic about it. I loved their second meeting (you will understand what I mean if you read the book), a meet-cute that leads to insta-lust (and I don’t mind insta-lust!). And, of course, I enjoyed the happy ending for the couple after the drama was settled. Even though some of this book wasn’t my cup of tea, I will still read Nikki Sloane books.
chelleyreads More than 1 year ago
Originally posted on Undeniably Book Nerdy book blog Trust Nikki Sloane to take me out of my reading comfort zone yet I thoroughly enjoy myself. For the longest time, I have avoided romance novels involving threesomes/ménage à trois--just plain not my cup of tea. Yet, here I am having just read Three Guilty Pleasures and absolutely enjoyed it. If you're not familiar with Nikki Sloane's Blindfold Club series, all the books are connected stand-alones that revolve around the Blindfold Club, an exclusive high end brothel. Three Guilty Pleasures is the sixth book in the series--if you're a long-time fan of the series, you're going to get a kick of seeing quite a few of the previous couples/characters in this book as secondary characters playing significant roles. I have not read any of the other books in the series so I didn't have the connection with these characters, but I liked them for what they brought to the story. Now, I'm not suddenly gonna go out and get my hands on all the romance novels with threesomes/ménage à trois in them--Three Guilty Pleasures was most definitely an exception. From my previous experience (before I ultimately DNF'd the book), whenever there's some kind of threesome involved between the main couple and a third party, it more than likely evolves into some kind of emotional cheating and jealousy and the scenes are so sleazy and trashy that they make me want to take a shower after reading it. It's not a good time. I was so sure I was going to DNF Three Guilty Pleasures for its ménage elements alone, but imagine my surprise when I was riveted to Tara and Grant's story and I couldn't put the book down. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!! For long-time fans of the series, I guess Tara have been around for a while because she's connected to many of the other characters in previous books and Grant also appeared previously. I love Tara so much! She doesn't go shouting it from the rooftops, but she was not ashamed of who she was and what she does and what makes her feel good. Grant wasn't at her level of cool, but he was great too and together they were AMAZING, especially when they meld their talents together. From the moment these two literally fell into each other, their chemistry was instantaneous and I was hooked. I loved the two of them together and it killed me because, unbeknownst to them, they were moving to the nail biting moment when crap will hit fan and ultimately break my babies up. It's a given that every book in the Blindfold Club series will contain a ménage scene(s) and we get it here and we get it quite early. But, unlike my previous experiences with this dreaded trope, Ms. Sloane wrote it in to enhance the plot and/or the characters. The big scene in the end where there was a crowd of participants, we never lost sight of the main couple--despite what was happening and who was calling the shots, Tara and Grant remained at center stage and nothing felt cheap or sleazy. My only complaint was that the ending felt rushed. I wanted an extended chapter of my babies just together and being happy. I also had questions in the end that didn't get fully answered on the page--like, what is Tara's future with the club? With Regan and Silas? Did she win Dance Dreams? If you're a fan of the Blindfold Club series, Three Guilty Pleasures is a MUST-read! If you're new to the series like me or if you're wanting to delve into ménage, Three Guilty Pleasures is a good place to start as any.
Theresa-Martin More than 1 year ago
What a wonderful treat! This series just keeps getting better...and hotter! With Silas and Reagan as her Doms, Tara was the low-key submissive. Happy with her arrangement w/the totally in love couple, she kinda wants what they have. But, Tara’s busy w/her life, and isn’t necessarily looking—which was perfect timing for Grant. Their chemistry is off the charts, but like w/the couples in this series, they have something deeper. But with both having their own baggage, they struggle w/their feelings and actions toward one another. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and the catchup with a few from previous books was awesome. This was a heartfelt, soul-searching, filthy-but-so-sweet tale of confidence, fear, determination, admiration, and love. Five stars, but I wish more were allowed.
CeeCeeHouston More than 1 year ago
One last turn with the Blindfold? Three Guilty Pleasures is the sixth book in ‘The Blindfold Club’ series. It’s Tara and Grant’s story and while Tara has been here from the beginning with Evie and Logan’s story, Three Simple Rules, which coincidentally was my first book by Nikki and it was such a rush reading it, I immediately wanted more. Grant first appeared in Three Sweet Nothing as Ruby’s friend. He’s works in the media, a behind the scenes job for a TV station but he loves playing rugby almost as much as he does the cello. It’s his musical passion that brings him into the same space as Tara when he rescues her after a dangerous fall. They hit it off right immediately, and even though Tara doesn’t date in the conventional sense, part of her wants this type of intimacy with Grant. But, Tara is a submissive and has to ask permission of her Doms. Yes, she has two, a couple, Regan and Silas who are in a separate relationship of their own, and their story was Three Dirty Secrets. She is allowed… but there are rules she has to adhere to. Grant likes nothing better than a challenge and it was amusing and hot to see what he did to circumvent each one. He falls for Tara more and more each time they are together. She needs his help with a dance routine and this is where they really meld with one another. Those scenes where so emotional drawn by Nikki’s hand I felt like I was in the audience watching them.This was a hot, steamy and angsty story. Grant faced a few problems caused by not coming clean about things he’d done prior to them meeting in the auditorium. But, with some help from others he’s about to show Tara just how good they are together.