by Donovan Henry


by Donovan Henry



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The Artist 2Pacology  New Tell All about 2PAC Origins Hollywood doesn't want you to know.....

2PAC means Two People Are Creating an acronym. New Tell All Book from The Creator of 2PAC ThugLife Theory GOAT Formula The Don Killuminati. Hidden in plain sight, the untold chronicles of 2PAC ThugLife Theory creation to assassination. Two People Are Creating on a five year mission to become A Iconic Triple Threat Star G.O.A.T. 1990 Est.  Artist Development Coach to the Stars limited edition His-Story or Our-Story? 2Pac/The Don Killuminati Tell All Book Exposing; *90'S Hip-Hop music Moguls Battles... *Truth about 2PAC origins by The Don Killuminati...
 *Untold stories of Tupac rise to Stardom... has remained a mystery that is until now. *In-depth secrets of ThugLife Theory by it's creator The Don Killuminati. Creator of G.O.A.T. formula Triple Threat Artist Career. Wait there's more... *Artist Development coach Tips from ThugLife creator. Book Synopsis Memoirs of The Don Killuminati a orphan from the gully Brooklyn streets who survived by fearless wits and desire to save the world. 
Herein contains the Creation process of an Iconic Triple Threat Artist under the code name persona 2Pac. 2Pac The Don GOAT Tell All Book untold details on 2Pac/Biggie creation to assassination. Details of East/West coast Wars beginnings.... 2PAC means Two People Are Creating an acronym for Donovan Henry & Tupac Shakur. Est.1990 2 Dancers/Emcees/Soldiers on a Mission from Ausar. The Adventure begins in true Hollywood style movie motif as two teenage embark on a journey to spark the world awareness of their existence. The deal we made was Pac would combine his Black Panther Power style with my "The Don" persona Thug Life Theory came along as a bonus. A 50/50 split and so I agreed because I would never sign my life away at any cost for fame. We combined the formula badbwoy image that was inspired by LL's song 'I'm Bad' with my persona The Don and rebel inspired by Chuck D and Bob Marley to create 2PAC (two people are creating). Other influences included Mel E Mel, Just Ice, KRS1, Marvin Gaye and Bob Marley for inspirational content. Pac really enjoyed the Badbwoy persona I created for LL and the creative expression it allowed him to explore emotionally. 2PAC lives for ever because of the struggles he stood up for and people he gave a voice to. I conceptualized the first 5 albums for Pac based off what I had planned for my career and then later added The 7 Day Theory. Pac was attempting to start his label and legion of emcees that would follow one ThugLife Theory Formula. Pac shared scientific music formulas with many emcees to start a new genre of music called Mafioso similar 2 Gangster's rap only for the famiqlia. Effects of ThugLife Theory have been a leading force in 90's Hip-Hop Music Mogul label battles.
2PAC trained BIGGIE in THUGLIFE THEORY MAFIOSO STYLE Formula.  2Pac shared ThugLife scientific music formulas with many emcees to start a new genre of music called Mafioso similar 2 Gangster's rap only for the famiqlia. Catchphrase slogans mottos and motifs were created by The Don shared by Tupac Shakur in his quest for GOAT.  Badbwoy motifs & ThugLife Theory both created by The Don Killuminati Counsellor of Princes Film Choreographer Stylist Image Consultant a passionate music enthusiast with creativity and innovation to create content for both monetization and marketing purposes.
2PAC/The Don New Tell All Book Exposing Truths; Music Moguls Battles sparked East/West Coast Beef over Creative ideas Marketing Ideas Formulas Jewels!!
Please support the truths about '2PAC' origins, we can't let others continue to write our stories. Legacy is all we have as proof of existence please support 2PAC and share a true American Legacy. Do you wanna know how to become Iconic learn from the best who ever done it. Herein contains blueprints used by Hip-Hop biggest selling Artist in the 90s. A complete guide and step by step references to creating a triple threat Artist career how to Market yourself in the business. Ever wonder how someone can rise from obscurity to household name like 2PAC? A good friend remembers what we were and sees what we can be.

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BN ID: 2940161455913
Publisher: Donovan Henry
Publication date: 04/22/2019
Series: The Origins , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Sales rank: 606,230
File size: 5 MB

About the Author

Abandoned at birth Born a suspect the Birth of a Badbwoy Ready 2 Die Kamikaze style. Baby represents The Infants abandoned or abused from cradle to grave hated on at birth grew up & established ThugLife Theory.
Thug Life Theory was my creation years prior to meeting Pac yet he insisted God wanted him to carry the dream to fruition. Why would God want Pac to do my theory was it because they knew I wouldn’t perhaps? Poster Child abuse campaign 2PAC represents in support of all abused emotional neglected, abandoned and mistreated children.

In the beginning there was the word and the words of Thug Life stood for The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody. Pac created the acronym words to spell out ThugLife based off my life being an orphan put up for adoption at birth and growing up on Brooklyn streets reclaimed the word "thug" for a generation. Not having a Father or Mother growing up on the mean NYC streets was cold, dangerous & lonely. An acronym that reflected my personal childhood was extremely flattering. It took Pac only one day to come up with the acronym which echoed my soul, one day after I told him why I was being refereed to as The Preppy Thug. I explained my life up to that point on the tour and the very next day Pac steps to me in the parking lot where I was loading my bags on the tour bus. Pac simple said to me out the blue Thuglife The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone. I stood frozen for a moment taking it in I was completely flattered especially unexpected. I realized he had really listened to me and was able to sum my life up so elegantly. I didn't expect him to include me in the acronym because I already told him to keep my name out of the mix. I wanted him to make ThugLife relatable to him everyone or anyone who came from humble distressed beginnings and was able to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Pac’s acronym resonated deep in my soul so I didn’t want to alter it at all. I originally created ThugLife Theory like fuel as a reminder to those that abandoned me at birth would never forget. I wanted to insure those responsible for my missed childhood would have daily reminders of that baby they gave away abandoned. Immortalize like Egyptian pyramids left as reminders you don't die when heart stops as long as someone remembers uer name.
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