50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice

50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice

by Alexa Vartman
50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice

50 Misconceptions of Sex: A Modern Tantric Practice

by Alexa Vartman


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By clarifying 50 common misconceptions, the book explains and teaches a simple practice of intimate mastery. The book brings the physical and mental effects of esoteric tantra within reach of a modern 21st century audience.

There is a universe of intimate tantric practice and transformation waiting for those who dare to go beyond the conventional, the safe and the familiar. Tantric practice transcends greed, shame, confusion, stagnation and frustration by opening a gateway to transformational experiences and events that otherwise require psychedelics or years of meditation.

For over 15 years, Alexa Vartman has been a trailblazer in bringing ancient tantric practices to a modern audience. As founder of The New Tantra, Alexa's workshops have affected thousands of people in over 15 countries. Alexa is a genderfluid person who embraces every kind of expression - from light to dark and from masculine to feminine.

In this book, Alexa shares her unique expertise for the first time with a larger audience, including women, men and anyone in between - regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status.

Be warned: the book is unashamed and outspoken. For adventurous adult audiences with a sense of humor only.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781838005603
Publisher: TNT Education
Publication date: 07/24/2020
Pages: 278
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.58(d)

About the Author

MEET ALEXA VARTMAN -- For over 15 years, the Australian tantric sexologist Alexa Vartman has changed the Tantra game. Since 2001, she has taught and traveled the world to extensively study tantric lineages and different spiritual traditions. In 2010 Alexa founded the organisation "The New Tantra". Through TNT she developed a range of workshops affecting thousands of people with ground-breaking sexual practices. Unashamed and outspoken, she has conducted hundreds of speeches and courses in over 15 countries. As a genderfluid person, Alexa embraces every kind of sexual expression in her tantric teachings, from light to dark, masculine and feminine. She has a knack for making Tantra a modern and accessible practice for Western minds of the 21st century. Her book "50 Misconceptions of Sex" contains most of Alexa's valuable sexual teachings from her extensive exploration and embodied tantric experience.

Table of Contents

1. You Don't Need A Book To Learn Sex

2. The Clitoris Is The Woman's Best Friend

3. Ejaculation Is Desirable

4. It's Dangerous Not To Ejaculate

5. Orgasms Are All Good

6. No Ejaculation = Blue Balls

7. Touch The Clitoris First

8. Masturbation Is Useless

9. Childbirth Pain Is Natural

10. Perhaps I'm Gay If I Enjoy Her Touching My Ass

11. Hetero-Sexuality Is The Natural Way

12. Men Are Masculine

13. Women Are Feminine

14.Sex Requires Effort

15. Having Children Will Not Change Our Sex Life

16. Fast Is Best

17. To Stop Ejaculating, Clench

18. Premature Ejaculation Is Uncontrollable

19. Erectile Dysfunction Comes With Age

20. Monogamy Is Difficult

21. Infidelity Ruins Relationships

22. Jealousy = Love

23. Tantra Has Nothing To Do With Sex

24. Straight Men Don't Like Dick

25. Most Women Can't Squirt

26. The Cervix Can't Orgasm

27. The Womb Can't Orgasm

28. We Speak The Same Language

29. Women Don't Like Dirty Talk

30. Energy Sex Is A Myth

31. Anal Sex Is A Pain In The Ass

32. I Know How To Touch

33. I Know How To Have Sex

34. Romance Is Good

35. Calling A Woman A 'Slut' Is Derogatory

36. Spiritual People Are Non Sexual

37. We Should Only Have Sex With Love

38. Aphrodisiacs Are A Myth

39. Our Sex Life Is Great

40. Some Men Are Just Born Sexier Than Others

41. Men Overfocus On Looks

42. He Loves My Lingerie

43. Sex Is A Reward

44. Bdsm Is A Perversion

45. Wet Dreams Are Uncontrollable

46. Sex Education Should Start At Puberty

47. I Know How To Party

48. Men Chase Women

49. Sex Is Fun

50. Sex Isn't Altruistic

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