7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge: Ways to Quit Smoking In 7 Days

7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge: Ways to Quit Smoking In 7 Days

by Challenge Self

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Ways to Quit Smoking With Your "7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge"

Why are you reading this? Because:

- You have an insatiable desire for smoking and want to quit the nasty habit.
- You want to have better youthful appearances and unstained teeth and nails.
- You want to save extra money in your pocket that is going towards cigarettes.
- You want your families and friends to avoid the danger of secondhand smoke.
- You want to improve your overall health and lower risk of cancers and diseases.

Over 42 million people smoke cigarettes in the US alone, despite numerous pieces of irrefutable evidence indicating that the practice is one that leads to an empty wallet—and a shorter life.

Contrary to the common belief that these individuals are unintelligent, oblivious, or both, most smokers understand how bad smoking is for one’s long-term health and well-being—they just find it difficult to quit.

You have most likely seen advertisements for medications and other chemical resources to help smokers quit. While good-hearted, these “solutions” fail to address the core problem at-hand; addiction is a mental sensation, and should be treated by resources that reflect that, as opposed to purely a chemical function.

If you or someone that you know is interested in quitting smoking—not just taking a break—the "7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge" is:
- A well-organized collection of simple exercises that will help kick the habit
- A reliable alternative to the commonly chosen chemical-quit plans
- An ultra-affordable self-help resource

By simply following a set of challenges, the "7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge" can help any smoker looking to quit—in just one week, as the title suggests. Moreover, it won’t overwhelm you; the aforementioned practices found in each day take only minutes to perform, and importantly will provide ample mental assistance and coping strategies that will be instrumental in assuring that you don’t answer the call of a cigarette when the craving hits.

Simply put, anyone who’s serious about taking a step towards quitting smoking should take up on the "7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge." For minutes of daily effort you can enjoy life without smoking and experience the health (and mental) benefits associated with quitting—while boasting a truly impressive achievement.

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Publication date: 11/10/2015
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About the Author

Challenge Self is all about proactive individuals who want to enhance their lives. Getting better at any area that you endeavor takes work; there’s no rewards without exerting any effort. If you are dedicated to your goal, we will offer you the unfair edge that you need with highly practical, application-based methods that are sustainable and straightforward. People need to be able to retain the knowledge and techniques they gain well into the future, rather than referring to quick fixes that are sure to dissipate once the “high” of self-assurance wears off. You don’t want to waste your time covering up the issue at hand, over and over again. Why leave a wound to scar when you can heal it away completely? Being a self-challenger will light that fire under you, and you’ll soon be motivated to fully complete your self-growth journey. The point is to continue to love who you are and thrive in your environment well after you’ve learned how to do so, and our commitment is to provide that longevity. Join the challenge at www.ChallengeSelf.com.

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7-Day Quit Smoking Challenge: Ways to Quit Smoking In 7 Days 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Sabrina_Massey More than 1 year ago
This book is quite useful in it's method to rid you of the smoking habit. Each chapter outlines specific steps coupled with gentle encouragement to pull you along the way, and at the end of each chapter, a short review of to do's that are thorough and thoughtful. I've been an off and on smoker since I was a teenager and at one point had quit completely for a decade. Habits are ingrained and the longer we have them, the harder it is to shake them, the steps outlined in this book are excellent, the process alone lends itself to mindfulness about the habit and subtle changes that make you not want to return to the ashtray. I especially like the replacement tips, and the examination of why you smoke, most of us want to quit and we'll try and try but we never truly address why we started. This book is a fast read but it's one that you should keep around and reread when you struggle, as we all do when we try to change our behavior. The author suggests replacements that recreate the feeling of smoking or help to relieve the reasons for smoking and they are thoughtful and beneficial to the reader. I read self help books semi-frequently, as I like to think I'm self aware, in some things anyways. I've made the mistake of purchasing books before that I could tell quickly were regurgitated information and/or were poorly put together. I would read other books by this author because I can tell they have taken the time to know what they're talking about and they truly want to help, the suggestions, tips and writing style all read the same way. It's like the gentle push from a loved one, offering helpful advice, suggestions to change certain habits and praise. Self help books can often come off as preachy, and sadly, even condescending sometimes...I read none of that in this book. I would not be surprised to learn if the author has at least a passing interest in psychology. It's well written, thorough in its advice to retrain us in our habits so that we can be successful. I see no reason a person can't quit smoking if they follow the advice in this book, and are truly ready to stop smoking. Given the cost of cigarettes and depending on the size of the habit of the individual reader, the treats at the end of the first week that are suggested seem steep until you do the math for the money you've saved. I have a lot of bad habits. I'm off to search this author and find out what else they can stair-step me into quitting.
GirlwhoReadsAC More than 1 year ago
This book is not for everyone, I am going to say that from the start. It takes work and changing your mind to quit a habit. Habits are habits because we are used to doing them. Smoking is a double edged sword because nicotine is addictive. This book offers seven days worth of suggestions of what to do instead of having a cigarette. It suggests using patches if you need them, or nicotine gum while quitting. This is a personal choice. I am not a smoker, but I come from a family of long term smokers. I never cared what they did until I moved in with an Aunt. I began to hate the smell, the constant cough that the second hand smoke gave me. I also watched my mom die at the age of 66 years old as the result of her smoking. This gave me the courage to ask my Aunt to change, and gave her the motivation to make a difference in her life. With this book in hand, I am helping my Aunt find the power to change her habit so that she doesn't die at a young age as her sister, my mother, did. This book is full of inspiration and different parts of your life to tweak so that things that used to trigger the need for a smoke break have their impact lessened. Some of these triggers are being replaced entirely. This book is not a miracle working book, you have to want to quit and need motivation inside yourself. Without it, you will not find your inner courage. It is a hard road, but my Aunt is going to make it this time.