7 Days

7 Days

by Freda M. Chaney D. D.


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7 Days: Manifesting the Life You Want is on the cutting edge of how we can acquire what we desire by applying simple principles for self-improvement. This powerful guide provides examples of how the method has worked for others. The 7 Days samples of manifestation and supportive quotes bring a classroom to your fingertips. The 7 Days website offers even more support with a blog, store, and options for personal mentoring sessions. 7 Days: Manifesting the Life You Want is THE book on manifestation that gets you manifesting quickly and easily. Visit the website at http://www.7daysmanifestingthelifeyouwant.com/. Happy manifesting!

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ISBN-13: 9781452538549
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/02/2011
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.32(d)

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7 Days

Manifesting the Life You Want
By Freda M. Chaney


Copyright © 2011 Freda M. Chaney, D. D.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-3854-9

Chapter One

Know Who You Are to Manifest Your Best

You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are! —Eckhart Tolle

We are DIVINE! Yes, Divine creatures who can create, manifest, form something from nothing! Jesus is a prime example. He turned water into wine at a wedding feast, created an abundance of food for hungry crowds, manifested 153 fish in a net for his disciples to illustrate the power of belief. In addition, Jesus brought Lazarus back to life after many days in the sepulcher. He gave sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, made the lame to walk, and taught that love is the most important key to opening the door—the door that will open if we will only take the initiative to knock.

We are all sons and daughters of DIVINITY! And we create with the same inner Spirit of the DIVINE. In Luke 17:21 (KJV) Jesus told the Pharisees that they should not look with their eyes for the kingdom of heaven.

Another example of a holy and wise man is Buddha. He said, "The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart." The message, of course, is to look within yourself. Many throughout history have shown us personal Divinity in action, otherwise known as: manifestation, creation, and miracles.

It is written that Buddha instantly tamed an elephant that was about to trample a child. He made tainted water pure, and manifested a bridge in the sky, walking on it for a week! Buddha's list of miracles is long and incredible. Take the time to read about Buddha's and others' miracles of manifestation to help give you a sense of your own Divinity.

The Path

Great philosophers, writers and gurus through the ages have shown us various paths to fulfillment. The first stepping stone on that path is understanding that we are Divine beings—we ARE that path. The life stories of these movers and shakers inspire us because they demonstrate that human transformation IS possible. They reveal to us that we can live on a more compassionate level, not only with others, but also with ourselves.

The great William James believed that personal transformation is what really mattered. The belief in the unseen could, he believed, save one from the pitfalls of life and instill independence and purpose—the ability to rise above circumstances and become great. James himself suffered from depression and used faith to anchor himself.

Mohandas Ghandi wrote in his autobiography that he fought temptations of the flesh and had failed on occasion when he was young. He went on to lead a moral life and by doing so found that he had much more personal power that benefited not only his family, but also others who were within his range of influence. Gandhi led a lifelong search for truth and arrived at his own conclusions about Divinity.

St. Augustine lived a scandalous existence before he began searching for answers about the purpose of life. He found his path to fulfillment and became a father of the Catholic Church.

The well known story of St. Francis of Assisi shares the conversion experience of a son who could no longer exist in his parents' prosperous surroundings knowing that others were without homes and food to eat. Following his conversion, he ministered to the poor and shared Christ's message of love.

There are thousands of written examples of personal transformation. One could write many volumes solely on that subject. The root of these transformations was the knowledge that inside of each man is something more which is unseen by the naked eye—a seed of Divinity. We are each created to be great—to express Divinity in our own way.


Ralph Waldo Emerson grew up in a religious household. It was expected of him to become a minister and spend his life preaching the Gospel in Concord, Massachusetts. However, Emerson could not cope with the fact that his mouth was delivering messages which he, himself, did not believe. He dared to step out of his religious frocks long enough to think about what his purpose was and why.

Emerson initiated the Transcendentalist movement in the 19th century. With a strong emphasis on the individual and the Divinity of man, Emerson's philosophy spread throughout New England and included followers such as: Henry David Thoreau, Bronson Alcott and his daughter Louisa May, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Margaret Fuller and more. Some may question whether they were all dyed-in-the-wool Transcendentalists, but the fact remains that they were all deeply influenced by the movement. Emerson's philosophy extended to Europe where Fredrich Nietzsche, George Eliot and others embraced his views. Today, Emerson's initiative to explore who he was—to find his individual path to fulfillment—continues to enrich our daily lives.

Whether we agree with a person's transformation or methods thereof, they are, nonetheless, valid for that individual. The important thing to remember for each is that they knew they had a purpose—a reason for making their lives excellent. They knew that inside their suit of skin was a Divine being! Each chose to express that Divinity—share it with the world.

There are many paths—many ways of thinking, experiencing, worshiping and living. It matters not your locale, culture or religion. YOU are the path. Go inward and discover the seed that was planted in your DNA. It is wise to learn how others found their paths, but always make it a priority to find and walk your own path. Then get out there and share what you have learned with others so that they can forge their own paths!

The Inward Journey

How does one begin an inward journey on their own path? Simple—no hocus pocus—just do it. Sit down in a quiet place, close your eyes. Ask your Higher Power, God, the One, your Guide or your Higher Self, whatever you find most comfortable, for guidance. You may first want to pray or surround yourself with white light. These rituals may be comforting to you and allow an easier transition into your revelation of the Divine through meditation.

For this exercise, and future meditations, see yourself as two selves in one: a human self limited to planetary dwelling and the Higher Self who is universal and limitless. The Higher Self encompasses all wisdom and knowledge, and the human planetary self can directly connect with its Divine Higher Self through meditation, prayer and other means. Sometimes this connection can happen spontaneously.

The "Higher Self You" communes with other "Higher Selves." All are connected as ONE. This is probably why we can sometimes perceive others' thoughts or see events in our minds before they happen. We may even be gifted through this connection to other "Higher Selves."

For instance, if you are an artist, and you desire your artwork to be seen and appreciated, you may brainstorm to think of ways to make this happen. Suddenly you have a flash of insight which pushes you forward to become a successful artist who shares artwork capable of inspiring others and assisting them to see with new eyes. This "gift of insight" could very well be from your mastermind group of "Higher Selves" communicating to you those things which you are requesting in earnest. The more enthusiastic you are about receiving, the more you will receive from your mastermind group of Higher Selves or Guides. If our intentions are good, and if we are willing to share with others what we receive, the benevolence of the Universe opens to us on a grand scale.

We Are Energy Beings

We are all energy beings sharing energy wave thoughts and perceptions. Modern science calls it ESP It is by no means "extra" sensory. It is a sense that we all have, but many have failed to use. We must use that awareness to make it as sharp as our other 5 senses. Once we accept that we are all part of one Grand Order of Design—a design of fluctuating energy that communicates across space and time, the world will witness more love and peace. We are all members of one Grand Order of Design.

When you feel fully comfortable within your Grand Order of Design, ask aloud or in your mind, the purpose for your human existence. Then be quiet and listen to every response. Observe every image that flows into your mind. A good time to do this meditation is during the first 7 days when your energy is at peak efficiency. If you find that the first 7 days of the month are not a match for you, then carve out a specific string of 7 days that suits you best.

Remember always to schedule those same days each month so that you have a set schedule for manifestation. The less you confuse the schedule and stick to your plan, the better you will be at manifesting. If you have a schedule, stick to it. Would you call in the President and not show up for the meeting? Why call your Higher Power and not show up for your scheduled 7 days? Having a schedule means you are serious about transforming your life.

Ask and You Will Receive

While you are communing with your Higher Self, you may see in your mind's eye: colors, bright lights, faces, objects, and even words. Your mind may drift to things on your to-do list. Redirect your thoughts to your original question and wait. In the event you cannot receive an answer to the question about your purpose of human existence, try asking a question and then applying a symbol and time limit for the answer.

For example, say you want to know if you should write a book. Agree with your Higher Power that you will see physical proof symbols associated with writing books. In the mind/body/spirit industry these signs are called synchronicity. Set a time limit that is reasonable—say 24 to 48 hours. Watch where your attention goes, and look for the symbols.

Your answer should come easily with symbols of clarification that cannot be denied. Once you have the answer, move forward without hesitation on your objective. Write it down and begin to develop workable goals. Work within your 7 days to accomplish all that is on your goals list for that month. Always make sure the goals lead back to your grand objective.

Guidance from the Universe

I realized this method of time scheduling a response from the Universe works while I was ruminating on what to do with my Divinity degree. For thirty years, I'd been a writer, a poet, and an editor of others' work, so it seemed natural for me to use my writing skills to create self-help and transformational books. But just the same, I wanted to be sure, so I asked the Universe if I was to write a spiritual book specifically about family—my memoirs.

I set the time limit of 24 hours for a response. I used the symbols of books and family as signs of verification. Having done that, I was skeptical that the "experiment" would work. Several hours later while shopping, I sat down to rest and right in front of me on a table was a writing magazine about family ancestry! I needed little more to begin my memoirs, How Divine, describing mystical pathways of coping in adult life while allowing the child within to catch-up.

Another personal example I will offer is the moment I felt a strong desire to know if my mother was near and if she knew what I was going through in my life. My mother died when I was just shy of 9 months old, so to say the least, I missed being mothered. I needed to know that her "presence" was still there, though I had long-since adjusted to being without my birth mother. I set a 24 hour time period for the Universe to answer, and I used the peacock as a symbol for an affirmative answer. If I saw an undeniable physical peacock symbol, then my mother was around me and aware. When the 24 hours were nearly over, I was still hopeful but a little concerned that I would not receive my symbol or sign that my mother was around me.

Moments later, I passed a digital clock which displayed numbers I'd long associated with my mother. I shrugged it off as a coincidence and held out for the physical peacock symbol for which I'd asked. Within another few moments, I looked directly at a vase that had peacocks on it. Oddly enough, I'd never noticed the peacocks on that vase until then. I chose the peacock symbol because of the limited likelihood it would be found in our home. When I saw the peacocks on the vase, my eyes widened, and my heart began to pound. I knew this was my answer: first the digital clock numbers, then the peacocks.

I took a picture of the vase and uploaded it into the photo program on my computer. What do you suppose I saw? When the photo was enlarged, I saw a person in a white robe surrounded by children! The person's hair was brown and shoulder length. It could have been my mother, or possibly Jesus, but that didn't matter to me. I'd received my sign through the symbol of the peacock within a 24 hour period!

Peacocks, Peacocks Everywhere

For many days following that experience, I saw peacocks everywhere. My husband took me to a local park where peacocks sometimes roam freely. I decided on the way that I would not capitalize on the peacock symbol since I knew they would be in the park. But the plan changed when we pulled into the parking lot, and I opened my door to find a peacock trying to climb into the passenger's side with me! I had my camera in hand, so I snapped several photos of the peacock attempting to greet me and climb into the van! My husband had to deter the beautiful animal so I could walk into the park. It followed me everywhere I walked and ignored others passing by. We were all amazed.

Another time we visited the same park, and a peacock sat on a bench with me as if to have conversation. Then it moved off of the bench to do a peacock dance in the walkway in front of me. All of this was a truly amazing set of signals to answer my question. This synchronicity—the appearance of signs that clarify direction on a path—had been made truly personal to me because I had initiated the action and had seen it through. So what did I do with this personal information? I shared it: first in my book How Divine, and now in my book 7 Days: Manifesting the Life You Want. My mission began as a method to manifest for myself, but what I manifested and showed gratitude for, multiplied and is blessing others as well.

Manifest Inwardly First

There's a saying that is popular in the metaphysical circles, "As above, so below." Let's expand that thought by saying, "As within, so without." You must manifest inwardly through focused thought and desire before you can manifest outwardly. This is why it is so important to "go within" before beginning to manifest. And once the "thought things" have become "physical things," show gratitude because you have brought into being slower vibrating energy forms for your physical needs. (food, money, car, home) which came from the faster moving energy of thought.

To some, these slower moving energy forms are considered riches. Of course the definition of "riches" is up for debate and is based on the individual desires for her/his life. Most will agree that slower moving forms of energy are best when they keep company with love for humanity—a spiritual base for serving others. Some consider that service to humanity and love are all that matter. We are not here to debate this issue, but rather to bring forth the Divinity of each individual as it lends to the process of manifestation.

Chapter Two

Clear Negatives and Create a Positive Lifestyle

Negativity can only feed on negativity. —Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Part 1: Clear Negatives

When I was young, I read a story about a little mouse that loved to dance in a beautiful red outfit. She danced day and night and neglected the necessities. She was so caught-up in dancing and her fancy red outfit that she forgot the rest of the equation that makes life abundant and special. When she realized she was no longer having fun dancing, she looked around herself and found everything was cluttered, dirty and in disarray—just the way she was feeling! She dusted, cleaned and organized her home, and visited with her family. From this experience, she learned that there are preliminary steps to living an abundantly happy life. Little Mouse went back to dancing in her red dress, knowing she had the world by the tail.


Excerpted from 7 Days by Freda M. Chaney Copyright © 2011 by Freda M. Chaney, D. D.. Excerpted by permission of BALBOA PRESS. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PART I: 7 Days: Manifesting the Life You Want....................xv
Know Who You Are to Manifest Your Best....................1
Clear Negatives and Create a Positive Lifestyle....................13
Enthusiasm is Your Calling Card....................25
Focus Your Thoughts Like a Flashlight Beam....................33
Find Mentors Who Are Vital To Your Success....................39
Maintain the Power of Passion....................47
Remember the Mystery of 7....................53
Part II: Manifestation and Motivation Quotes....................69
Appendix A....................95
7 Days Contributor Photos....................97
Mentors and Coaches....................102
Appendix B....................103
7 Days of Manifestation Sample....................103
Appendix C....................109
Sample 7 Days Coaching & Mentoring Session....................109
Appendix D....................113
Resources for 7 Days....................113
About the Author....................117

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This book is full of helpful ideas to get yourself up and moving!! Easy to understand, with simple things you can do and apply each day to make your dream happen , to reach success, or just to heal your inner self , or just to be a better person. I recommend and give this book a 5 star rating. It is not too lengthy and well written, containing links and people to check out for help/mentoring. Sharon M.