A 14-Day Romance Challenge: Reigniting Passion in Your Marriage

A 14-Day Romance Challenge: Reigniting Passion in Your Marriage

by Sharon Jaynes


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Captivate Your Husband All Over Again
More than 250 ways to WOW your man

Does your marriage need a little help in the romance department? Has it grown ho-hum in the daily routine? If so, it's time to spice up your relationship and rekindle the passion with hundreds of creative ways to show your man just how much you love him.

Bestselling author and conference speaker Sharon Jaynes offers heart-stirring inspiration and simple ideas that will put a smile on your husband's face and a spark in your marriage. Get ready to...

  • wow your guy with simple acts of affection he'll treasure for a lifetime
  • wake up the passion that was God's idea in the first place
  • watch your marriage grow stronger and your love grow deeper

Take the 14-Day Romance Challenge—
and make your husband feel like the luckiest man on earth.

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ISBN-13: 9780736969697
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Publication date: 01/01/2017
Pages: 176
Sales rank: 590,887
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About the Author

Sharon Jaynes is an inspirational speaker and Bible teacher for women’s conferences and events. She is also the author of several books, including Becoming the Woman of His Dreams, The Power of a Woman’s Words, and Praying for Your Husband from Head to Toe. Sharon and her husband, Steve, call North Carolina home.

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A 14-Day Romance Challenge: Reigniting Passion in Your Marriage 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
Coles More than 1 year ago
I wanted to thank you for writing this book. I completed the journey on new years day. I have seen a wonderful change in both my husband and I. I try to do little things everyday and I am energized everytime I serve him even if it is something small as prepping his coffee. Thank you again. I will be passing to book along to my friends for sure. I recommend this book to anyone who is up for the marriage challenge.
Ashley Powe More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed reading, "A 14-Day Romance Challenge" by Sharon Jaynes! It was an easy-read and offered numerous immediately applicable ways to romance my husband! While reading the book, I was encouraged to do the things I already knew I needed to do to improve my marriage (and myself), and I also learned a number of new ways to show my husband that I love and appreciate him! I made this book the featured book for my Book Club and the ladies absolutely LOVED it! They said it was the best book we've reviewed/discussed to date. I highly recommend this book for ladies who are newly married or who have been married for a while. It'll be worth your while! ~Ashley P.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading A 14-Day Romance Challenge and could see how it could apply to a variety of people at any point in their relationship. It really stood out as a good resource for newlyweds. I really enjoyed how Sharon kept the chapters short but full of good information. She used quotes from many marriage/relationship books and brought all of the information together. I especially found the chapter on the creation of sex enjoyable. It helped me see it in a different light. Each chapter was full of real life suggestions on how to romance your husband, some which I have tried and some that were new to me. Some of them were practical and some were playful. I found it a well balanced book and would highly recommend it! It was an easy and quick book to read! Enjoy!
Kris_D More than 1 year ago
Sharon shares some great ideas to add a little more romance to your marriage. Take the 14 day challenge! It will be good for your marriage!
makeitcozee More than 1 year ago
This book has great info but it's a keeper because of all the cute little practical ideas to help make the hubby feel special. I love that it each chapter is short enough that I can read it in the morning. My favorite chapter was speaking his love language because I don't always do that. I try to love him the way I want to be loved. With the busy of life and kids this was a great reminder to keep the romance alive. The ideas are great at the end of each chapter, challenging you to show your love. Some of the things are really simple like writing on post its why you love your husband and putting it on his mirror. I did the challenge and I know my hubby felt so loved because he started doing little things for me as well.
Cheri5 More than 1 year ago
Life gets busy. But that doesn’t mean we have to neglect those who are most important to us. At the end of 2016, God showed me He wanted me to take some time in early 2017 to invest in my marriage. It was time for a tune up. The fall had left us both tired and pulled in so many directions… I was looking forward to having more time together. The 14-Day Romance Challenge by Sharon Jaynes was the perfect book to help jumpstart that intentional drawing closer. Whether you are experiencing problems in your marriage, just want a tune up or have a great marriage, this book is for you. It reminded me why I fell in love in the first place and all the things I used to do to make my man feel special but had gotten lazy about throughout the years. It’s made for the busy lifestyle. The challenges aren’t difficult and there are different levels of interaction. Ms. Jaynes takes into consideration that all marriages are unique and not all couple enjoy the same things. What speaks love to one person speaks “uncomfortable” to another. This is the perfect book for wherever you are in the spectrum on your marriage. While I would consider our marriage above average because we had no looming issues before starting the challenge, I feel even closer to my husband after the challenge. We are making more time to be intentional with each other. We are choosing to spend time together and just have fun. The fun is back in our marriage and it makes a huge difference, not just with each other but our whole family is reaping the results. I would recommend this book to all married couples – newlyweds to get that firm foundation started from the beginning, couples with young children who can’t seem to find the time to spend together, couples with teenagers where life feels like it’s spent in the car, usually separate cars and empty nesters to remember again why you fell in love years ago. I received this book as part of the invitation to be on the launch team, but all opinions expressed are my own.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A must-read for marriages at any stage. My husband and I are recent empty-nesters and this book helped me to focus on him and put some of the fun back in our relationship. We still have a strong marriage and are very much in love; however, we are guilty of taking each other and our relationship for granted. This book helped me make my husband a priority and let him know how much I love and appreciate him. The challenges were simple and fun! I'm not a very creative person, but this book gave me the creative ideas to put into action! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and focusing on my marriage.
MPruett More than 1 year ago
A 14-Day Romance Challenge by Sharon Jaynes is so needed in our world today when people have gotten complacent and comfortable. We need to be reminded of who we used to be before we feel into our routines and ruts and busyness. My husband and I have been married 26 years and we had so much fun with this challenge. The Lord has Blessed me with an Amazing Husband who is always showing me how much he loves me and he is always wooing me. I have taken that for granted but after reading this book I will no longer allow that to happen. Thank You Sharon for writing this much needed book.
CindiW0913 More than 1 year ago
Another AWESOME book by Sharon! It's not just a hit, it's a home run. A must read for marriages! Even if you think your marriage is excellent, it can only get much better.
jacquie mason More than 1 year ago
to be quite honest I have read the book through once and applied some of the suggestions and just started reading it through a 2nd time this morning. So much good information. Highly recommend for anyone that IS married or WANTS to be married. Thinking this would make a WONDERFUL bridal shower gift
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was excited to take on the 14-day challenge, but I felt it fell a bit short! Like another reader said, I felt I could've found all these suggestions through a Google search or Pinterest. I love my husband dearly and needed a boost to bring back a little spark - this just didn't do it. Half the time he didn't notice, half the time I felt the suggestions were a misfit and a little juvenile . I will continue to be aware of how I can express my love for him in little ways, but the truth of it is, is that if I'm drawing closer to the Lord and spending the time with Him and in His word that I need to and becoming the woman He created me to be, then praying for my husband and loving my husband, and looking out for his needs then it is much more likely that he will respond to me in new ways, too. Not exactly what I was hoping for!
RachelleCraig More than 1 year ago
I love Sharon Jaynes, and all of her books, and this 14 Day Romance Challenge is no different! We have a sign hanging on our wall underneath our picture that says "We Still Do!" and this book is an amazing reminder that that sign still holds true! This is an awesome 14 Day Challenge to reignite the passion in your marriage, and a great way to remind yourself and your husband that you still enjoy romancing him! I found some great new ideas in this book, as well as discovered that with some of the suggestions, I already do on a regular basis. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I would suggest going ahead and grabbing a copy of A 14 Day Romance Challenge, and go ahead and reignite some passion in your marriage. I plan to revisit this book at least every few months just to keep the spark in my marriage! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Married life can become a bit...ordinary, over time, can't it?! Sharon Jaynes is a very down to earth woman, who has learned and shared many ways to become the kind of partner any man would love to have! She is real, relatable and practical with her ideas. Each chapter is short, to the point, and supported with the practical information research has discovered helps marriages to thrive, not just survive. At the end of each chapter are several "choices" one can select to live out this "challenge" on a daily basis. They range from the very easy and quick actions, to the more in depth, more time-consuming ideas, to let your husband know you are making him a priority. It's a quick read, so not overwhelming, and doable on a daily basis. However, if you prefer, you can spread it out for a weekly challenge, that would last 14 weeks rather than days. However, by doing that, your man may not "get" that you are doing something different than you have been in the past, and the impact would be lessened. Either way, though, there is really no reason to not give it a try...it may take a man a few days or weeks to notice initially, but once they do? Wow! :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Author Sharon Jaynes says that “we can get so busy taking care of life that we forget to take care of love.” This book will change your marriage! I am an older married woman, and I can assure you that no matter the age of your husband, he wants to be romanced. It will not just benefit your marriage, but also you and your spouse’s health and well-being.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have enjoyed doing the 14-day challenge. Although the book gives you some really good challenge ideas, you can use your own imagination & do something simple that works for you & your spouse. I have been married for 11 years & as with most marriages, we get comfortable & too busy & tend to lack the spontaneity to "keep a fire" in our marriage weekly much less daily. Mrs. Jaynes keeps things real & simple & helps wives understand what their husbands think & what shows them love - using their love language.
TennilleS More than 1 year ago
I truly enjoyed reading this book! I love Sharon Jaynes's devotions and other books. Her writings on life and our relationship with God are always insightful and "A 14-Day Romance Challenge" did not disappoint. This was just what I needed to intentionally show my husband how much I value him and our marriage. The challenges were fun, simple and practical. There are lots of suggestions which helped make the process easy yet meaningful. I have already recommended this book to friends and look forward to revisiting the ideas and suggestions for years to come!
Krystal13 More than 1 year ago
This is such an amazing wonderful book to read. A must have for any married woman out there. I love that the tips and ideas are so simple and easy to achieve and really every day things we did before we got married. Our lives get so busy and crazy that we loose the connections with our husbands. Thank you so much for the simple reminders and a refresher coarse to how important our husbands are and our connections in marriage and each other.