A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul

A Book of Poems: The Inner Soul

by Anthony F. Rando


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This collection of poetry contains the work of nineteen poems. Each poem expresses emotions of love, happiness, sadness and hope. There are poems in this collection that are sure to appeal to everyone's emotions.

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ISBN-13: 9781449099916
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 05/06/2010
Pages: 52
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.12(d)

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A Book of Poems

The Inner Soul
By Anthony F. Rando


Copyright © 2010 Anthony F. Rando
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-9991-6

Chapter One

A Drifting Tide

An endless ocean surrounding a vessel at sea

Lost with no way back home, drifting in a storm

Shattered, torn, hopeless in the hours of darkness

The heart wanders further in the storm of uncertainty

Wanting, wishing, eager to return to the safe harbor that once stored the vessel

The vessel continues to push along as the wave's crash into the fragile heart

Darkness turns to a morning sky

A glimmer of hope, a turning point, a moment of happiness

The harbor that once stored the vessel is found again in the distance

Hope turns to healing

Healing turns to happiness

Happiness turns to love

The drifting tide leads us back from the storm of uncertainty

Finding what was once was lost at sea

A Wandering Ship

My heart drifts deeper into an ocean of emptiness

Like a lost ship wandering in the barren sea

Unable to find the harbor that once captured its soul

Like a beautiful sunshine that casts a glow on the buoy of a ship

I wait for the warmth that caressed my fragile body

Like a choir of a thousand angels I wait for the one voice

To guide my vessel home

If only one chance to revisit what was once perfect

My vessel would have been safe at shore

Till them I will wait an eternity for the angel who loved me

To guide my ship home

An Angel is born

Beautiful eyes that can capture your heart

A beautiful smile that can warm up a soul

Gentle skin like the peddles of a flower

As time moves forward

Like a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly

Like a garden of flowers growing in the warm sun of spring

Memories fill my heart as I look upon when this angel was born

Beautiful Dove

A single white dove surrounded by endless flowers

She captures me from a distance

Endless beauty and a smile

That would light up the night sky

Captured by her strength and her mystery

I call to her

Like pages of a book her eyes could tell a thousand stories

With each page revealing her inner thoughts

With intensity I move closer, learning, understanding

Of this beautiful white dove

Cleansing Love

An abandoned flower surrounded by a desolate desert

Lost, bewildered, unable to grasp the roots that once nourished its soul with happiness

A sunshine that burned so bright on its peddles is lost to an endless darkness of the night sky

Withering, torn to the harshness of nature

Eager for a change a break in the night sky

A glimmer of light, a ray of hope

Tears from the sky fall on the abandoned flower

A sense of hope rains down on the flower cleansing the darkness from its soul

Sunshine in the distance strengthens the roots

Returning love and happiness to the desolate desert called life

Clear Blue Sky

Like a gentle song on a warm summer day

I call upon the angel who once caressed my soul

Clear blue skies that once filled by heart

Is now surrounded by darken skies that fill my soul

Tears from the heavens fall from above

Raining upon my sadness in my empty soul

An endless chill that fills the night sky

I call upon the angel to breathe life back into my soul

Darkness in My Eyes

Like a drifting timber on a sandy beach

I watch the tied push you further and further away

The sky like a dark sunless life

The rain falling from tears of blankness in my eyes

As I call out to you with all my passion I watch you fade in the darkness

In the end I am left with the memories that surrounded my heart with love

Darkness upon Us

Eyes that reveal a soul of hurt and pain

I turn to her to capture her thoughts

I caress her gentle skin as she cries endless tears of pain

Revealing I turn not older with years but newer every passing day and moment of my life

Loving life does not begin and end it continues in my heart forever

Learning, listening, understanding the darkness in her soul

I cry with her as emotions take over my core

In the arms of darkness I begin to learn the meaning of life and love

Fields of Love

The memories of you

The times we spent

The happiness you brought to my life

The emptiness I feel when you are gone

The endless tears of my heart thinking about you

The gentle warm wind that caress my precious life

As I wait till the end of time for the flower who blossomed in my soul

For Every Day That Passes

For every day that passes

A tear falls from my heart

Flowing like a river and turning to a ocean of sadness

For every day that passes

My soul grows weaker like a flower

Missing the sunshine in the winter time

For every day that passes

The darkness in my heart grows stronger

For every day that passes

I hold on

My Empty Heart

Sweet kisses

Warm hugs

A heart filled with endless love

An angel brought to me by the heavens above

Beautiful smile that lights up the emptiness in my heart

Wanting to stop time to capture this memory till the end of time

Time moves forward

As an Angel disappears into the morning sky

A river runs through my heart bringing tears to my eyes

Wanting, hoping and wishing my angel returns to me

As the pain in my heart fills with emptiness

My Rose

You are the single rose in a garden of flowers

Your vibrant colors glow like the shinning star in my heart

Your stem reaches out and embraces and caresses my fragile heart

Your fragrance fills my life with love, joy and happiness

Turning my empty life into a garden of love

Never disguise your pedals, let everyone know

You are beautiful

My Rose

Night Sky

In the night sky a star begins to shine in my heart

Glowing so strong it brings light to my life

A star so beautifully shaped to perfection

Like a perfect diamond waiting to be held to the light

Soft winds begin to sing songs of love

As I say thank you

For helping me experience life in the night sky

Passing Storm

Drifting apart by challenges of time

I take a moment to remember the laughter, the joy, the love

That passed through my heart like an endless horizon on

A warm summer day

Words that I could not capture

Thoughts that bring to tears to an endless ocean of happiness

In the silence of my heart I remember each

Moment that brought light to the darkest skies of a passing storm

Holding on to every memory

Till the end of time

Unable to change the path of passing storm

I drift forward to the emptiness of life.

Reaching For the Heavens

A lonely heart stretches his arms to the heavens

Grasping the stars above

A whisper in the wind

A voice singing to my soul

A butterfly appears before my eyes

Shinning on my brittle soul

Transforming this lonely heart to a loved filled soul

She Is Everything to My Fragile Heart

On a warm windy morning

I look to the heavens to bring the love back into my heart

I search for one who makes the sun touch the land

With a breathtaking glow of happiness

Her sweet smell of the morning sea that captures

My fragile soul

Her radiant essence

Can be felt from endless horizons

Her touch, her skin

Gentle like a delicate peddles of a rose

Eyes that can capture your heart from a distance

Echo's of tears fill my barren heart

She is my heaven, my earth

She is everything to my heart

The Rose from Afar

The sweet smell of her skin

A warm wind embracing my heart

Like a blanket rapped around my soul

The morning sunshine surrounding the mountains above

A beautiful rose appearing from afar

Colors so vibrant that it can illuminate your darkest days

Tears filled my eyes as I watch the rose disappear into night sky

Missing my rose, like love missing from my empty heart

The Weeping Heart

As the day turns into night

A loud cry from the distance begins to rain down from the heavens

A colorless night with endless shades of black surrounds his soul

A lost shadow searching for the angel who once embraced his heart

A barren desert were once a pasture of love stood

An empty heart searching for the love that once filled it with happiness and joy

Moments in time begin to move faster than a river turning into an ocean as

The weeping shadow waits for the heavens to fill his soul with love

Wanting, wishing, hoping an angel returns to his

Weeping heart

To Be Loved

The heart grows weaker with each passing breath and with each passing moment

As the one true love leaves this damaged soul

Darkness falls upon this heart

As bitter shallow lakes run through the veins of this empty soul

Tears from sadness streaming down the face

Like a river spilling into a sea

I turn to her for one last kiss, one last hug, and one last touch of her skin

As she departs in the distance in the cold winter wind


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