A Case of Serendipity

A Case of Serendipity

by K. J. Farnham


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ISBN-13: 9781732283206
Publisher: K. J. Farnham Publishing LLC
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

K. J. Farnham writes contemporary fiction for women and young adults. Her books are character-driven and focus on realistic themes like love, relationships, self-doubt, and social issues. She infuses humor into her writing when appropriate, because she believes laughter is crucial for navigating through rough patches in life.

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A Case of Serendipity 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RayBear More than 1 year ago
Ruth never signed up for Bucky's Beans promotional tests and if they keep spamming her with their discounts, she's going to go nuts! After failing to stop the messages herself, she resorts to a final plea on the company's Facebook page. The company isn't the one to respond to her, but a lawyer trying to sue Bucky's Beans. At her wit's end, Ruth signs up with the lawyer, Henry Mancuso. After adding him as a Facebook friend, Ruth and Henry keep bumping into each other offline. As they create the legal case against Bucky's, their friendship grows. They both like each other, but can their relationship be more than professional? Another adorable and well written novel from Farnham. Every book I read from this author is better than the last. This book's writing style was seamless. The romance was adorable and well built. This book was a fun and lighthearted easy read. I absolutely loved the quirky characters. I loved seeing Ruth from Henry's perspective and from her own. She became more quirky through Henry's eyes and I loved that about her (and the writing). I enjoyed the lawyer talk and thought the balance between the plot against Bucky's Beans and the budding romance was done well. I did think some of the plot dragged a bit through the middle of the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This in an incredibly unique and realistic romance, a slow-burn friends-to-lovers story. When I finished, it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside for days. You know a book is good when the characters stay with you like this and you wish you could keep reading their story.
Valerian70 More than 1 year ago
More of a 3.5 Stars really. Somehow I found that I just could not connect with the characters in this book at all. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with the writing or the characterisation, I think they were just too far away from the people that I know and so had no reference point for their motivations and behaviours. Beyond Ruth's love of jigsaw puzzles and Henry's workaholism their lifestyles are polar opposites to mine, so much so that I did find myself a little bit (dare I say it, I dare, I dare) bored with the book from time to time. The writing itself is well crafted and flows well. However, the constant jerking back to legal(ish) emails and then chatty texts did break the flow and spoilt the read a little bit for me. For some reason the constant full format email showing Henry's position and contact details at the law firm really irritated me and felt like page filler to bulk the page length out. The text messages were far less intrusive and a good way of expressing dialogue in a way that is becoming more familiar to us than actual face to face conversation. The insights in to each character's past and their relationships with their families was interesting and did flesh the characters out in a not too overt fashion. You very definitely get the sense these are two grown-ups who have a handle on the whole adulting thing but are trying to still keep some of that childlike wonder at the world to milk the most out of every drop of life. Although set in Milwaukee it did feel very much like it could have been Anywheresville, USA with the chain coffee shops, Keurigs and farmer's markets and there was little in the way of local colour to really differentiate this place from any other. Mentioning the Keurig reminds that "things" seem to be a touch important with the odd little bit of brand-dropping here and there, not enough to really infuriate me but just enough to make me tut over the first 2 or 3 chapters but it soon settles down to barely there levels. I suppose the brands do give you an idea of the stage of life the characters are at and their relative incomes, somehow it irks me - bit like reality TV shows irk me. It certainly isn't a new device and it is highly prevalent in Victorian Literature (with servants and carriages replacing the brand names) but they were times much more delineated by class than our own. The plot itself is quite a sweet and slow romance and although there are no sex scenes we know full and well that Henry and Ruth have "done the dirty deed" because both refer to it. Fortunately the author has steered away from sex scenes - this is good for me as I find them ubiquitously cringy (as my husband said "if someone were to write a passage about swimming a few lengths of their local swimming pool it would be almost unbearable to read if you had experience of swimming; all that splashing and thrusting and pulling through the flat, chemical smelling surface. It's just the same with sex"). The focus of the book is more about them each learning to trust another person with their heart and believing that they will be accepted even if you can't carry a tune in a bucket or have two left feet. The unfolding relationship with Ruth and Henry is wonderfully tender and sweet without slipping over in to nausea inducing levels of saccharine, with their attraction to each other being more about personalities than looks (although they do find each other very attractive). On the whole I did enjoy this book,
Xkoqueen More than 1 year ago
A Case of Serendipity is a lovely contemporary romance. Ms. Farnham has set the plot pace to realistic. There is no insta-love where the main characters proclaim their undying love after knowing each other a few days. The story is told in a first person narrative with chapters alternating between Ruth and Henry’s point of view. This allows readers to really get to know both characters. The story premise is cute and realistic. I loved Ruth Bateman. She is recovering from several hardships, and yet, she retains a very positive attitude. I loved the simplicity of her life. She is not materialistic. She is low maintenance—spends more time being out in the world rather than primping. Henry is an uptight, overachieving lawyer, but a very nice, ethical guy. His family is pretty relaxed compared to him. I couldn’t understand his relationship with Constance, a co-worker and the boss’ niece. Constance is beautiful on the outside, but not so much on the inside. Her self-absorption and vindictiveness make her dislikeable. Ruth and Henry are thrown together when Ruth becomes the lead plaintiff in a case against Bucky’s Beans Coffeehouse. Both of these characters are likable, but they are better together since they bring out the best in one another in an easy, comfortable way. There is little angst in this lighthearted read. I appreciated the author’s detailed descriptions of Milwaukee; they added greatly to the scene setting and realism of the story. Ms. Farnham has written a delightful, clean, mature romance. Carefree Ruth and Uptight Henry come together in an unusual way, and their friends-to-lovers story makes for a charming, feel good read.
spoiledangelbaby2001 More than 1 year ago
A Case of Serendipity is exactly what I would expect from K.J. It's an easy read, nothing too deep and not at all dark, also what I would call an all around make you feel good sweet type of romance that is pretty clean. I prefer to read romances without descriptive/detailed sex scenes...which to me aren't necessary in the least. If you prefer those, this is probably not the book for you. K.J. is an amazing writer and writes another easy read that flows so smooth and flawless that you would swear you were watching a movie instead of reading a book...yes, she writes descriptive enough (but not drawn out) where you can actually picture this all in your mind. I loved the fact that Ruth is a little quirky, not a damsel in distress that needs saving, and I also loved Henry because he is what I would call a "normal" guy...not all muscle and brute force, not some big alpha male who is there to take over. Well done K.J., please keep them coming!
tiggeruoSO More than 1 year ago
Ruth is getting a bunch of unwanted text messages and Henry is the lawyer who is set to convince her to sue Bucky Beans. When things take a twist it seems that there is more to it then just a few unwanted text messages. Can they work together for a common goal and keep things professional? This book is a first Point of view, however its when both main character so that being said if your not a fan of POV like I am because you feel like its lacking thats not the case with this book since both are stories are being told. I was overall not a big fan of this book. Yes I will agree with other reviews I have read the love story was super sweet. I felt that the author repeated herself a lot and also I felt like the story dragged on way to long. I also did not like the way it ended. In the end I was like are you kidding me. This book does have some strong language, however there are no adult scenes in this book.